The Lunch Lady of Saigon - Famous Street Food in Vietnam!

  • Published: 15 March 2015
  • The Lunch Lady is one of the most famous street food restaurants in Saigon, Vietnam. Get all the details here:

    Nguyen Thi Thanh, better known as the Lunch Lady, owns and operates a street food stall in Saigon that serves soup noodles. The restaurant was made famous by Anthony Bourdain, who ate there on his No Reservations show on the Travel Channel, and deeply loved both the noodles and the experience of eating there. So during my trip to Saigon, along with eating all sorts of incredibly delicious Vietnamese street food, I made it a point to eat at the legendary Lunch Lady.

    One of the cool things about the Lunch Lady in Saigon is that she serves a different noodle soup dish everyday of the week. After reading about all the days and her rotating menu, I decided to go on Monday, because I wanted to try her version of bun Thai, a Vietnamese and Thai fusion noodle dish. As we arrived for lunch, the restaurant was already buzzing with customers, both tourists and many locals as well. I could immediately sense the kindness and the passion of the food I was about to eat. I ordered a large bowl of noodles, which didn’t take long to arrive, and I was impressed with the beautiful decoration of ingredients and the colors of everything together. In order to make the bun Thai, the Lunch Lady first added a handful of bun, or rice noodles to a bowl, topped it with a few rings of squid and some beef, then ladled on a spoon of the slow and continual simmering broth. Then in went a handful of sliced vegetables and herbs, and finally a couple of shrimp on top.

    The bowl of bun Thai smelled incredible, slightly sweet and sour, with a lovely acidic, almost citrus aroma to it. Before adding any condiments, I first decided to try the soup. It tasted almost the same as it looked, sour and sweet, and with a lovely balance of flavor. I’m not sure what meat the soup was based from, but I think it was beef. Being a lover of chili, I decided to dress my bowl of noodles with some fresh dry roasted chili oil, along with a squeeze of lime juice. The chili added some much needed heat, while the lime juice gave it a bit more sourness. The noodles were slightly chewy and about the size of spaghetti, and the mixture of ingredients was superb. One of the things I really like about how the Lunch Lady assembled her bowls of noodles was that she cooked the items separately, so nothing got overcooked.

    Along with serving bowls of noodles, there’s a stall next to the Lunch Lady that serves goi cuon, or Vietnamese fresh summer rolls. As a lover of the fresh summer rolls, I couldn’t resist, so we ordered a plate, that came with 3 rolls. They were very fresh tasting, and I thought they were some of the best I had during my trip to Saigon. The rolls were filled with lettuce and basil, a couple of shrimp, and I really enjoyed the hoisin sauce topped with peanuts and fresh chilies.

    The Lunch Lady was a great Vietnamese street food experience in Saigon. I’ve only eaten there once, and I ate the bun Thai, so I for sure can’t say how the food is everyday, but the day I went it was pretty decent. On top of the good food, just as Anthony Bourdain mentioned, the Lunch Lady is a fantastic atmosphere - it’s in the shade, it’s a nice location off the main road, and there was a beautiful breeze as I slurped down my bowl of noodles. Overall, I was very happy, and even though the Lunch Lady is very famous, it’s worth a visit when you are in Saigon. And on top of that, Nguyen Thi Thanh is also very nice.

    Address: 23 Hoang Sa St., District 1 | Phuong Da Kao, District 1 (Quan 1), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Open hours: It’s best to eat here sometime around lunch.
    Prices: 40,000 VND ($1.83) for a nice sized bowl of noodles, pretty decent portion size
    How to get to the Lunch Lady: The restaurant is located not far from the Saigon zoo, tucked away into the neighborhood. You can either take a taxi directly there, or take public transportation to the zoo, and walk for just 5 - 10 minutes to get there.

    Thank you all for watching this video, hope you enjoyed it.
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    WOW! That looks good. Mark, Do you have any trouble getting in or out of some of the country's you go to and do you have to get flu shots or something??

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      Can you go to Bangladesh please please, it is really hot in summer.

      • Maysie Hoy
        Maysie Hoy  2 weeks back

        We went there and the food was delicious. We bought her cook book as well.

          7.5M views  2 weeks back

          i visited the Lunch Lady twice when i was in HCMC. both soups were good, but the chicken curry soup on Wednesday was absolutely incredible. fun story: i asked to use the restroom, they directed me into the building in the back and after walking in, I realize that it was their house.

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            That bowl of noodles was a meal unto itself. looked fantastic

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                            If you try those Vietnamese Spring Rolls on Japanese Ponzu Sauce, it tastes even better.

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                              For the first time I was distracted by the girl behind you while watching your video she was gorgeous.

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                                Hello Mark, I think it will be super interesting if yall three can team up and do a cover on Vietnam country side or farm life. To trap and catch your own food will be super fun:)
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                                  mark love your channel how you don't gain no weight from what you eat

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                                                That soup will make your nose Water 2

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                                                          RIP anthony bourdain

                                                          • aramis2288
                                                            aramis2288  2 months back

                                                            The Lunch Lady is unreal hype, read it first before going!

                                                            1. Tourists are being charged prices several times higher than locals straight ahead (260.000 VND for 2 soups vs about 70.000 VND in any other place for locals!)

                                                            2. Without asking (!) they put on your table a lot of badly fried food making you think it is a free snack, but you are being charged for it heavily, even though you did not order it!

                                                            3. Food quality is low. In fact it is lower than in most places where locals eat.

                                                            4.There is a man for whom "The Lunch Lady" works who collects the money and lunch ladies works for him. Then he shamelessly hands them (small) part of it...

                                                            DO NOT go there.

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                                                              Cám ơn Mark Wiens!

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                                                                Hello Mark,Respectfully, you are the first one on public translate the " Vietnamese Summer Roll" correctly.  Vietnamese has Traditional 4 seasons roll. Spring, summer, Autumn, & Winter roll. (cha gio, goi cuon, bi cuon, bo bia cuon.) Thank you.

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