2019 College Basketball #19 Wisconsin vs #7 Michigan Full Game Highlights


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  • John Stacy
    John Stacy  7 days back

    Defense, Teske and Matthews won this one. Go Blue!

    • John-boy
      John-boy  1 weeks back

      Excellent game between two well-coached teams, Michigan slightly more athletic. Wisconsin's center tough around the hoop

      • Mark Dudley
        Mark Dudley  1 weeks back

        If only we could play all our tourney games at the CA ...
        We could hang the Natty banner now!!

        • Austin Kammeraad
          Austin Kammeraad  1 weeks back

          Anyone catch the color commentator grunting every time someone scores? "MMM" lol

          • zepbenny
            zepbenny  1 weeks back

            When Mathews plays well, Michigan usually wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Mason Tronsor
              Mason Tronsor  1 weeks back

              Does anyone else notice when this channel uploads U of M FOX FS1 and sometimes BTN highlights the video motion is weird compared to other games

              • Mason Tronsor
                Mason Tronsor  1 weeks back

                Victors Valiant Gotcha! Still love watching these though!!!! 🙂

              • Victors Valiant
                Victors Valiant   1 weeks back

                There is a reason for that. ESPN I get straight from the source. FOX & FS1 I have to screencap and the motion is a little off. I get BTN straight from the source too but ther videos are just like that. I wish I knew of a way to fix it but I can't. FOX, FS1, and BTN are all 30 fps where ESPN is 60

            • Zion Williamson
              Zion Williamson  1 weeks back

              Michigan aint better than us

              • David Berko
                David Berko  1 weeks back

                We'll see troll :)
                Duke is definitely number one in the field. But anything can happen in the tournament

            • Randy Randerson
              Randy Randerson  1 weeks back

              Suck it cheeseheads. Without the home cooking refs, y’all are jack shit. Bunch of cucks

              • Michael Devries
                Michael Devries  1 weeks back

                I think his name is Charles not charley

                • Michael Devries
                  Michael Devries  1 weeks back

                  +David Berko True

                • David Berko
                  David Berko  1 weeks back

                  It's an affectionate version of his name lol. Announcers like to call him that when he's playing well.

              • Awesome Dawson
                Awesome Dawson  1 weeks back

                Go Blue

                • THEKID6
                  THEKID6  1 weeks back

                  Do Marquette Villanova

                  • David Berko
                    David Berko  1 weeks back

                    Hopefully Michigan gets a number #1 seed so we won't have to play duke until the final four lmao

                    • David Berko
                      David Berko  1 weeks back

                      +Austin Lewis if we don't we don't. We weren't even supposed to be good this year. We were barely a preseason top 20 team

                    • Austin Lewis
                      Austin Lewis  1 weeks back

                      And will not beat the big 3 Duke. The Fab Five couldn't even beat Duke lol! 😂😂😂

                  • ncburner
                    ncburner  1 weeks back

                    defensive highlights pleeeeeaaaase!!!

                    • SheepEatingDuck
                      SheepEatingDuck  1 weeks back

                      We're #1 again...!!!!

                      • RickDesotell
                        RickDesotell  1 weeks back

                        fantastic offense by both teams...nothing came easy yet they kept scoring anyway

                        • William Lee
                          William Lee  1 weeks back


                          • March Madness Moments
                            March Madness Moments  1 weeks back

                            What a game. What a ending. Thanks for the upload. If we get our threes going we’re unstoppable

                            • Javale Playz
                              Javale Playz  1 weeks back

                              Pause it a 8:01 and think what’s about to happen

                              • Zahki Ahmed
                                Zahki Ahmed  1 weeks back

                                UM starts slow every game, don't remember when they scored 40 in a first qtr.

                                • Ragnar Almighty
                                  Ragnar Almighty  1 weeks back

                                  There is no quarters only half

                                • Grant’s Productions
                                  Grant’s Productions  1 weeks back

                                  I think Rutgers game?

                                • David Berko
                                  David Berko  1 weeks back

                                  Recently actually. It may have been against osu I think. And then the second half they went back to their usual haha.

                              • Bruce Edwards
                                Bruce Edwards  1 weeks back

                                Matthews had somuch confidence in his shot when tha clock was running down he knew he was gonna make the shot,he felt no pressure
                                at all...Great win Wolverines!!!!

                                • will2games
                                  will2games  1 weeks back

                                  So happy he didnt loose his confidence ..... he was going through a tough scoring slump. We need him going into March . Now next to get busy is Izzy and JP. I know they gonna be fired up in March though just wait and watch one the best seasons in the schools history

                                  • Kyle DeForest
                                    Kyle DeForest  1 weeks back

                                    7:56 had me so hyped!

                                    • john dickinson
                                      john dickinson  1 weeks back

                                      Thanks for this up.... that ucla utah game was good 2

                                      • Jeddo/Don
                                        Jeddo/Don  1 weeks back

                                        Mathews has the NBA on notice...

                                        • Jayden Anthony
                                          Jayden Anthony  1 weeks back

                                          That guy saying Hmm after every basket was so anmoying

                                          • Beau Stork
                                            Beau Stork  1 weeks back

                                            1:40 a taste of what Khalil Iverson is capable of.

                                            • Panda Gaming
                                              Panda Gaming  1 weeks back

                                              Mathews got fired up

                                              • Panda Gaming
                                                Panda Gaming  1 weeks back

                                                +Jason Horowitz haha same

                                              • Jason Horowitz
                                                Jason Horowitz  1 weeks back

                                                So did I when I was watching this hahaha I’m a Michigan fan

                                            • AG25YT
                                              AG25YT  1 weeks back

                                              Poole is a 🐐