Top 10 Gordon Ramsay MasterChef Season 9 Moments!

  • Published: 13 October 2018
  • Do you know the Top 10 Gordon Ramsay MasterChef Season 9 Moments? If you think your cooking dominates the kitchen then you are just as hopeful the cooking competitors that entered the competition in season 9 of Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef! This has to be the most intense, flavorful, and an emotional season that has been aired yet! Every challenge made the biggest impact on everyone that was a contestant! Determining the next master chef was probably the hardest thing that Gordon, Aaron, and Joe had to do this season.

    Season 9 of the American competitive reality TV series MasterChef premiered on Fox on May 30, 2018. Gordon Ramsay and Aarón Sanchez return from last season as judges, while former judge Joe Bastianich returns to the show as the third judge, replacing Christina Tosi. This season introduced a new format to the show, as the three judges each selected eight contestants to give aprons, and then the judges mentor their respective contestants throughout the competition. Gerron Hurt was announced the winner of Season 9 MasterChef.

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    0:29 Beginning Bake Off!
    1:40 Gordon Ramsay Recreations
    2:52 Crab Carnage
    4:01 Wedding Wash Out
    5:12 Christina Tosi Challenge
    6:29 Unexpected Win in MasterChef History
    7:45 Big Joe Bake Off Battle
    9:05 Leftover Dinners
    10:21 Impress or Distress?
    11:38 From the Roots to the Finale!

    - Shanika had won and got two offers, but decided to sport Team Joe for the season!
    - Chef Ramsay gave three of his aprons to Darrick because of how amazed he was of him for recreating a difficult dish of his!
    - Shanika worked through her allergy to show that she was tough and had the willpower to make it be a top chef!
    - MasterChef winner, Shaun O'Neal with his fiancee had contestants cook at their wedding.
    - One person who impressed Christina Tosi, it was Samantha with her famous raspberry lemon cupcakes.
    - Both teams endured the lunch rush of air force pilots and the result dove down from the sky as even.
    - Black Forest Cake challenge.
    - Gordon Ramsay cooks an amazing 3-course meal from leftover ingredients.
    - Cesar and Ashley had won with their well-combined spices in their porkchop heritage dish as well as their demonstration of a team effort!
    - The judges selected Gerron Hurt as the next master chef.

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  • BabbleTop
    BabbleTop   4 months back

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    Gordon Ramsay’s Most SAVAGE Tweets!
    Top 10 Gordon Ramsay TWITTER INSULTS!
    10 Times Gordon Ramsay Got VERY SICK (Kitchen Nightmares)
    Top 10 Gordon Ramsay SHUTDOWNS (Kitchen Nightmares) (Part 1)
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    • HolyBlue Berries
      HolyBlue Berries  3 months back

      The black guy literally only won become of SJW culture by favouring him and picking weak contestants LMFAO fuck that show

    • The Floid
      The Floid  4 months back


  • cool 1234
    cool 1234  1 days back

    Crab Dance 💃💃

    • James Wegrzyn
      James Wegrzyn  2 days back

      Gordon joins the army, picks up a gun.



      • jumpieva
        jumpieva  2 days back

        trust me if you have a shell fish allergy there is no 'working through it'

        • alexis marin
          alexis marin  5 days back

          Joe be wearing nmd's

          • Harry Potter
            Harry Potter  5 days back

            Is this some hogwarts sorting house type of shit, but with only 3 house.

          • big chungus
            big chungus  5 days back

            Does gordon own master cheif

            • big chungus
              big chungus  5 days back

              +BabbleTop thanks for the reply ❤

            • BabbleTop
              BabbleTop   5 days back

              not sure if he is a producer

          • Rebecca Farley
            Rebecca Farley  6 days back

            Is that girl allergic to everything?

          • Mr. Snek Games
            Mr. Snek Games  7 days back

            jesus the eyes.... it just looks dumb at this point. theyre so obviously faked its ridiculous.

          • Princess Yana
            Princess Yana  1 weeks back

            I want Sanika to win:D
            Now i want Samantha.

            • Princess Yana
              Princess Yana  1 weeks back

              +BabbleTop Because, Shanika was overflowing with confidence and has that attitude i like. She was allergic to things that she was cooking, She was very brave to do that. My brother is allergic to peanuts, He would stay a mile away from it. Samantha is very good at cooking pastries and has a bright and positive personality.

            • BabbleTop
              BabbleTop   1 weeks back


          • E
            E  1 weeks back

            The photoshop on the thumbnail is terrifying

            • BabbleTop
              BabbleTop   1 weeks back

              you got to love it 😜😍

          • TGAgaming
            TGAgaming  1 weeks back

            Stop highlighting the crap out of his eyes!

          • ChubbyPenguin19
            ChubbyPenguin19  2 weeks back

            Ashleys dad looks like he was on paint wars!

          • Shadsy The Hedgehog
            Shadsy The Hedgehog  2 weeks back

            But Gordon Ramsay's mentor was Marco Pierre White?

          • Wali Muhammad
            Wali Muhammad  2 weeks back

            She pronounces ceasers name so weirdly

          • slytherine
            slytherine  2 weeks back

            Potatoooooooooooo lolololol

          • Salty Sam
            Salty Sam  2 weeks back

            2:44 oh my god that face 😭

          • SneakyFinnish Bluemonkey

            2:44 i thought at the beginning of this video this guy lost because he looked so sad...i'm happy he won UwU

          • DERP DA WORLD
            DERP DA WORLD  3 weeks back

            lol CRUMBLEZZZZZ

          • FaZeBloxYT
            FaZeBloxYT  3 weeks back

            Did this happen to anyone else, when robot close the fingers to blow out the candle and end up getting a happy death day 2 ad?

          • Tim Förster
            Tim Förster  3 weeks back

            When the confetti drops and the graphic does as well

            • renogiza -
              renogiza -  3 weeks back

              I will never understand why people freak out over undercooked egg yolks, im from japan and we love to eat some of our meals with raw egg yolk, pouring and mixing it on steaming hot rice, to having it on gyudon and katsudon, the japanese and koreans are literally the healthiest people on earth and youre telling us how to eat? Shame on you gordon.

              • Örlogskapten
                Örlogskapten  3 weeks back

                Did y’all fucking use a snapchat filter on Gordon?

                • Charmain Ng
                  Charmain Ng  3 weeks back


                  • BabbleTop
                    BabbleTop   3 weeks back

                    Please show your Amazing love by subscribing to us! 😍😜 Clicking that notification bell 🔔👍

                • sonifyoudon't andtheywereroomates

                  Me: "breathes"
                  Gordon Ramsey: *POTATOES!!!!!!, POTATO HEAD!!!!*

                • Michał Gniazdowski
                  Michał Gniazdowski  3 weeks back

                  8:15 a cake is a lie!

                • Trinity Swain
                  Trinity Swain  3 weeks back

                  I hate that they cooked it live!!

                • Donut Loch
                  Donut Loch  3 weeks back

                  Gordon I love you but I beg you stop putting animals wich are ALIVE in boiling hot water

                  • Toxic Peng
                    Toxic Peng  3 weeks back

                    2:43 that face when she takes the kids....oh yeah yeah yeah

                  • Jimmy Jewtron
                    Jimmy Jewtron  4 weeks back

                    NOT TEH POTATOS

                    • TheIziestLelz
                      TheIziestLelz  4 weeks back

                      *WHAT'S UP WITH HIS EYES?!*

                      • BabbleTop
                        BabbleTop   4 weeks back

                        They are nice! 😳 👀 😄

                    • The Prime
                      The Prime  4 weeks back

                      Gordon ramsay :give me chiken and I will transform it into porkchops

                      • Cha Cha
                        Cha Cha  4 weeks back

                        I have one question to say..

                        *I CAN'T COOK, SO WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THIS?*

                        • sky rim
                          sky rim  4 weeks back

                          Wait, gordon have a solemnizing power too?

                          • Omar Gamal
                            Omar Gamal  4 weeks back

                            Pls stop with the eyes

                            • Rawli Ringor
                              Rawli Ringor  4 weeks back

                              Why do they like brightening people’s eyes

                              • steve souljaa
                                steve souljaa  4 weeks back

                                Season 4 still the best season for me

                                Luca! Luca! Luca!

                                • kristina k
                                  kristina k  4 weeks back

                                  Samantha was my fav ❤️

                                  • Soully
                                    Soully  4 weeks back

                                    Where was darrick?

                                  • Yoongi Jiminnie
                                    Yoongi Jiminnie  4 weeks back

                                    Why do they always edit Gordon’s eyes in the thumbnail it makes him look satanic

                                    • straightheat corner
                                      straightheat corner  4 weeks back

                                      2:36 that's cute

                                      • BabbleTop
                                        BabbleTop   4 weeks back

                                        Yes Indeed Vagueboy 😁😁

                                    • Thot Slayer69
                                      Thot Slayer69  4 weeks back

                                      WHATS WITH THE FUCKING BLUE EYES, EVERY FUCKING VIDEO!!

                                      • OfficialStoneHead Boi
                                        OfficialStoneHead Boi  1 months back

                                        Derrick’s happiness crying got me emotional for some reason man he made a hard thing that Gordon made and it tasted better than Gordon Ramsay Himself I’m proud of him for getting not one not two BUT THREE WOW

                                        • _Esmeralda_
                                          _Esmeralda_  1 months back

                                          Dude Emily deserved that for being cocky as fuck,

                                          • _Esmeralda_
                                            _Esmeralda_  1 months back

                                            It still infuriates me that Darrick went home because he couldn’t simply whip cream

                                            • Austin Katz
                                              Austin Katz  1 months back

                                              Aaaaagh pull yourself together man!

                                              • Tsuki Matsuda
                                                Tsuki Matsuda  1 months back

                                                Derrick was so cool!!

                                                • Neko Kg
                                                  Neko Kg  1 months back

                                                  That dance had me😭😂