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  • Aaron Beaulieu
    Aaron Beaulieu  2 weeks back

    Really shows how recency bias works, all these people calling LIII the worst, like it's not one of the all timers but come on guys, it was tied in the 4th, that automatically makes it better then the bottom 15

    • James Williams
      James Williams  2 weeks back

      Ok so the eagles Superbowl had no defense but that was one of the best ever, this Superbowl had no offense and great defense and was one of the worst ever? What made it bad was everyone's hero didn't make it and the bad guys did. Short minded sheep make me sick. You all probably vote Democrat while your girlfriends bodies are nothing more than haunted houses.

      • David B
        David B  2 weeks back

        Off your meds again? You really need to keep on the anti-psychotics. Either that, or you're a Russian President lover. And I don''t mean Putin.

    • Joe Garofalo
      Joe Garofalo  2 weeks back

      Super Bowl 35, and not just because I'm a Giants fan. It was never a real game. Kerry Collins looked at that Ravens defense, and just got scared.

      • Russ Hartman
        Russ Hartman  2 weeks back

        SB XX Da Bears made road kill of the Pat's in the first quarter....only points the Pat's scored were turnovers deep in the red zone, 46-10.
        Otherwise that "D" would have surrendered zero points throughout the playoffs that year.

        • Luke Alberts
          Luke Alberts  2 weeks back

          Super Bowl 24 (49ers over Broncos: 55-10.) Because the game was pretty much over in the first quarter, I opted to help a buddy move who was breaking up with his girlfriend. He had a waterbed which he only drained halfway. The thing sloshed around and tore open as we loaded it out of his apartment getting soaked.

          • iloveyoumadhuri
            iloveyoumadhuri  2 weeks back

            My all-time worst was Cowboys vs. Bills (1992) at Pasadena (Super Bowl XXVII).

            • Edward Mason
              Edward Mason  2 weeks back

              My apartment burned down in a fire 3 hours before super bowl 48. Someone top that, haha. (Look up "Stassney Woods fire.")

              • Edward Mason
                Edward Mason  2 weeks back

                +Dustin Kymalainen Good one, no it wasn't, haha. It definitely sucked though because they kept saying How exciting it should have been because the #1 Offense was playing the #1 Defense....12 seconds later....

              • Dustin Kymalainen
                Dustin Kymalainen  2 weeks back

                Edward Mason was the broncos playbook in your house? They showed up to that game with no plan