Thai Street Food in Bangkok with The Food Ranger - AUTHENTIC Local Tour! กินอาหารไทย4ภาคในหนึ่งวัน

  • Published: 05 March 2017
  • Trevor James (The Food Ranger) and Mark Wiens go on a Thai street food tour in Bangkok!
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    If you have one full day in Bangkok and want to go on an all out extreme Bangkok food tour to eat all four of the major Thai regional cuisines, this is the do-it-yourself food tour you want to take.

    Trevor and I met up early in the morning, and we first drove over to Wang Lang Market (ตลาดวังหลัง), which by the way is amazing Thai street food market in Bangkok. We just parked there though, and then continued on walking to our first restaurants.

    ►Check out the blog post for more details about all the restaurants we ate at at details about how you can go there:

    1. Southern Thai Food (อาหารใต้) at Ruam Tai Restaurant (ร้านรวมใต้)
    Ruam Tai Restaurant (ร้านรวมใต้) is one of my favorite southern Thai food restaurants in Bangkok. They serve a huge selection of curries, and you can pretty much point and choose to whatever Thai dishes you want to try. Highlights for Trevor and I were the sour curry with taro stems (แกงส้มออดิบ) and definitely the fish entrails curry (แกงไตปลา gaeng tai pla). All the dishes are full of spice and flavor. While walking back through Wang Lang Market (ตลาดวังหลัง) we stopped real fast to taste some khanom tungtaek (ขนมถังแตก), a famous sweet waffle at the market.

    2. Isaan (Northeastern) Thai Food (อาหารอีสาน) at Som Tam Jay So Restaurant (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส)
    Next up on this Bangkok Thai street food tour, we headed to Som Tam Jay So Restaurant (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) for Isaan food, which is from the Northeastern region of Thailand. At this restaurant you’ll get the true taste of Isaan, especially when it comes to their salads. Trevor and I both had a few tears of joy from eating our plate of green papaya salad with fermented fish (ตำปูปลาร้า tam boo plaraa). The food was amazing as always, and I always leave extremely happy.

    3. Northern Thai Food (อาหารเหนือ) at Or Tor Kor Market (ตลาด อ.ต.ก.)
    Northern Thai food is very underrepresented in Bangkok, and we wanted a street food environment, so we decided to go to Or Tor Kor Market, which is a gourmet Thai food market in Bangkok. There’s a stall called Pen Jan Northern Food (ร้านเพ็ญจันทร์) which serves the full selection of Northern Thai dishes, and probably the best dish we tried was their pork hanglay curry (แกงฮังเล).

    4. Central Thai Food (อาหารภาคกลาง) at Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu (ร้านต้มยำกุ้งบางลำพู)
    Finally to complete this one day Thai street food tour of Bangkok we needed to eat Central Thai food. There are so many Central Thai dishes, but one of the most well known is tom yum goong, a shrimp soup. I think one of the best places to eat tom yum goong in Bangkok is Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu (ร้านต้มยำกุ้งบางลำพู), and it never fails to impress. The tom yum was amazing, as was the omelet and other dishes we ordered.

    That completes this one day Thai food tour of Bangkok. If you want to do-it-yourself, check out all the details on this blog post:

    วีดีโอนี้ Mark wiens และ Trevor James จะพาไปทานอาหารไทยทั้ง 4 ภาค คัดมาจากร้านเด็ดๆทั่วกรุง ราคาถูก สะอาด สามารถตามรอยได้ไม่ยาก


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    Mark Wiens   2 years back

    It was a huge pleasure to eat with Trevor. Check out and subscribe to his channel►

    Also, if you want to take-on this authentic Bangkok Thai food tour yourself, here’s the blog post with all the restaurant details►

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