THEY Were Hiding It.. Discoveries That Could Rewrite History! (2019-2020)

  • Published: 06 February 2019
  • THEY Were Hiding It Discoveries That Could Rewrite History See This Before it is Deleted 2018-2019 EVENTS WORLD EARTH HUMANITY PYRAMIDS
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    You can either poison your mind or feed it. You can choose to drown in the mainstream or forge a new path all on your own. You are watching Anonymous because you’ve woken up to the lie. You are aware that there is more to our story than we’ve been led to believe. We’ve found a great resource to uncovering deep truths, hidden agendas and suppressed wisdom that you need to be aware of. It’s called Gaia. We’ve teamed up with them to amplify our message and continue to move the masses towards positive change. Gaia’s mission is to empower the evolution of consciousness and we share a similar belief… if enough of us wake up, we all wake up. This is how we win. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

    Arcane accounts from Egypt, Greece, Rome and Sumeria tell startling similar stories of the oceanic destruction of advanced civilizations which vanished into the world’s oceans and forgotten to the ravages of time. New technology scouring the vast depths are discovering the ruins of these lost lands. To the disbelief of established scientific communities, the evidence gathered correlates to surviving tales of an antediluvian world predating the establishment of Göbekli Tepe. These lost cities tell of the ongoing conflict between Enki and Enlil hold the secrets to unlocking the ancient code of human origin and destiny. This presentation was originally webcast October 24, 2017.


    ✓ Discoveries Rewrite Human History – Scientists analyze clues of recently discovered sunken cities that correlate with disregarded mythology of ancient cities.

    ✓ Ancient Battles – Scholars trace evidence of the battle between Enki and Enlil from ancient Sumer to sunken cities in the Azores and Canary Islands.

    ✓ Civilization is Older than Previously Accepted – Discovery of sunken sites near Cuba, in the Caribbean and Azores, prove human civilization is older than 11,000 years.

    ✓ An Interplanetary Exodus – Researchers theorize the destruction of a planet between Mars and Jupiter spawned a migration that gave rise to ancient civilizations on Earth.

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  • Anonymous Official
    Anonymous Official   2 weeks back

    THEY Were Hiding It.. Discoveries That Could Rewrite History!

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    You can either poison your mind or feed it. You can choose to drown in the mainstream or forge a new path all on your own. You are watching Anonymous because you’ve woken up to the lie. You are aware that there is more to our story than we’ve been led to believe. We’ve found a great resource to uncovering deep truths, hidden agendas and suppressed wisdom that you need to be aware of. It’s called Gaia. We’ve teamed up with them to amplify our message and continue to move the masses towards positive change. Gaia’s mission is to empower the evolution of consciousness and we share a similar belief… if enough of us wake up, we all wake up. This is how we win. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

    • Joy Harbour
      Joy Harbour  5 days back

      +lasso atrain
      Learn to swim ?
      What are you talking about ?

    • lasso atrain
      lasso atrain  5 days back

      +Joy Harbour learn to swim.

    • Andrew Lazin
      Andrew Lazin  5 days back

      How can we possibly ignore the similar texts from the most advanced civilizations in the ancient world! The tons of forbidden cities and artifacts which point towards the truth!

    • Jim Rojas
      Jim Rojas  6 days back

      They have already discovered that the egyptians were in Wisconsin a thousand plus years before any spanish sailing ships decided to visit america. The chinese had settlements on the west coast a couple of thousand years ago. Even the vikings managed to reach the northeast long before columbus. Settlements are still being found in remote areas of the USA.

  • Jay R
    Jay R  9 hours back

    With all these God's going back all those thousands of years how do we not know that in thousands of years time people won't be saying and they believed on Aman who walked on water. That's how fick up my atheist brain works.

    • Giffy
      Giffy  9 hours back

      14:23 Is this Sigiriya in Sri Lanka?

      • Peter Jones
        Peter Jones  17 hours back

        Anyone and every one that shouts out dates like a million years or 21,000 and sound like they know what they are talking about are ALL full of shit so Shut up.

        • bam bam
          bam bam  22 hours back

          I'm glad that females evolved into ass fucking in the last few decades

          • FLAZH THOMPZON
            FLAZH THOMPZON  1 days back

            How come when people think "flood" they think of Noah..? When we mention "Flood" we should be thinking Utnaphistum, of the Ancient Sumerian stone tablets.

            • Danial Sarah
              Danial Sarah  1 days back

              is there even such thing as a guy called 'lille'?

              • tyrell alexander
                tyrell alexander  2 days back

                Who cares about a book. PHYSICAL evidence is what counts! The Eye of Africa The Richat Structure is more plausible at the moment.

                • Airyann 007
                  Airyann 007  2 days back

                  The earth is going to flip and one day all our cities will be under water and thoses who survive will be asking the same questions about civilization's.....

                  • Benjamin Falzon
                    Benjamin Falzon  2 days back

                    Which came first the chicken or the egg? That's the question evolutionists often ask. That's how narrow-minded the evolutionists really are. They think that only chickens come from an egg. But eggs won't hatch unless the eggs have been fertilised by a male from their own kind.
                    I think they should change that no-brainer of a question, and ask instead, what came First the seeds or the trees?

                    • Illuminati Philosopher

                      5000-11000 etc is a way of hiding the true history. Bunch of lies, there r maps from the Middle ages that don't show Antarctica iced up.

                      • areUaware
                        areUaware  2 days back

                        Recurrent Novae are responsible for the Earth's "Extinction Cycle"

                        • JJ
                          JJ  2 days back

                          Civilisation buries and new Civilisation will's kinda reset to our planet...we already destroyed enough resources..if we buried we can be the fuel for next upcoming civilisation...its like energy gets converting into another form..just live your life don't go too deep to know the there is no truth to find out..

                          • areUaware
                            areUaware  2 days back

                            Is the "Ice Age" a myth?

                            • Deathbreach
                              Deathbreach  2 days back

                              I thought Atlanis was found in a desert? Tf

                              • Drew Bravo
                                Drew Bravo  3 days back

                                Too many sceptics here doubt that a more advanced race lived here before us. They treat the great pyramid like it was just from hard work. 😂 Totally ignoring how impossible it is to move *tens of thousands* of granite stone (40,000 lbs each) hundreds of feet in the air, when their most advanced tool at the time was a stone cheisel. Also, nobody ever mentions the lazer cut indentions done to monuments all over the world.

                                • Drew Bravo
                                  Drew Bravo  3 days back

                                  If the first 5 minutes of this video doesn't make you cringe about what our governments are hiding from us, you're probably one of em.

                                  • Benjamin Falzon
                                    Benjamin Falzon  3 days back

                                    Where is the evidence for evolution? The evolution novel book starts with chapter two, Chapter one the "origins" is missing.
                                    From what I can gather, the evidence for evolution is the fossils". But the fossils, they do not support the evidence for evolution. Fossils only support the evidence for the creatures they once belonged too, not evolution, there are no fossils in transition, every fossil is what it is and not what it's going to be.
                                    There is no evidence in living nature that shows any creature evolving. Nature itself supports Genesis, not Evolution.
                                    In Genesis, the origins are instant creation. The trees came before their seeds and the Adults came before their offsprings. I'll go along with that, it makes a lot of sense.

                                    • panchyto1101
                                      panchyto1101  3 days back

                                      Ummm.. I thought they found Atlantis already.. well the ruins..

                                      • Jason Nesbitt
                                        Jason Nesbitt  3 days back

                                        It's not Atlantis

                                        • duudsuufd
                                          duudsuufd  3 days back

                                          'The Flood' did not exist. There has been (and still are) floods everywhere where there are rivers and coasts. That's why all cultures have known at least one big flood in their local history.

                                          • Eilidh
                                            Eilidh  3 days back

                                            Dear friends, concerning Plato's account - how close are the Azores and the Mediterranean to the Bahamas? The answer is of course that the civilisation which preceded the last ice-age occupied a landmass that stretched all the way across the Atlantic at one point, long ago. The fragment the Egyptian priest told Plato of, and called Poseidonis, was a last remnant of that continent, which sank following successive cataclysms over a period of many millennia.
                                            And, again, shouldn't it be 'moral bankruptcy', not 'immoral' bankruptcy... ?

                                            • Jonathan Young
                                              Jonathan Young  3 days back

                                              Loads of lies here! The earth is not a globe.

                                              • GODSPEED
                                                GODSPEED  3 days back

                                                Ice age isn't a real thing. Never was such a thing. No actual proof 🤣

                                              • Captain Fantastic Phillip David Palladin

                                                Maxine is a Grey

                                                • Keith Clarke
                                                  Keith Clarke  3 days back

                                                  you had me up until the remote viewing bllsht... why is it you wachadoodles always pose real and interesting questions... that we should research and answer but you always have to spout out some kind of absolute bllsht thats makes everyone curious look like tin foil hat wearing nutjobs.... are you part of the cover up of these historical events nonone seems to want to answer... i mean the best lies are half true... point out what we are ignorant about... or thats being hidden from us... then make yourself look insane so no one credible will take any interest

                                                  • Jim Beekman
                                                    Jim Beekman  3 days back


                                                    • Frank White
                                                      Frank White  3 days back

                                                      Science caused it? Damn CERN and HAARP... I knew there was more to be known than they were letting on to... If this is true, this is means to shut down several operations currently in effect

                                                      • Graham Hurlstone-Jones

                                                        The ice ages are instant.....they also instantly defrost.....Its the sun that causes it with a micro nova......Extreme cold from a huge pressure drop and then an extreme heat up every 12000 years.....its a reset that is out of our hands....

                                                        • Heather Brown
                                                          Heather Brown  3 days back

                                                          Herodotus the father of history known for his vivid and accurate accounts actually drew a map and included the city of Atlantis which is in North West Africa, where the circle Richet structure is people don't want to believe but the similarity is undeniable including exact measurements and exact number of rings and so on look it up people

                                                          • Steven Wenner
                                                            Steven Wenner  3 days back

                                                            They don't want us to know about the Pre-Flood world, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Esoteric knowledge, Bloodlines of Isis, Advanced Technologies. The secret gives them power over us because they tell us a Lie which makes us their slaves as we believe that stupid Monkey and caveman theory. If we understood who we are we would refuse their rule we own the world God gave it to us.

                                                            • Sherry York
                                                              Sherry York  3 days back

                                                              The destruction of Atlantis was not true we were not evil they are painting us wrong how can we be destroyed by the Annunaki when they destroyed our site and long ago our planet too. Annunaki drop a nuke on our Atlantis im Pleiadian I know t his well.

                                                              • Rusty Fox
                                                                Rusty Fox  3 days back

                                                                "immorally bankrupt" - this phrase was used more than once. "immorally bankrupt" means a lack of immorality. Is the narrator suggesting they were being punished for behaving morally? Or does he just not know the right word?

                                                                • Matt Ward
                                                                  Matt Ward  3 days back

                                                                  Scientist watched parts of the great barrier reef that were destroyed in WW2 grow for 20 years. What they found was at the rate of growth it would put it at around 4,400 years old.

                                                                  • ZOOT CHANNEL
                                                                    ZOOT CHANNEL  3 days back


                                                                    • Space Cowboy
                                                                      Space Cowboy  3 days back

                                                                      Oh well you just never know, history is usually not what it was thought to be. Take all the dino movies you seen, maybe even Jurassic park. You see the hairless dinosaur. Well come to find out from new data they were not hairless. And really they ranged from being hairy to being with feathers. Imagine that the feathery dino. As I said sometimes if not more often then not, history is not how you think it was.

                                                                      • sharon aviet
                                                                        sharon aviet  3 days back

                                                                        Void your Australian Vote, Rebel Don't pay your taxes. Force a republic to be formed. We need an n American Australian Nation, with strong military powers to conquer say China.

                                                                        • Mike Skidmore
                                                                          Mike Skidmore  3 days back

                                                                          The United Nations was a David Rockerfeller idea to have a one World Government kill all the White people that are too smart and Independent .. Asian people are smart too but they gave up their guns long ago so they can't defend themselves.. New World Order one world Government ..

                                                                      • /;gja;'ipgfhj'a[p;irkg

                                                                        "Morally bankrupt" not "immorally bankrupt." No one takes these conspiracy docs seriously because they are written by people with no education.

                                                                        • Anne B.
                                                                          Anne B.  4 days back

                                                                          Sounds like an interesting story by the Blond hair guy talking about what they found, his voice sounds weird as if been sucking on something moist. IT'S SO ANNOYING,

                                                                          • America's peace Love
                                                                            America's peace Love  4 days back

                                                                            You are far stupids than one could even think of, you are against humanity and responsible for what ever is gonna happen in the future of this planet, irriversible punishments for bad ones WAKE UP STUPIDS, LET US LIVE OUR NORMAL LIVES.

                                                                            • Mohaka1
                                                                              Mohaka1  4 days back

                                                                              Say whatever we want, There was a massive flood that God caused by 'breaking' open the floods and waters of the deep and collapsing the then water canvass that umbrellored the world because of Man's denial of God and human evil and morality. These men on this article suppose they are so smart because they deny God. YES There was a world wide culture that denied God as we do and like then, our world is going to end. Jesus IS coming brothers and sisters - lets get ready and humble ourselves and acknowledge the creator and Jesus as our Lord.

                                                                              • Davante Chatman
                                                                                Davante Chatman  4 days back

                                                                                The Egyptian God's battle is very interesting. Need to know more

                                                                                • Coleen Burris
                                                                                  Coleen Burris  4 days back

                                                                                  Could this be sunk at the time of Jesus Christ Crucifixion? The bible says there was darkness and great destruction.

                                                                                  • stoker4422
                                                                                    stoker4422  4 days back

                                                                                    More evolution crap that can not be proven.

                                                                                    • Ben Burbank
                                                                                      Ben Burbank  4 days back

                                                                                      Ice ages, glaciation, 2 mile deep ice flows, continents covered in deep snow and ice packs consume a lot of water lowering sea levels. Coastal civilizations would have been near the coast where it existed then. I am still waiting for the discovery of those older finds. Lets look deeper, they are there for us to find.

                                                                                      • Professional Biologist

                                                                                        The same evidence for the Biblical Flood of Noah is being streatched to mean "cyclic civilizations" sorry but thats dumb.

                                                                                        • Udrescu Alfred
                                                                                          Udrescu Alfred  4 days back

                                                                                          Free from them control...from them slavery...
                                                                                          So the Brotherhood can kiss my arse... hahaha..
                                                                                          As they did also in ancient times...
                                                                                          Well they think they can twist the history and the Truth as they want by destroying all the evidence..or hiding it as they did until now...
                                                                                          But the Truth will Always come out to surface to hunt them..
                                                                                          And from Me is No Escape..

                                                                                          • Udrescu Alfred
                                                                                            Udrescu Alfred  4 days back

                                                                                            Well don't expect to learn the Truth from the Brotherhood of the Sun because that will Never happen...Mark my words...
                                                                                            They say knowledge is power and as such must be Never known by the public because the Truth will Set all the minds Free..