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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory   2 years back

    HEY EVERYONE! This was super awkward but we obviously only had good intentions going into it... :) We learned from this experience and did a lot better on Sunday Can't wait to show you that crazy experience!... Much love to you all! ❤️

    • Ralph Nacu
      Ralph Nacu  3 weeks back

      Y'all can come to my wedding :)

    • jupiter _123
      jupiter _123  3 months back

      There all haveing fun living life while I'm here being a lazy 13 yr old girl being a lazy slug at home

    • Gill Anna P
      Gill Anna P  3 months back

      my Sister crashed a wedding once...I think the trick is...you need to pick a bigger wedding...this one was a little on the small side...and folks were very sober...which is good and all except if you are trying to crash a wedding. .better luck next time ...

    • Sannvy
      Sannvy  4 months back

      Yes theory your guys should buy a cheap island

    • DA Master
      DA Master  4 months back

      Brah , That's why its wedding crashing ,keep doing it.  " Its always annoying when ppl say you guys gota go!" like if it was some majestic wedding. Its not fun if you ask

  • ameerul aqmal
    ameerul aqmal  12 hours back

    I've crashed a wedding before, with three of my buddy.. Uninvited, unrecognised, out of our state, totally random places.. it's all started when we were in middle of a road, i said to my friend.. "hey man.. im hungry.."
    and literally right after i said that. we saw a wedding party..
    And i was like "let's just eat here"
    And my friends was like "fuck yeah".. apparently all my buddies were fucking crazy and impulsive too like me.. none of us think twice.. 🤣
    We park nearby.And so we goes..
    the BRIDES father was at the front reception, welcoming their guest.. and i was like.. okay don't screw this up..
    so i come up to him.. shook his hand..
    with a big smile..
    "Uncle, how're you doing?? Is the party going great??"
    "Where's those two lovebirds??"
    And he was like.. "yeah, yeah.. its going great!! Yeah they are all inside.. please come in.. please.. enjoy the food..
    and i was like.. "okay.. thank you uncle.."
    and just ate what's on the buffet with all my friend..
    And while the groom and the bride doing photographs moments..
    The groom were looking at me and my friends, we made eye contact, before he started figuring me out, i yelled "bro"
    raised my hand, give him a big smile and thumbs up, and nod..
    he replied the same..
    soon after that.. we get out..
    like a legend 😄😄😄😄

    • Norcal_Livin
      Norcal_Livin  4 days back

      Sounds like suavemente playing at the wedding lol

      • Daniel Hughes
        Daniel Hughes  1 weeks back

        Stealing food 🥘 Breaking in entering your address is wrong it’s so wrong

        • Swim 4life
          Swim 4life  1 weeks back

          That groom was a dick

          • OUR CHANNEL
            OUR CHANNEL  2 weeks back

            That memory of each person's background tho!! SECRET AGENT MANNN

            • Michael Kjærulff
              Michael Kjærulff  3 weeks back

              sry but you didnt crash the wedding

              • Leah Ginsburg
                Leah Ginsburg  3 weeks back

                Lol 😂

                • CreatorVersion
                  CreatorVersion  3 weeks back


                  • hemansh sanadhya
                    hemansh sanadhya  3 weeks back

                    In India u can crash any wedding and also if u ask bride and groom they will never ask u to leave

                    • lucas Fereday
                      lucas Fereday  3 weeks back

                      Kind of messed-up

                      • Katie Tidwell
                        Katie Tidwell  4 weeks back

                        Pleas come crash my wedding

                        • Benjamin Chase
                          Benjamin Chase  4 weeks back

                          If you guys have a minute a listen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks https://open.spotify.com/track/2BiK0tUXWGknsxpHBICioO?si=0UV4Y4amRPitL8-lq0pl-g

                          • Anna Bast
                            Anna Bast  1 months back

                            They are filming, aint that making it obvius that they are crashing the weddings

                            • Trippy Bobba
                              Trippy Bobba  1 months back

                              matt seemed kinda gay when he was trying to get that man to dance 😂

                              • Em Buus
                                Em Buus  1 months back

                                crash my nonexistent wedding that im never going to have

                                • Britten Van Duyn
                                  Britten Van Duyn  1 months back

                                  Just imagine like 4 random dudes showing up your wedding. Just like wtf are you a d why are you here?

                                  • nikeyB02
                                    nikeyB02  1 months back

                                    Just say your friend john invited you and you're in. Unless it's a indian wedding then say rajesh invited you.

                                    • Andrea Hernandez
                                      Andrea Hernandez  1 months back

                                      if i had some strangers crash my wedding i'd be so down to it

                                      • Andrea Hernandez
                                        Andrea Hernandez  1 months back

                                        matt and thomas always sleeping in the van is a whole ass mood

                                        edit: the message at 6:26 oh boy what did you now?

                                        edit: matt is so smooth

                                        edit: this build up is amazing

                                        Part 2? I'm here for it

                                        • Dajita g
                                          Dajita g  1 months back

                                          Meanwhile Derin got like 9 job offers

                                          • parnia v.
                                            parnia v.  1 months back

                                            i feel like my family wouldve been like hell ya

                                            • DJ CRAB
                                              DJ CRAB  1 months back

                                              What's the outro song? 17:45 it has a really cool beat

                                              • CupcakeChanny
                                                CupcakeChanny  1 months back

                                                Please come to Australia and crash my wedding. Haven’t planned it yet but it would be awesome to have you guys there!

                                                • Roz HH
                                                  Roz HH  1 months back

                                                  I feel so bad for these guys they feel awful 😂

                                                  • prince kanda
                                                    prince kanda  1 months back

                                                    You can make there wedding amazing just by giving them amazing surprise by calling any bit artist collabration , like a musical group of maroon 5 or taylor swift by this you can make there wedding amazing nd special..

                                                    • Lily is
                                                      Lily is  1 months back

                                                      This is so cocky and hallarious

                                                      • Angel Ramirez
                                                        Angel Ramirez  1 months back

                                                        I had to skip the awkwardness

                                                        • suazuel gwan
                                                          suazuel gwan  1 months back

                                                          Why is Thomas so HOOOTTT?♡

                                                          • Hesham Nadri
                                                            Hesham Nadri  1 months back

                                                            That wedding looked dead and the groom is an asshole

                                                            • iSwag PENTA
                                                              iSwag PENTA  1 months back

                                                              It was sad to see both matt and Thomas bail on ammar

                                                              • karima amina
                                                                karima amina  1 months back

                                                                In Algeria theres no such thing as crashing weddings , because by default about 30% of people who come to wedding are strangers or passers by , they will come in and eat and shake hand with groom and wish him well , we always cook hundred of extra meals , we never ask people how do you know the groom etc... , but i guess here it doesnt cost 100 to 200 dollars per person i guess , so who am i to say anything , but the groom was rude at the end , telling them to get out .

                                                                • Kuba Michalski
                                                                  Kuba Michalski  1 months back

                                                                  Matt is my hero.

                                                                  • Rasmus Persson
                                                                    Rasmus Persson  2 months back

                                                                    Yes im late to the party but I just found you. Its 06:15 AM in Sweden now and I have been watching way too many videos from you now. Let me know once Sweden calls :)

                                                                    • itsyoboykaylin seekgeek
                                                                      itsyoboykaylin seekgeek  2 months back

                                                                      That isn't cool

                                                                      • tigerbunny123 R
                                                                        tigerbunny123 R  2 months back

                                                                        Hi everyone. This was my wedding. I didn’t really appreciate this, but watching the video, it looked way funnier than it was in my eyes, so rock on editing! Yes Theory, I forgive you.

                                                                        • oscar acevedo
                                                                          oscar acevedo  2 months back

                                                                          the groom was a cunt

                                                                          • Benjamin Onsando
                                                                            Benjamin Onsando  2 months back

                                                                            Here in Kenya and the rest of African countries weddings are mostly crashed everyday. Invitations are just open to all.

                                                                            • Neil Caalam
                                                                              Neil Caalam  2 months back

                                                                              Crashing a wedding is a normal thing in our country hahaha

                                                                              • Javier VL
                                                                                Javier VL  2 months back

                                                                                White people take things to serious,In my race everyone is invited

                                                                                • misshannaboo
                                                                                  misshannaboo  2 months back

                                                                                  Just an idea: Can you guys host the largest YouTuber talent show?? I think that would be so amazing to see! And an added challenge to it (that would be revealed after they say yes) is the contestants cannot do their own talent, it is all based on a random draw. They each have a limited time to learn the talent and practice. The person who wins will get a reasonable request from you all (or whatever is more ideal). Remember, the purpose is to seek discomfort, learning a new talent/skill and making new friends while you're at it!

                                                                                  • Suzan Y
                                                                                    Suzan Y  2 months back

                                                                                    My dad also crashed a strangers wedding party once. Ironically he was on his way to a friends wedding, got lost (this was before mobile phones were big) and ended up seeing improvised signs with 'wedding guests this way' on the road and followed those. However, the wedding he got to was not the one he was supposed to be at but everyone was like 'hey dude whats up so glad you're here!!' so he stayed and partied for a few hours before he left to go to his actual friends wedding. My mom was already there and had been waiting for him to show up all this time and was super worried/pissed xD

                                                                                    • MasterNerf Zed
                                                                                      MasterNerf Zed  2 months back

                                                                                      It says father of the bridge

                                                                                      • Neida Chavez
                                                                                        Neida Chavez  2 months back

                                                                                        Crash a quinceañera!! It’ll be the best experience for sure

                                                                                        • MySausage FellOff
                                                                                          MySausage FellOff  2 months back

                                                                                          7:22 why were they cursing at them

                                                                                          • BlueDragon
                                                                                            BlueDragon  2 months back

                                                                                            *Bond, JAMES BOND*

                                                                                            • ThatGlobalDesi
                                                                                              ThatGlobalDesi  2 months back

                                                                                              This is hilarious. Come to India, people crash weddings all the time, and nobody even cares. Lmao

                                                                                              • Stelle xxx
                                                                                                Stelle xxx  2 months back

                                                                                                9:54 Ah yes the special Father Of The BRIDGE toast, they are always so heartwarming 😂