Zion Williamson Dunks: Every Slam From the First Half of Duke's 2018-19 Season | Stadium


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  • mark lawrence
    mark lawrence  4 days back

    You were just watching the next CHICAGO BULL

    • Ezekiel Smailes
      Ezekiel Smailes  1 weeks back

      Watching that clemson game made the 360 80 times better 😂😳

      • imking the man himself
        imking the man himself  1 weeks back

        Zion knows how to read the game of Basketball just look how he puts his self in position on the Offense and defense to win the ball that’s how lbj plays the game

        • KevinCummings Fitness
          KevinCummings Fitness  1 weeks back

          He moves like Ken Griffey

          • Melvin Reginald
            Melvin Reginald  1 weeks back

            Yes reminds me Larry Johnson, and then a average player. NBA is not only dunking, he better start shooting.

            • Melvin Reginald
              Melvin Reginald  1 weeks back

              Dezzy Che-chay ; Hey, shawn kemp was a spectacular dunker , 6' 9" , bad shooter , 14.6 points per game , 8 rebouds per game.This guy is going in the same mode.Shaq was the most destructive force around the rim , and he needed a kobe to get three rings.So bull shit with the dunking, Dr. J. waited a monster center, like Moses Malone to get a perfect season and a ring.

            • Dezzy Che-chay
              Dezzy Che-chay  1 weeks back

              Dunking attracts fans, more fans, more money

          • Emilios Powerballer
            Emilios Powerballer  1 weeks back

            thats an amazing prospect, but freak, there are just too many freak around the world and zion is what 18 19? people say hes a freak but no one seems to know freaks like dorian yates, misha koklyaev or even naim suleymanoglu?

            • Kameron Pohlman
              Kameron Pohlman  1 weeks back

              ? this is basketball lmao not powerlifting, there's athletic freaks in every sport.

          • Michael Samuels
            Michael Samuels  1 weeks back

            Duke Def# is sick!

            • juju08
              juju08  1 weeks back

              Shawn kemp is born again!

              • # danarchy
                # danarchy  1 weeks back

                The league is not ready!!!!

                • joesincere35
                  joesincere35  2 weeks back


                  • Zehua Lin
                    Zehua Lin  2 weeks back

                    3:34 jesus that crossover...

                    • Giannis antetkrurbemwjagw
                      Giannis antetkrurbemwjagw  1 days back

                      +Frantz Theard they hate because he went to a school that dident need him not because hes a bad player (witch he isent)

                    • Frantz Theard
                      Frantz Theard  7 days back

                      I don't see how anybody can hate on the heart and passion this kid plays basketball smh

                  • Anthony Blue
                    Anthony Blue  2 weeks back

                    Cant wait to see him dunk and destroy the tar homo's soon!

                    • LESTI FISA
                      LESTI FISA  2 weeks back

                      This kid is just another Lebron wannabe

                      • # danarchy
                        # danarchy  7 days back

                        +Morgan Lee bro rookie Zion would have eaten rookie LeBron for lunch lol.

                      • Morgan Lee
                        Morgan Lee  7 days back

                        +# danarchy LOL, a 3 ball? Peep his 3-point percentage and get back to me.

                        Handles? His are passable. Not on LeBron's level yet (and LeBron doesn't even have great handles).

                        A higher vert? His was measured at exactly 40 inches. Not sure the exact measurements on LeBron, but I've certainly seen him get higher than Zion.

                        The only edge Zion has is in weight (which will more than likely be a weakness before long) and maybe strength. Literally everything else is LeBron by a landslide. And I'm not just talking about LeBron now. I'm talking about rookie LeBron fresh out of high school.

                      • chazz Edwards
                        chazz Edwards  1 weeks back

                        LESTI FISA no more like Charles Barkley way more physical

                      • eStream eTv
                      • # danarchy
                        # danarchy  1 weeks back

                        Faster stronger LeBron with a 3 ball, handles, and a higher vertical.

                    • Eugene Joseph
                      Eugene Joseph  2 weeks back

                      To think that he was in high school with that same body,those poor kids had no chance.

                      • kenny Jr.
                        kenny Jr.  2 weeks back

                        I want to see every block. 😏

                        • Michael Costuna
                          Michael Costuna  2 weeks back

                          I want him to be a ball handler.

                          • Ed A
                            Ed A  2 weeks back

                            Michael Costuna he will be in the league

                        • MKHeRoCK!
                          MKHeRoCK!  2 weeks back


                          • IAN BLADUELL
                            IAN BLADUELL  2 weeks back

                            Reminds me sooooooooooooooooooo much of Larry Johnson at UNLV. He is a man playing among boys. Good luck in the NBA Zion.

                            • edwin Hunnet
                              edwin Hunnet  2 weeks back

                              When he gets to the league he will need a shot.

                              • Denzell Reid
                                Denzell Reid  7 days back

                                +Yung Dorian he can't shoot

                              • Yung Dorian
                                Yung Dorian  1 weeks back

                                Taylor Hairfield he can shoot he just doesn’t do it often

                              • Taylor Hairfield
                                Taylor Hairfield  2 weeks back

                                Giannis, John wall, young lebron, ben Simmons...he'll be a perennial all star without it. But he will need one to be an MVP type player

                            • Freddy Fox 500
                              Freddy Fox 500  2 weeks back

                              He moves like a SG

                            • RCS
                              RCS  2 weeks back

                              Best at 6:08. OutFuckingStanding!!!

                              • ras Diouf
                                ras Diouf  2 weeks back

                                this boy is a beast

                                • Snap Snap
                                  Snap Snap  2 weeks back

                                  Slam jam bam

                                  • Kyle Goins
                                    Kyle Goins  2 weeks back

                                    Every slam? So he only dunked once in Maui?

                                    • Jo Alin
                                      Jo Alin  2 weeks back

                                      Yeah didn’t he have a windmill ?