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  • Gary Bird
    Gary Bird  4 days back

    I told fans last year don't be surprised if they take a rb early. Along comes Sony. Pats are going to have to get serious about a qb. For somebody to have a few years behind Brady. If a good one is available they will take one early I believe.

    • Bayliner
      Bayliner  2 weeks back

      murray!!! No way. Bet we dont even go after a QB till the last year of bradys career. no point otherwise wasting picks when you can build up the team around brady now

      • Chirag Gandhi
        Chirag Gandhi  1 weeks back

        Bayliner if not you can trade him for good value

    • Bruno Dantas
      Bruno Dantas  2 weeks back

      Forget about Kyler Murray. We're not drafting him.

      • Joe ConnectALL
        Joe ConnectALL  2 weeks back

        there is NO WAY we draft the little engine that could. Doug Flutie had a hard time in his era and he's taller than this kid- and this kid is no Doug Flutie. He should pick baseball- easier on his body and he'll make more money long term.

        • Massachusetts Sports Central

          I have a better chance of getting drafted by the Pats than Kyler Murray

        • The Ghost
          The Ghost  2 weeks back

          We are goimg back to the superbowl next year too. No doubt.

          • Kade Slade
            Kade Slade  2 weeks back

            patriots should go for daniel jones or either wait for ryan finley in the 3rd round

            • M Mac
              M Mac  2 weeks back

              Pfffft Kyler Murray? Can’t fix stupid. Majors in “Human Relations”...brilliant....

              • M Mac
                M Mac  2 weeks back

                Pfffft Kyler Murray? Can’t fix stupid.

                • jayteso
                  jayteso  2 weeks back

                  The Patriots aren't taking a QB under 6 ft, no way, this kids not an NFL QB. If he was smart he'd go to MLB, not gonna cut it in the NFL.

                  • Jonathan Rose
                    Jonathan Rose  2 weeks back

                    I agree in general, but not so sure about Kyler Murray. Not sure if the Pats would trade up to get him. Not sure if he even hangs around that long. That comment was kind of out of left field. But yeah, the Pats are reloading not rebuilding. I think they'll be back in the Bowl next year...

                    • Andrew
                      Andrew  2 weeks back

                      Don't forget the Pats had 2 injured rookies ja'whaun bentley (looked amazing before his injury ) and first-round pick Isaiah Wynn. They have 12 picks but will most likely do deals on 4/12 for future draft positions. I think ja'whaun bentley is going to be a standout mixing it up along with Hightower and Van Noy. They will have a killer linebacker group. Hopefully, they can gel before week 16 next season.

                      • john bush
                        john bush  7 days back

                        There were more then just those two duke Dawson is a promising corner and Christian Sam is another talented linebacker also Braxton berrios is a amandola style reciever

                    • Proto Clown
                      Proto Clown  2 weeks back

                      I'm a lifelong Pats fan but- 3 days after their 6th and... really... we're talking about what the Pats need to do to get BACK? 😆😆😆 Its like a constant NFL trolling. Hilarious.

                      • Chris Choir
                        Chris Choir  2 weeks back

                        A 42 year old Brady is still better than 2/3rds the QBS in the league.

                        • Peter Vanna
                          Peter Vanna  1 weeks back


                        • Chris Choir
                          Chris Choir  2 weeks back

                          +Zack Mavro you are right he is still top 3

                        • The Ghost
                          The Ghost  2 weeks back

                          Lol brady is better than any of them. Beat rodgers and Maholmes (twice) in one season.

                        • Zack Mavro
                          Zack Mavro  2 weeks back

                          2/3rds? more than that. better 1v1 than anyone except maybe prime brees

                      • Chris Kreager
                        Chris Kreager  2 weeks back

                        It’s like a never ending nightmare

                        • Leo Derosia
                          Leo Derosia  2 weeks back

                          Not for us patriot fans....I would feel same way haha

                      • G123
                        G123  2 weeks back

                        THE MACHINE STOMPS ON!!! Pats aren't touching Murray though. No way! They will reload via the draft with their early picks and as always make smart free agent acquisitions. They will be ready to defend their title with the GOAT coach and GOAT quarterback!

                        • Blk Nic26
                          Blk Nic26  3 weeks back

                          They want Trevor Lawrence! The year he’s eligible for the draft they most definitely taking him.

                          • Z Fu
                            Z Fu  7 days back

                            We can only hope so!

                          • Bruno Dantas
                            Bruno Dantas  2 weeks back

                            I think that's what the whole fan base wants 😂

                        • Patrick Lemire
                          Patrick Lemire  3 weeks back

                          Kyle Murray looks like a MLB short stop. He's 5'8". NFL QB, no way.

                          • G123
                            G123  2 weeks back

                            +Gusto—_— 00 he's 5'9 and won't be successful as a NFL QB! No team should touch this kid because he's too small and when faced with adversity he'll run back to baseball knowing that it's waiting for him....

                          • Gusto—_— 00
                            Gusto—_— 00  2 weeks back

                            He’s actually 5”10 did u see him next to 6”1 Stephan A Smith

                          • Mac Beavers
                            Mac Beavers  3 weeks back

                            `Kyler Murray would replace Edelman not Brady.