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  • Kamal Khan
    Kamal Khan  3 days back

    We need a play maker .We need pulisic at this moment

    • Minion Vikki
      Minion Vikki  3 days back

      as a chelsea fan this are the only pundits have heard talking the truth about chelsea

      • Edward Rodden
        Edward Rodden  4 days back

        what a load of garbage, still in 4 competitions or am I imagining that.

        • Ostrich_king 8341
          Ostrich_king 8341  5 days back

          Last 3 away games 2-0, 4-0, 6-0. Next away game 8-0?

          • xCaptxCrunchx
            xCaptxCrunchx  5 days back

            Chelsea hasnt found a replacement for John Terry. David Luiz can't communicate and control Alonso and Rudiger and Azpi as the captain off on the far right doesn't help.

            • Tevin Howell
              Tevin Howell  5 days back

              Let's blame the players not the manger

              • Safi&Pascal Mushayuma
                Safi&Pascal Mushayuma  5 days back

                Jorginho is not a player who supposed to play for Chelsea . He can’t tackle,he can’t go after a player. They need to change the defense..hasard,willian,Pedro,Alonso both have to leave the club and bring new mentality at the club

                • Señor Picatelo
                  Señor Picatelo  5 days back

                  Somehow I feel the risk of Chelsea being sold by Roman is a factor in all this recent mess.

                  • Señor Picatelo
                    Señor Picatelo  5 days back

                    Players have too much power and they know exactly what they’re doing.

                    • Tee Wale
                      Tee Wale  5 days back

                      FIFA 19 Champions League

                      • Book of shadows contributor Brian

                        blues won't win a cup this year a surprise

                        • DADEFUYE MEDIA
                          DADEFUYE MEDIA  5 days back

                          Chelsea is lacking real playmakers who show up on big occasions. Drogba, Kalou, Lampard, Terry, Mata, Malouda, Anelka etc. Those players had chemistry and showed up. Drogba Lampard combination alone is a force to reckon with. We also had Ramirez.
                          >>>>Now all we have is players who want to perform when they feel like it.

                          • Tony Ofarrell
                            Tony Ofarrell  4 days back

                            Those players are no more. Get over it

                        • Babatunde Olaseinde
                          Babatunde Olaseinde  5 days back

                          Sarri has a lot of players that has won and tasted trophies!
                          Sarri is the coach that is yet to have a trophy to his name. If he doesn't respect the players enough (with there past trophies)....he can't succeed in motivating the players.
                          I hate it when people blame others for issues they are responsible for.

                          • Bhlack Bishop
                            Bhlack Bishop  5 days back

                            There's a reason we've had 10 managers in 14 yrs or so. I feel like anyone who watched the game should easily be able to tell that most Chelsea players have no interest in winning the premier league.

                        • mOnEy
                          mOnEy  5 days back

                          Man, and we thought they were title contenders at the beginning of the season... 🤔

                          • Ryan Lokay
                            Ryan Lokay  5 days back

                            It’s completely sarri’s fault he refuses to change tactics and he wants callum Hudson odoi to stay but doesn’t even put him on the bench

                            • Nor Priest
                              Nor Priest  4 days back

                              It's not that he refused to change tactic.
                              He actually has only one tactic.
                              That's more like it 😂

                          • 6ix Gad
                            6ix Gad  5 days back

                            I think sarri is giving jorginho a basket to carry water

                            • Miles Moore
                              Miles Moore  5 days back

                              I fear for the future years of Chelsea. Once Hazard leaves what major player would want to join us in our unsustainable toxic atmosphere. we are going to NEED and rely on our youth and grow out of this rut

                              • Tony Ofarrell
                                Tony Ofarrell  4 days back

                                And that is no bad thing,.how many big money signings arrive at Chelsea ,and.cant deliver? To many.Chelsea have 40.players out on loan, we should be able to get to decent.teams out of that.Forget this sarri ball nonsense, get talks with lampard on his opinion of Chelsea going foward

                            • supacreepa
                              supacreepa  5 days back

                              Dayum 😶

                              • Luis Carvalho
                                Luis Carvalho  5 days back

                                Bring Mourinho back

                                • Sheep Cigar
                                  Sheep Cigar  5 days back

                                  His strategic gameplay is one touch. Pass after pass. Useless and ineffecitve. Opponents can mark a one touch game style bc they can predict the next move and it's easy for other managers to read this philosophy.

                                  • Dami Ayoade
                                    Dami Ayoade  3 days back

                                    Nope. The players are not executing it well. Yes it's one touch , but passes should be played at a fast pace

                                • Black White
                                  Black White  5 days back

                                  *27th October, 2007*
                                  *Chelsea 6 - Man City 0*
                                  Essien 16'
                                  Drogba 31, 56'
                                  J. Cole 60'
                                  Kalou 75'
                                  Shevchenko 90'
                                  *10th February 2019*
                                  *Man City 6 - Chelsea 0*
                                  R. Sterlling 4'
                                  Aguero 13'
                                  Aguero 19'
                                  Gundogan 25'
                                  Aguero 56'
                                  R. Sterlling 80'

                                  *THE WAY I SEE IT, CITY JUST RETURNED THE FAVOUR*

                                  • JUFFAIR101
                                    JUFFAIR101  3 days back

                                    greystoke13 Chelsea got money in 2003 they beat City who has no money (2007) while City beat Chelski while being rich (much more embarrassing)

                                  • Yuusuf Jimmy
                                    Yuusuf Jimmy  5 days back

                                    Black White say thankgod it will be 10 if the other goal should scored it won’t be 6

                                  • greystoke13
                                    greystoke13  5 days back

                                    Only difference between those games is man city got money and ended up as one of the most expensive clubs ever.

                                • James Ebola
                                  James Ebola  5 days back

                                  Chelsea is missing decent playmaker(s), and decent defense. It's surprise they got this far on what they have. If Hazard leaves they are done. Manager is personification of stupidity...doing same things over and over expecting different result.

                                  • Asa'ah Ndangoh
                                    Asa'ah Ndangoh  5 days back

                                    Fire Sarri

                                    • Dalton TV99
                                      Dalton TV99  5 days back

                                      Man being a spurs fan I don’t think spurs will ever get first but will never be below top 5

                                      • Dalton TV99
                                        Dalton TV99  20 hours back

                                        Dami Ayoade not wrong

                                      • Dami Ayoade
                                        Dami Ayoade  3 days back

                                        +Jose Morales anfield and Etihad. You still have to go there. No chance.

                                      • Jose Morales
                                        Jose Morales  4 days back

                                        I believe we'll win the league. We just got to beat city and liverpool. Just going game by game.

                                      • Brian Diarra
                                        Brian Diarra  5 days back

                                        soooo arsenal under wenger?

                                      • Lamb Sauce
                                        Lamb Sauce  5 days back

                                        +Abhi Ram lol

                                    • Peresi Moize
                                      Peresi Moize  5 days back


                                      • Tommy Ford
                                        Tommy Ford  5 days back

                                        1st like

                                        • Fortnite Dude
                                          Fortnite Dude  5 days back

                                          6-0, who saw that coming?

                                          • david james
                                            david james  4 days back

                                            Im a chelsea fan and I seen it coming, had 50 on 5nil they just had to score 6.

                                          • Geologically
                                            Geologically  5 days back

                                            my dad bet on the game on nbc sports 2-2 LOL

                                          • Dennis Gabah
                                            Dennis Gabah  5 days back

                                            Jesus christ

                                          • Abhi Ram
                                            Abhi Ram  5 days back

                                            Fortnite Dude ikr