The Ultimate KENYAN STREET FOOD TOUR in Mombasa - Coastal East African Food, Kenya!

  • Published: 04 July 2018
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    Mombasa is a beautiful city located in Kenya, on the east coast of Africa. It’s a melting pot of a city, full of culture and delicious food. In this video, I met up with Farhana and Samil, both from Mombasa, and both love to eat.

    Lighthouse - First place we headed on this Kenyan street food tour of Mombasa is along the coast called Mama Ngina drive, or Lighthouse. You’ll find an abundance of small snacks along the road with a view over the cliffs of the Indian ocean. Probably my favorite street food was the fried cassava chips, which are fried fresh, put into bags, then seasoned with salt, chili powder, and lime juice.

    Here are the main street food snacks we had:
    Coconut, heart of palm, cassava - 340 KES ($3.33) total
    Cassava chips
    Roasted and fried cassava
    Sweet potato, corn, many things

    Next we headed into the heart of Mombasa to eat from a roadside shop selling a mixture of bhajias, fried potatoes, and fried chilies. This is legendary street food in Mombasa! When you order she puts all the fried things onto a plate and douses them in coconut chutney and hot sauce. The combination is delicious, and my favorite item was the fried chilies.
    Bhajia plate combo - 90 KES ($0.88)

    Azad Ice Cream - We then had sugarcane juice, a Mombasa Kenyan favorite. They added sugarcane, plus ginger and lime.

    Damascus Shawarma - 200 KES ($1.96) - One of the popular food trucks in Mombasa is Damascus shawarma. It was pretty good.

    Abbasi Darbar - To finish off this Kenyan food tour of Mombasa, we ended with a mega meat feast at Abbasi Darbar, a great place to fulfill all your meat needs. We ordered most of what they offer on the menu. Everything was delicious, but I think the winner for me was the spring chicken tikka.
    Total price - 1,900 KES ($18.64)

    Again, thank you for Farhana for taking me on this amazing Kenyan street food tour of Mombasa, Kenya. Be sure to check out her channel here:


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                            I love how well and easy you pronounce the Kenyan words.....
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                              I love coming to the first spot on weekends. The food is cheap and amazing and the view is spectacular

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                                    I ❤ my Country Kenya,my City Mombasa.Mark,U r mostly welcomed to 001 County.U made me miss home terribly bad.Kenya is a beautiful multi-cultural Country,where we Mombasa residents are mostly Kenyan-Arabs,Kenyan-Indians,Europeans,Asiens,Kenyan-Somalis and all other normal wonderful Kenyans.I love my County Mombasa ❤ so very much and our Culture up there. Ppple are so friendly.

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