Complications ensue if Philadelphia Eagles tag and trade Nick Foles | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  • David Carroll
    David Carroll  2 days back

    Who's the boring guy who isn't Lefkoe?

    • Joseph Fairman
      Joseph Fairman  3 days back

      Wasn't Pittsburg trying to do the same thing with bell this year? Jarvis got tagged and traded, Matt Cassell has been tagged and traded, Jared Allen was tagged and traded. This guy is funny. It may be against the cba but clearly they don't care.

      • # Guiltless
        # Guiltless  4 days back

        Nick Foles put the Eagles in the elite talk tbh.. We'll see what the injury prone Wentz does now huh?

        • Gerard Dobinson
          Gerard Dobinson  4 days back

          He won a Superbowl against the goatman ha ha.

          • Brian Mahoney
            Brian Mahoney  4 days back

            The Eagles already claimed Wentz is their guy. So it would be a sham if they tried to claim they really wanted to keep Foles.

            • Mark Miranda
              Mark Miranda  5 days back

              I’d keep him another year while wentz isn’t making much. Look what he’s done. Wentz can’t be trusted with his health.

              • Jabbaweezy
                Jabbaweezy  5 days back

                If they don't get wentz a star runningback, eagles are doomed for the season. Kareem hunt is off the table now.

                • Le Dan Theman Playlists

                  just because its awkward does not mean they cant still win games. idc how divided the lockerroom is, or how uncomfortable it makes the fans to have Wentz making less than Foles, the game is still won on the field.

                  • Dennis Thomas
                    Dennis Thomas  5 days back

                    I would love to see Nick Foles go to the giants. It would make the NFC east a very exciting division next season.

                    • rick fedorick
                      rick fedorick  5 days back

                      Dallas with a record of 111-81 .578 with five division titles since 07 screams that they are coming on strong. They are 13-5 vs the east since 16 and they've won three of the last five division titles. Dallas is about to dominate the east for years to come with a very young team.

                      • rick fedorick
                        rick fedorick  5 days back

                        Has the eagles starting qb WENTz to a ROMOtologist to see if hes gonna be in the trainers office so long that people will think hes the trainer? lol

                        • Kitchener Leslie
                          Kitchener Leslie  5 days back

                          Chris Simms = no

                          • Kevin Burke
                            Kevin Burke  5 days back

                            Chris Simms resembles Roger Goodell a bit anyone else see that?

                            • Shawn Greene
                              Shawn Greene  5 days back

                              First and foremost I'm not an eagle fan. New England all day baby. Also just going off the heading and not listening to the interview. If the eagles franchise him that tells me they aren't fully sold on Carson. Last year they struggled until he got hurt and Foles got them in the playoffs. They year before that though Carson was killing and Foles wasn't all that impressive at the end of year until the NFC championship and the super bowl(against poorest defense smh)

                              • Temo Palmer
                                Temo Palmer  5 days back

                                Florio is a Kapernick d$ck rider...professional level

                                • Dindu Nuffin
                                  Dindu Nuffin  5 days back

                                  Carson can’t WENtz. Big mistake the Eagles will be doing.

                                  • briane596able
                                    briane596able  6 days back

                                    Bitter Giants fan?

                                    • JaySw34
                                      JaySw34  6 days back

                                      The guy on the right looks like Stig Asmussen

                                    • TheGr8stManEvr
                                      TheGr8stManEvr  6 days back

                                      All Foles has accomplished is reaching the Super Bowl, that Super Bowl was rigged against the Patriots by the refs and replay officials. If that game is called legit the Patriots win that Super Bowl.

                                      That said, why don't they keep Foles and get rid of Wentz? He's the one who's actually done something.

                                      • J Day
                                        J Day  6 days back

                                        He eon the superbowl

                                        • Mike James
                                          Mike James  6 days back

                                          Foles is better, why don’t they understand this? Just because they gave up insane amount to move up to draft Wentz doesn’t mean sticking with him is the right choice.

                                          • # Guiltless
                                            # Guiltless  4 days back

                                            It's the Eagles 😂😂😂

                                          • jrad410
                                            jrad410  4 days back

                                            Mike James you mean Nick Foles playing on a stacked team and winning when he had better talent. You are insane if you think foles is better. Wentz is the one who put foles in position to do what he did.

                                          • Mike James
                                            Mike James  4 days back

                                            jrad410 SB MVP vs a guy who had one good regular season beating bad teams. Ok.

                                          • jrad410
                                            jrad410  5 days back

                                            He’s not better

                                        • Gerard Dobinson
                                          Gerard Dobinson  6 days back

                                          Foles is the man.. He's a better qb n smarter n he doesn't get hurt. Spreads the ball around n players play better. I think wentz will have a short career in fball. I think that injury he had last yr. Messed him up. Even if he goes somewhere else, I will cheer for him . he's a class act.

                                          • True Savage PlayZ
                                            True Savage PlayZ  5 days back

                                            Gerard Dobinson doesn’t get hurt that’s funny cuz he also doesn’t have a full season under his belt either

                                        • CarlitosWay277
                                          CarlitosWay277  6 days back

                                          Foles is more "Battle Worthy" than Wentz. Wentz has won many games. but Foles has won the most important games! Foles probably gonna sign with a new team, but thats how it goes. Salary cap is a real thing.

                                          • Anthony Stone
                                            Anthony Stone  6 days back

                                            Either trade Wentz or let Foles walk as a Free Agent and MOVE ON! Quit trying to find a scheme to get compensation out of a guy who delivered you a Super Bowl Championship.

                                            • Peter Hernandez
                                              Peter Hernandez  5 days back

                                              +Mark Scutti Eagles fans are trash. Go support EDP445 who roots for his own team(Eagles) to lose every week. Classless. Only stadium with a jail and courtroom. Lol.

                                            • Mark Scutti
                                              Mark Scutti  5 days back

                                              Peter Hernandez Hows That for classless

                                            • Peter Hernandez
                                              Peter Hernandez  5 days back

                                              +Mark Scutti Oh and you do? Why cuz your an Eagles fan? Gtfoh. Classless Eagles fans finally win a ring, yet want the better qb to ride the bench. Plus, they want to control his rights by tricking the CBA. Yeah, I don't know. Please Mark, you have no clue. You either pay him 25 mil and trade Wentz or you let the guy(Foles) walk. Stop dicking both qbs to get trade value. You cannot franchise a player to trade him in good faith. Know the rules jackass.

                                            • Mark Scutti
                                              Mark Scutti  5 days back

                                              Neither one of you has a clue what you’re talking about!

                                            • Peter Hernandez
                                              Peter Hernandez  6 days back

                                              Exactly. He won them a ring and they still trying to screw him over.

                                          • DeShawn Wilson
                                            DeShawn Wilson  6 days back

                                            Pay that man he worth every penny

                                            • Escobar Carter
                                              Escobar Carter  6 days back

                                              This is all about money 💯💯

                                              • DragsFire3oh2
                                                DragsFire3oh2  6 days back

                                                I thought the skins did this with Cousins last year 🤔

                                                • john boone
                                                  john boone  6 days back

                                                  it would be a rotten thing to do to nick foles after how much he has done for philly , if nick wants to leave then ok find the best deal for him , if not , their is no need to get rid of him , I would say if the eagles treat foles well it will not only show class , but intrinsic value to being a eagle in the first place , it nicks decision I think !!

                                                  • Kingfish
                                                    Kingfish  6 days back

                                                    LOL... Eagles are just a 1 trick pony!

                                                    • Bronson Yazzie
                                                      Bronson Yazzie  6 days back

                                                      The Eagles have the bullpen of good baseball got a young arm starter in Wentz and a very good veteran closer in Foles.

                                                      • xlr8r2010 Smith
                                                        xlr8r2010 Smith  6 days back

                                                        After (not if) Carson Wentz gets injured again during this upcoming season, the Eagles are going to be regretting letting Nick Foles, leave Philadelphia. Its a bad decision...the Eagles are going to pay for it.

                                                        • Fury
                                                          Fury  6 days back

                                                          I agree and I think after another injury depending on the severity he may consider retirement

                                                      • Erixoz
                                                        Erixoz  6 days back

                                                        Chris Simms, son of an NFL QB, a former NFL QB himself, is an excellent analyst with a cool demeanor.

                                                        • Dan Bogardo
                                                          Dan Bogardo  6 days back

                                                          Wentz is already injury prone. 2 seasons, 2 season ending injuries. I think dump Wentz, keep Foles as he won them the Super Bowl and got them into the playoffs again this year. Wentz won’t do anything for the Eagles.

                                                          • Team-USA
                                                            Team-USA  6 days back

                                                            Foles should be the starting QB for Eagles. Look what he did for them the past two seasons. Wenz has a serious back injury. Even he physically recovers, he will be prone to be hesitant and it will be long time before he'd be 100%.

                                                            • Team-USA
                                                              Team-USA  3 days back

                                                              +Derek Johansen TiDom You are entitled to your opinion as I. A player missing more than a month, in Weins case 2 months, that is serious injury. Weins has a cannon 9f an arm, but Foles decision making is overall better and he brings synergy to the team. I am not a Eagles fan since they fired Vermeil. But Foles has proven time and time again. Reminds me of Chris Simms vs. Major Applewhite at Texas....

                                                            • Derek Johansen TiDom
                                                              Derek Johansen TiDom  4 days back

                                                              You sound like the type of person who only believes what you hear and read instead of using common sense and thinking for yourself.

                                                              A fracture is not a serious injury. Foles started the season slow. The year before, Wentz was ahead of Tom Brady for League MVP before he got hurt. He could have and would have won that superb easily

                                                            • True Savage PlayZ
                                                              True Savage PlayZ  5 days back

                                                              Team-USA A serious back injury what? It wasn’t not super serious he could of played in the last few games but they didn’t want to hurt their future QB and foles was hot

                                                          • Alek Gallegos
                                                            Alek Gallegos  7 days back

                                                            You people act like you’ve seen foles play a full season

                                                            • Alek Gallegos
                                                              Alek Gallegos  7 days back

                                                              What if nick wants to get tagged and traded so he can get the guarantee 25 mil and he trusts philly to send him to the right team for him which is the jags

                                                              • Alek Gallegos
                                                                Alek Gallegos  2 days back

                                                                Scotty Haines he would but if the Eagles are trading they ain’t trading to To the NFC East

                                                              • Scotty Haines
                                                                Scotty Haines  2 days back

                                                                I think NYG would be a much better fit. He's got better targets and Pat Shurmur made Case Keenum look like a perennial ProBowler. I could only imagine what he would do with Foles who's a much better passer.

                                                            • Branden Allen
                                                              Branden Allen  7 days back

                                                              Wentz is trash... Numbers don't mean anything... Foles is a better fit...

                                                              Trade Wentz and get some pieces around Nick....

                                                              • jakegetscake
                                                                jakegetscake  7 days back

                                                                Wentz can’t stay healthy this really is a mistake foles is the only reason we got to the playoffs this season and he had us winning that saints game if it weren’t for alshon dropping the ball and rushing the two minute warning

                                                                • Anthony Thompson
                                                                  Anthony Thompson  7 days back

                                                                  did'nt miami tag & trade JL to cleveland last season?

                                                                  • James Bond
                                                                    James Bond  7 days back

                                                                    Not even full time at NBC at and Chris is already forgotten his roots the players podcast Simms. Lol jk know he was just playing devils advocate definitely going to be watching this show more in the future to get my simms takes.

                                                                    • m718o
                                                                      m718o  7 days back

                                                                      I hope he goes to the redskins ... so my friend kmmie be happy..

                                                                      • Daniel Timbs
                                                                        Daniel Timbs  7 days back

                                                                        The point that Chris mentioned is the same one that Steven A mentioned last week which is the combination of the salaries of Wentz and Foles is about the going rate of a Star Quarterback on a team with that said I would love to see them bring back Nick and give it one more year to see if Carson can stay healthy all year and if he cannot then you move forward with Nick. But Nick has already stated he loves the team and the City and the fans and obviously the team City and fans love him so what I don't agree with in this conversation is that Nick should be out for blood. He understands that he is valuable and also knows the situation that the Eagles drafted Carson to be the future and if he really wants to go play somewhere else then I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be okay with the Eagles trying to get something in return. This is a team that gave him a second shot when he was considering retirement and put him in this situation to win a Superbowl. Nick is a very humble man and I'm sure thankful so I could see Nick being completely okay with the Eagles tagging him and trying to get back a first-rounder or more

                                                                        • kolop1
                                                                          kolop1  7 days back

                                                                          Trade Wentz, draft a speed receiver and keep Foles.

                                                                          • dsourn
                                                                            dsourn  7 days back

                                                                            I feel like the Eagles are in a love triangle, Wentz is the wife while Foles is the mistress whom fulfills their needs

                                                                          • Joshua Flecha
                                                                            Joshua Flecha  7 days back

                                                                            Carson Wentz in his career at the moment has never played a playoff game which hurts his value.

                                                                            • Scott Mayfield
                                                                              Scott Mayfield  7 days back

                                                                              The Eagles should trade Wentz for draft picks and see how Foles plays out,

                                                                            • Peter Tibbetts
                                                                              Peter Tibbetts  7 days back

                                                                              They extended his option that’s all they needed to do to prove they still wanted him it’s that simple they tagged him cause he used his buyout option it’s not like they didn’t try to keep him in a sense

                                                                              • GMoney Business
                                                                                GMoney Business  7 days back

                                                                                They trippin.....nick knows wats going on....he knows hes guna end up Where he wants to be in the end..