Indian Food in Mumbai - HARDCORE Non-Veg Nalli Nihari and Bombay Street Food Sandwich!

  • Published: 11 September 2016
  • In Mumbai get ready to eat some amazing Indian food!
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    Day 4: Mumbai, India - To start the day we met up with Myron, who is from Mumbai, and we headed over to explore Crawford Market. We stopped at a restaurant called Noor Mohammadi for a stunning dish called nalli nihari, and then had one of the most fascinating Mumbai street food sandwiches I’ve ever seen. It was a great day of food in Mumbai!

    1:27 Crawford Market (Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai) - We started off the morning by walking around what’s known as Crawford Market. The market is indoor and there’s just about anything you can imagine for sale from food to household supplies.

    3:55 Noor Mohammadi Hotel (Restaurant) - This restaurants was one of the highlights of this day in Mumbai, and we came here specifically to eat a hardcore non-veg dish called nalli nihari. Typically in India the dish is made from buffalo and it includes bone marrow in the stew as well. It was incredibly oily and fatty, but also incredibly delicious. It was like richness on top of richness, and every single bite of the nalli nihari was worth it. The nalli nihari was especially good with the tandoori roti.

    9:05 Bhendi Bazaar - After enjoying the nalli nihari, we then took a walk through Bhendi Bazaar, another action packed street market in Mumbai. There’s always something going on at Bhendi Bazaar, and some kind of action taking place.

    10:30 Mumbai sandwich (Bombay sandwich) - When I spotted a man making sandwiches, I couldn’t wait to try it. Known commonly as the Bombay veg or Bombay chutney sandwich, but now also called the Mumbai sandwich, this is a favorite street food snack in Mumbai. You don’t normally think of sandwiches when you think of Indian food, but there are countless sandwich stalls in Mumbai. In contrast to the non-vegetarian dish I had previously, this Mumbai sandwich was vegetarian, and I got a mix of all the toppings, including tomato, onion, beetroot, cucumber, and cheese, all layered with chutney, and grilled in a fire. The sandwich was quite tasty, especially in a large part because of the different chutneys.

    14:20 Haji Ali Juice Center / Haji Ali Dargah - Next we took a taxi over to Haji Ali Dargah (mosque), and had a juice at the legendary Haji Ali Juice Center. Unfortunately when we visited Haji Ali Mosque, the ocean tide was too high, so couldn’t walk to it.

    16:46 Mount Mary Church - We then headed to Bandra and first stopped off at Mount Mary Church, one of the most famous basilica’s in Mumbai.

    17:39 Castella de Aguada - Next we went to walk around Castella de Aguada, an old Portuguese fort, that’s now more like a park and a popular hangout spot.

    19:00 Elco Restaurant - Since we were in the area, for snack we went to Elco and to have some chaat. We tried sev puri and dahi puri, both of which were very good, and it was nice to get some AC and relaxation indoors for a little while.

    20:50 Milk dessert - While we were walking around Myron spotted a cart selling a type of milk dessert made from the first milk (colostrum). It was indeed very interesting.

    22:16 Jai Jawan (Khar branch) - Finally for dinner, out last stop of the day, we walked over to a restaurant called Jai Jawan to eat their prawns fry and tandoori chicken. Dinner was amazing, Jai Jawan is a fantastic restaurant.


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      Severine Fernandes  5 hours back

      aww beautiful introduction by Myron......Mark you are absolutely down to earth and friendly person.

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        Ibrahim khan  1 days back

        this Nalli Nihari restaurant is in my Area "Dongri" Mumbai ...its name "NOOR MOHAMMEDI HOTEL "

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                        Love and respect from Pakistan

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                          AMAN RAJ  4 days back

                          it's called oil instead of rich!!!!

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                                    Mumbai street food its amazing. But Bhendi Bazaar is absolutely disgusting.

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                                        • Reddy Shekar
                                          Reddy Shekar  6 days back

                                          Hi Mark,
                                          In India non-veg means not extreme at all. Most of the non-veg people in India don't eat Beef. So you need to understand that when saying extreme non-veg. Most of those non-veg people eat only Goat, lamb, chicken, rabbit etc. but NO BEEF.

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                                            Come to karnataka and see places and have food in bangalore, mangalore, mysore, kodagu, davangare, dharwad.

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                                                        • ruturaj prabhu
                                                          ruturaj prabhu  1 weeks back

                                                          I like the expression of mark when he take first bite.

                                                          • ruturaj prabhu
                                                            ruturaj prabhu  1 weeks back

                                                            I like the expression of mark when he take first bite.

                                                            • ruturaj prabhu
                                                              ruturaj prabhu  1 weeks back

                                                              I like the expression of mark when he take first bite.

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                                                                    That grilled veggie sandwich was a masterpiece & a bargain - only .60 cents! I could eat one everyday. I would lose a ton of weight & save a bundle of money.

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                                                                                        Hey Mark! Amazing video! The nalli nihari looks soo delicious. I just wanted to mention that the "salad" is actually for garnishing on your nihari as per your taste :-)

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