Top 10 Cursed Treasures That Ended Lives


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    Top 10 Treasures You Can Still Find Today

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith  38 minutes back

    Scientists now believe that king Tutankhamen's curse was really thousands of years of dust and mold build up that has not been in contact with any life form for years so when the tomb was opened the dust/mold made people sick that could explain the people getting sick but while Howard carter was away there was a pet bird that was eaten by a snake at the time the tomb was being opened that is an unexplainable coincidence

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      yay one more vid of you browsing the internet ! awesome !

      • Runs from elk
        Runs from elk  9 hours back

        I find it amazing that the Emperor's Tomb has not been touched.
        It has been said to have a replica of the entire kingdom that was historically united by the Emperor as a big 3d map with his tomb overlooking all. Diamonds on the ceiling act as stars in their constellations and ground "rivers" are of mercury, to give the illusion of movement and the inability to evaporate (water would lead to decay of some exposed organic materials).
        The level of national respect for this well documented but unopened tomb of a very powerful and wealthy history mover and shaker does not happen often in our world of plunder spoils.
        Meanwhile, the terra cotta army gets a very thorough cleaning and repair job, with professional pottery artisans repairing and remaking broken pieces on location using the same methods that were originally employed to make the army. The army was even placed with heavy (clay) guard numbers facing in the directions where his biggest military threats were.
        There are so many artifacts just on the outside of the tomb that it will take many years for the restoration of that large section to be completed. And it has been made clear no person will touch the Emperor's tomb, at least until archaeological techniques improve to ensure no damage (and certainly no robbery) occurs. And even then, respect might win out- leaving the Emperor untouched in death to oversee his eternally ruled over united kingdom.

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          • Ohh Jaden
            Ohh Jaden  11 hours back

            Quindi ahi huangs tomb cannot be open because when exposed to oxygen,the tomb will collapse.also they have booby traps which the investigators have to be careful

            • Loretta Duncan
              Loretta Duncan  13 hours back

              The phrase "just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that someone isn't out to get you" comes to mind. With the millions of things that continue to be "unexplained,"on, and within our world, ( including death and what happens after we die,) I hesitate to discount anything from curses to ghosts. After all, I believe we know nothing in the scheme of things. We are here just seconds compared to time eternal.

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                Nu its Quin she hooang

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                  DUSTERDUDE238  18 hours back

                  if the Hope Diamond is so cursed, and it is in the Smithsonian, they why hasn't whoever owns the museum or the Curator or administrator died then?

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                    I have the biggest crush on Danny Burke tbh

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                      All these seem to explain God's punishment for human's hugest desire for wealth

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                        You should lower the background music a bit is very overpowering.

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                          Joshua Ary  1 days back

                          I disagree the amber room isn't the 8th wonder of the world, that's andre the Giant. Also recently there's been some guys searching for the oak island treasure they have a show called the curse of oak island. They've discovered alot

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                            Yay Danny Burke

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                              Now that's interesting! Part 2 please :)

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                                danny burke is like my idol omg he’s perfect

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                                  Oregon urban legends

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                                    #1 is my favorite!!! I’d love to go see that!!!

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                                      OMG. The Lost Dutchman Mine!!! I am both Apache and a Peralta. I wonder if one set of my ancestors killed the other? I’m going to tell my Mom- she loves genealogy. Thanks

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                                        “The hope diamond”BLACK BUTLER!!!

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                                          erase mii

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                                            I'm sure god thanks you for letting him he's safe from the curse

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                                              Not only am I related to Marie Antoinette but I also live in ct.

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                                                This is like final destination

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                                                  PIOTOR VELIKIY!

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                                                    7:28 does that say allah right in the middle. If an arab(or anyone who understands arabic) reads this comment then please reply

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                                                      Tacktickle  3 days back

                                                      There has been a tv show on the History channel since 2014 called The Curse of Oak Island.
                                                      Its absolutely fascinating watching the Lagina brothers try to find the money pit.

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                                                        I always thoroughly enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work!

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                                                          you guys are so close to 5 mil it's unreal. C'mon guys, sub if you're not. Get these lovely people up to 5 mil.

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                                                            Top 10 booby trapped tombs

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                                                              Oh and it is Pandoras box

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                                                                Better give them to the SCP foundation

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                                                                  Loved it and I’ve heard of several of these curses.

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                                                                    I know that diamond

                                                                    They lost their heads

                                                                    • constipated in sin city

                                                                      They left the Amber Room is in train cars in a concealed tunnel load with booby traps! Outside of Berlin. A

                                                                      • constipated in sin city

                                                                        Lord Canarvon was the person who financed the expedition for King Tuts Tomb.

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                                                                          If I had the hope diamond next to me and they said DONT TOUCH I would touch it

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                                                                            Sure more cursed objects. I love the stories

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                                                                              There is a team working on Oak island now they have a show on History channel

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                                                                                The King tut deaths were most likely from bacteria:Lord Howard and Lord Carnavon,as well as his daughter died fairly quick after opening the tomb. It may have been cursed,but only they would know that. THe Amber room was probably buried for all eternity. The Nazis stole everything under the sun,especially art. I would try the Kok-i-noor on. I love that diamond,but the Indian curses may be real. THe travelers stole a lot of stuff from the Indian people.

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                                                                                  I wonder how the coconuts got on Oak Island? Coconuts are a tropical fruit and Oak Island is in Temperate Zone

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                                                                                      I did a project on the terra-cotta statues.. it was very interesting

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                                                                                        I want to find these treasure but i don't want to curse my familly...but if it curse only me im okay with that ! Lol

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                                                                                            Top 10 scary kid stories

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                                                                                              My Rocket Launcher Is Cursed Because It Goes *Boom, Boom*
                                                                                              It *BLOWS* People Away

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                                                                                                Cursed or >>>the way of life