Dana on Khabib: You can't sit out that long w/ the belt; Whittaker breaks silence; Conor vs Gastelum


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  • smackdowner
    smackdowner  2 hours back

    Khabib knew Ben Askren was coming into the UFC so he went and got himself banned lol

    • Saif Sajawal
      Saif Sajawal  5 hours back

      What about Conner then nothing happened

      • sasa svicevic
        sasa svicevic  6 hours back

        Dana you are just a pig, with lots of money.

        • frank knights
          frank knights  13 hours back

          Whittaker is a class act a solid role model should serve as a role model to the rest of the UFC.

          • Phatimas Loeb
            Phatimas Loeb  14 hours back

            2years laying out from ufc keep that 2 belt rusty And be a drunker drug adicted hanging around with bad guys

            • McRange Kills
              McRange Kills  14 hours back

              Bo4 anyone?

              • Daniel 045
                Daniel 045  17 hours back

                Dana is the cringiest son of a bitch out there......the only thing he loves is the short irishmans cock a pig named Rousey and money. I hope he goes to hell sooner than later.

                • ATS
                  ATS  19 hours back

                  Khabib came ..saw and conquered your boy Dana. Never did I see this guy glorify Khabib the way he did to McGregor

                  • Raja Nawaz
                    Raja Nawaz  1 days back

                    Pig face needs to calm down before he gives himself a heart attack. He's full of porky pies

                    • Nicholas Fantini
                      Nicholas Fantini  1 days back

                      Boring Kabhib!
                      I don’t like Conor,
                      But honestly... Kabhib has only his boring wrestling!
                      Conor won 2 different belt!
                      Kabhib won the battle but not the war

                      • Carl 22
                        Carl 22  1 days back

                        Dana is just salty that Khabib smashed his boy, Don't be a racist Dana Jews

                        • Buzzkill 808 Raven
                          Buzzkill 808 Raven  1 days back

                          Am I missing something? Isn't Dana being a blatant hypocrite considering how long they let McTapper be inactive with the belt? I thought Dana was a deluded piece of shit but....

                          • Young Karama
                            Young Karama  1 days back

                            #team #khabib

                            • mora a ra
                              mora a ra  1 days back

                              Khabib cant ,but Connor can with two belts ,fook off uncle Fester

                              • Qais
                                Qais  1 days back

                                Dana is mad cause khabib smashed his boy’s face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                • Joshua Grisdale
                                  Joshua Grisdale  1 days back

                                  Isn't Khabib suspended...

                                  • YaSherif Da Gamer
                                    YaSherif Da Gamer  2 days back

                                    *MORE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA, GOOD PUBLICITY PEEPS* 🔥

                                    • Chantl Mcclary
                                      Chantl Mcclary  2 days back

                                      Connor sat out for 2 years and fuckin froze the division and he also never defended his title so saying that Connor deserves another shot and saying that khabib can't wait a year is premium Bullshit gtfoh

                                      • Jesse Martin
                                        Jesse Martin  2 days back

                                        McGregor was cool for about 2 years.... no1 really cares about him anymore but Ireland. Every1 knows he ain't as good as his record. Fight tough guys and he's done

                                        • mma
                                          mma  2 days back

                                          White Why do you look like a pig???

                                          • rando299
                                            rando299  2 days back

                                            DH is only about business - put him in the oct - would definitely be a NC

                                            • Hova Esco
                                              Hova Esco  2 days back

                                              FUCKING BITCH ASS dana BIG HEAD NO RED NECK

                                              • Izzy F real
                                                Izzy F real  2 days back

                                                One rule for Conor and another for rest of the fighters, Conor stays away 2 years and keeps belt but not khabib for a whole year, what a joke u clown Dana

                                                • Kannyrado TV
                                                  Kannyrado TV  2 days back

                                                  I love what Gastelum is doing... it's actually entertaining. And he has a point.

                                                  • galkanftw
                                                    galkanftw  2 days back

                                                    Should have simply said CONOR,,Conor held the belt /s hostage a long time.He allowed Conor to fight outside the 145 to go after 155,then he allowed Conor to fight Nate not once but TWICE .

                                                    • robert holloway
                                                      robert holloway  2 days back

                                                      these guys so tough but they have to drop major weight to fight vs smaller guys and they pull outta fights quicker than i pull out of a whore #fake injuries #mentally weak.......im the welterweight king (but walks around at 205) im the light heavyweight goat(but walks around 235) im the lightweight champ(but walks around 185) gtfoh CONOR is the only REAL G....anytime anywhere anybody any weight class,never pulls out #facts

                                                      • robert holloway
                                                        robert holloway  2 days back

                                                        if you clowns owned a organization and a certain person was making you hundreds of millions who would treat them differently as well...say what you want but numbers dont lie,conor is the cash cow and its not even close....conor vs a monkey would sell more than tony vs kahbib #facts

                                                        • Kyle Hull
                                                          Kyle Hull  2 days back

                                                          You cant sit unless you are Conor Mcgregor and hold up an entire fucking Divison for 2 years!

                                                          • Hilary Mcnicholas
                                                            Hilary Mcnicholas  2 days back

                                                            Khabib is a fake champion anyway man can't fight for shit all he got is wrestling even if he is 27/0 he shouldn't of got a title shot stay on your fucking feet

                                                            • blessme ilahi
                                                              blessme ilahi  2 days back

                                                              If Khabib stripped, we should stop watching ufc, and go for wwe

                                                              • chris hume
                                                                chris hume  2 days back

                                                                but conor never defended a dam title in all the years

                                                                • aliwesker
                                                                  aliwesker  2 days back

                                                                  if khabib is stripped, it should be Al Iquinta vs Tony Ferguson. no other title fight makes sense.

                                                                  • Reiss Oscienny
                                                                    Reiss Oscienny  2 days back

                                                                    UFC is a joke its only about coke Johnny and Mctapper smh. It was fine for Connor to sit on his hands for 2 yrs?

                                                                    • Ivo De Backer
                                                                      Ivo De Backer  2 days back

                                                                      Conor against Cyborg, Jon Jones against Cejudo, and Dana White against Khabib. I would pay to see these fights

                                                                      • robert loera
                                                                        robert loera  2 days back

                                                                        ufc is starting to really fuckin lose it with this dumb ass disorder and all theses fake ass champions lately wtf

                                                                        • Tara Williams
                                                                          Tara Williams  2 days back

                                                                          OMFG!! Dana jus keeps fkn over these real #1 UFC champs by dick riding Connor's washed up ass...UFC don't need Dana @ all

                                                                          • Abdullahi Ali
                                                                            Abdullahi Ali  2 days back

                                                                            So khabib gets fined $500,000 for a brawl in which he didn't hurt anyone and mcgregor gets no fine for the bus attack in which 3 people got hurt. 🤔

                                                                            • D MENACE at the roost
                                                                              D MENACE at the roost  2 days back

                                                                              Pathetic Dana. The only way to get thru to him is to stop buying tickets ,and pay per view All a popularity contest with him. We know who the champ is .

                                                                              • D MENACE at the roost
                                                                                D MENACE at the roost  2 days back

                                                                                Pathetic Dana. The only way to get thru to him is to stop buying tickets ,and pay per view All a popularity contest with him. We know who the champ is .

                                                                                • Ye Habesha Lij
                                                                                  Ye Habesha Lij  2 days back

                                                                                  Dana is a bitch. He treated Khabib so wrong and always praising Connor like he is undefeated. And Connor do not deserve to fight for the title.

                                                                                  • Bill Le kurdi
                                                                                    Bill Le kurdi  2 days back

                                                                                    This is number 1 Bullshit

                                                                                    • Sammy Ytube
                                                                                      Sammy Ytube  3 days back

                                                                                      Dang the falling over acting Conor that desperate for a win and just to be seen that he wants to call out old Anderson Silva.  Seriously if they have to give Anderson a fight b/c the broke goat needs to be money ok, but no one really should be calling him out.

                                                                                      • bill smith
                                                                                        bill smith  3 days back

                                                                                        Wiedman doesn't want to call out stylebender. I like Chris, I don't want to see him beat by this young phenom.

                                                                                        • Khabib Time
                                                                                          Khabib Time  3 days back

                                                                                          Dana can suck my balls

                                                                                          • Paul Manning
                                                                                            Paul Manning  3 days back

                                                                                            Bs.dana white can fucking shove it on his lies. I disagree with his bitch ass. Look at the Rousey and Holme fight proves it ain’t got shit to do with what comes out his mouth. Cyborg should have fought Rousey before Holms. Then his pussy gets hurt when she got knocked the fuck out. What dana ur easy pussy. Got her ass whooped.

                                                                                            • JLongshoreman
                                                                                              JLongshoreman  3 days back

                                                                                              This guy is getting harder and harder to pay attention to. The UFC sure doesn't seem to be what it should be these days.

                                                                                              • Avery S
                                                                                                Avery S  3 days back

                                                                                                It's complete idiodicy displayed by dana when he himself gets schooled in his own sport. Humorous, as he struggles to make sense of his own nonsense and unfair wavering rules over belt holders inactivity.

                                                                                                • hector j gonzalez
                                                                                                  hector j gonzalez  3 days back

                                                                                                  I like and understand Dana White point BUT.... then the UFC should be identified as a Entertainment Company not a Sports Company... IF Kevin Gastelum is considered Champ then my same point this is a Entertainment Company and MMA is a Sport so there you go to anybody who disagrees the. You can reply I guess