The Premier League Is A Joke - This Happens If Lionel Messi Plays In The EPL - HD


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  • MagicalMessi
    MagicalMessi   2 months back

    Ferguson, Wenger, Guardiola, Pochettino, Conte and the best defenders are clueless how to stop Messi. So why does Lionel Messi need to prove himself in the Premier League when he already destroyed the best English teams?

    He would shine anywhere!

    • Dexter Rosa
      Dexter Rosa  6 days back

      @magicalmessi buy yourself some knee caps

    • Jay Pee
      Jay Pee  1 weeks back

      Messi wouldn't be a great in a different team

      THE GREAT ONE'S  1 weeks back

      +Snir Kalimi in that comparison Ronaldo has better La liga stats and UCL stats in 9 years playing with Real Madrid compared to Messi's 14 years imagine what would have happened if Ronaldo started his career in Spain.

      THE GREAT ONE'S  1 weeks back

      +Ritwik Ghosh 30 of those goals are in friendlies. WC didn't score a single goal in the knockout stages failed to give a winning performance in 4 finals for Argentina. Missed a crucial penalty for Argentina in the Copa America where the only real threat is Brazil which isn't even as strong as European teams anymore.

      THE GREAT ONE'S  1 weeks back

      With Barcelona Lionel Messi will shine anywhere no doubt, he needs to prove himself with a team like Man UTD, or Arsenal or Man City or Liverpool. Nobody doubts his skills but it would be extremely difficult for anyone to adapt to a different league after playing majority of his life in La liga. Different league different players different playing style. He'll play like himself in any league but we know his form with Argentina it's due to different playing styles and having poor coordination with his teammates. I'm not going to say weaker players Because Argentina has gems like Mascherano, Dybala, Higuain, Aguero , Di Maria however Messi can't be the same with them as he is with Suarez, Dembele, Coutinho. Verdict Messi is a systematized player and can play according to that system changing styles and adapting is Messi's *Achilles heel*

  • La Féte
    La Féte  5 hours back

    Messi is the goat and all but how does playing in the PL correlate with wet pitches?

    • Young Co
      Young Co  5 hours back

      What's the last song?

      • legend MB
        legend MB  8 hours back

        No one:...

        Liverpool fans: He nEvEr sCOrEd A gOaL aGaInSt liVeRpOoL

        • Matt Brown
          Matt Brown  20 hours back

          The only joke is the retard saying that the premier league is a joke

          • Anaser Kxz
            Anaser Kxz  20 hours back

            But can he do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke ?

            • Wtfhow
              Wtfhow  1 days back

              Only Madridiots and Penaldo Fans would make these arguments.

              • Ga Wa
                Ga Wa  1 days back

                Sure, but he would struggle 8n the Scottish Premiership. Higher quality of defending.

              • Mmh Mohamed
                Mmh Mohamed  2 days back

                I'm a Chelsea fan and for sure I can tell you that this dude can even play on the Moon.

                • Jacob Frye
                  Jacob Frye  2 days back

                  Messi doesnt have to go to a diff country... Jus get out of the fricking house where he has been playing PS liga since 13

                  • jacha 25-864
                    jacha 25-864  2 days back

                    MESSI IS THE PLAYER OF THE WORLD.
                    MESSI ES EL DIOS DEL FRUTBOL, EL PUTO AMO!!!!!!

                    • Jacob Frye
                      Jacob Frye  2 days back

                      "Joke" compared to the two-horse race spanish teams play in? Tell me an incident in Liga comparable to the fable of Leicester City winning the PL

                      • BlackN Yellow
                        BlackN Yellow  2 days back

                        Jacob Frye Same as me watching huddersfield or brighton. They are tactically so incredibly dumb, its Just run run And run, And kicking balls upfront hoping to get a goal. Theres No football.

                      • Jacob Frye
                        Jacob Frye  2 days back

                        +BlackN Yellow Which part of Premier Trophy(CL) did u not understand?? I mean trophy wins not "almosts"... Barca and Real Madrid are the only two spanish teams to win it... Five English team have won it till date... Including Aston Villa and Nottingham Forrest... And again i said "unbeatable lyk man c"...u seriously compare them with atleti?... Bring an unbeatable into conversation

                      • Jacob Frye
                        Jacob Frye  2 days back

                        +BlackN Yellow Yeah... About that.. I kind of fell asleep last nyt watching barca play vallodolid... They(Vallodolid) were so slow its torturous to keep my eye on the screen... I know liga trust me... The referee blows for half tym by the tym they complete a move

                      • BlackN Yellow
                        BlackN Yellow  2 days back

                        Jacob Frye used to la liga ? I watch the epl Every week. Im not With the “oh i favor the epl so its automaticly the best league” or vice versa. Im being realistic. The epl is overrated. And by seeing your comment you are obviously the one who is used to the epl without watching la liga.

                      • BlackN Yellow
                        BlackN Yellow  2 days back

                        Jacob Frye atletico madrid for example who did better than all the english teams in the league that matters the most; the chanpions league these last years. Or Sevilla that won the Europa league 4 times in a row, Where were the english teams that didnt play champions league ? Spanish teams dominate europe over the last years. Also Just today madrid lost to girona, so whats your point? Barca got outplayed by betis who have a great footballing team. A much better team than those premier league headless chicken teams, who Just kick And rush. In spain they actually play football.

                    • Abdi sama Hilowle
                      Abdi sama Hilowle  2 days back

                      How he teased nani made my day

                      • Batty Rash
                        Batty Rash  2 days back

                        The Premier league is not a joke, it is the best league in the world. Yes I agree Messi would own the Premier league too.

                        • Batty Rash
                          Batty Rash  3 hours back

                          +BlackN Yellow We will see when Man city win the Champions league this season. I hope they dont but I cn see it.

                        • BlackN Yellow
                          BlackN Yellow  2 days back

                          Batty Rash Just like atletico can batter most epl teams.

                        • BlackN Yellow
                          BlackN Yellow  2 days back

                          Batty Rash Just like in la liga, so do your homework better the next time. Valencia And atletico won it also over the last 15 years.

                        • Batty Rash
                          Batty Rash  2 days back

                          +BlackN Yellow Man city could batter plenty of teams 6 nil in Spain.

                        • Batty Rash
                          Batty Rash  2 days back

                          +BlackN Yellow Yes 4 different teams and now Liverpool and Tottenham in the mix. A little bit different from Real Madrid and Barcelona.

                      • Robbie Wishart
                        Robbie Wishart  3 days back

                        Messi is yet to score against Liverpool?

                        • UTID!!
                          UTID!!  3 days back

                          I just can’t understand how he has so much power in those legs

                          • Mich Kuk
                            Mich Kuk  3 days back


                            • Aryan Tomar
                              Aryan Tomar  3 days back

                              Bro You have booked a place on heaven already ❤️💙

                              • Kris Skora
                                Kris Skora  4 days back

                                Though I agree Messi would shine in the epl, this proves nothing because he’s playing a giants these teams with Barcelona, also champions league is diffferent, you don’t learn how players and teams play that’s why English teams are always dropping points to lower teams in the league. The league is a different thing all together, you play each other all the time and learn what the teams will do, the champions league their isn’t that level of preparation, that’s why Barcelona will out class Chelsea for example, they’re more talented and Chelsea although being great aren’t the level of Barca and are clueless on how to stop them at times.

                                • Hermon Amare
                                  Hermon Amare  4 days back

                                  The king of football the king of my Generation I think the last telented player in my Generation is it it

                                  • Saddique K
                                    Saddique K  5 days back

                                    Messi has nothing else to prove as a player he is done future a favor!!! Amazing

                                    • Saddique K
                                      Saddique K  5 days back

                                      Messi has nothing else to prove as a player he is done future a favor!!! Amazing

                                      • Elmer Rodriguez
                                        Elmer Rodriguez  5 days back

                                        Is it even a question? He can do it anywhere and very well

                                        • Man Utd Lists
                                          Man Utd Lists  5 days back

                                          But has he played on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke

                                          • Messithegoat10
                                            Messithegoat10  6 days back

                                            We’re lucky we’re in the time of messi and Ronaldo if we’re not in their time we football wouldn’t be football it will just be decent players like Grisham and mbappe

                                          • Derek Allen
                                            Derek Allen  6 days back

                                            You weaken your argument by saying the premier league is a joke.

                                            • Ivan Tanchovski
                                              Ivan Tanchovski  6 days back

                                              There's no doubt Messi is the best player and that he would have been successful in the Premier League, but the title of the video itself is a joke . PL is the best football league because of the intense competition and the fact that before it begins, you know there will be at least six teams fighting for the title - Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham. I am not even mentioning the average clubs that can beat any other club in the league. Therefore, PL is not a joke and we cannot be 100% sure that Messi would be the same player there.

                                              • Athenian Hoplite
                                                Athenian Hoplite  6 days back

                                                He has contract with Satan!

                                                • Daily News
                                                  Daily News  7 days back

                                                  FootbalLionel Messi
                                                  The football Himself
                                                  Debating Case close

                                                  • adil khan
                                                    adil khan  7 days back

                                                    theres no comment like ronaldo is better than messi.. world haschanged

                                                    • The Batman
                                                      The Batman  1 weeks back

                                                      Spanish defenders are a bunch of wussies. He'd be far less successful in Seria A or PL

                                                      • demejiuk
                                                        demejiuk  1 weeks back

                                                        I have no idea if he could or couldnt do it on a cold rainy night in stoke, tbh its a bit of a meme. However you showing clips of Messi playin on waterlogged pitches does not answer the question. The pitches in England are generally not like that because it doesnt generally rain LIKE THAT. (big misconception) Yes he has played in cold conditions (Champions league). Yes he has played in the rain. But the premier league is a very physical and very fast. People put in leg breaker challenges and then claim it wasnt even a foul. However if players like David Silva, Aguero and Hazard can thrive there, there's absolutely no reason Messi couldnt. It would be nice to see him out of his comfort zone though.

                                                        • lochlann fyfe
                                                          lochlann fyfe  1 weeks back

                                                          Kante stopped him

                                                          • Badge Man
                                                            Badge Man  1 weeks back

                                                            He couldn't do it in the Championship never mind the Premier League.

                                                            • bitchimsexyy 666
                                                              bitchimsexyy 666  1 weeks back

                                                              There's a difference between playing 23 premier league games, 1 vs chealse, man city, man united, arsenal, west ham, Tottenham, liverpool and then going into champions league. Messi goes against teams like them 3 times a year then he goes and rest vs girona and levante,........ its stupid to say he can keep up if hasn't play at their rhythm

                                                              • tiberio135
                                                                tiberio135  1 weeks back

                                                                lio me$$i.......the fucking GOAT !!!!

                                                                • IZJ
                                                                  IZJ  1 weeks back

                                                                  messi would die in the prem. m8, in Spain if u get touched it's like a fucking red card, he would get smoked i mean, the only good teams r madrid, barca and athletico,

                                                                • Creees
                                                                  Creees  1 weeks back

                                                                  Because they dont challenge him because of his reputation, football is so corrupt, i wouldnt be suprised if Barcelona pay the refs and the other team that if you hurt him or injure him you hqve to pay his wages and let them score a few goals past your keeper. Spains the only league for him, it makes him look better than what he is. Ronaldo, ibrahimovic, Higuain are guys who can win anywhere

                                                                  • Bufu Tootoo
                                                                    Bufu Tootoo  1 weeks back

                                                                    LOOOOOL especially in MLS where Ibra had to flee to... and Higuain is currently on loan and lost 6-0 today. Next joke please.

                                                                • Adilene Ojeda
                                                                  Adilene Ojeda  1 weeks back

                                                                  Now i can die in piece

                                                                  • Arinka Dian Nugraha
                                                                    Arinka Dian Nugraha  1 weeks back

                                                                    Messi makes many manager frustrated when agains him, but when Messi on your team, he make your carreer easier to shine.

                                                                    • i Unais
                                                                      i Unais  1 weeks back

                                                                      I wonder if messi will leave barca. Im not saying he should i mean he is good anywhere, but its just a thought. If he were to leave which club would the best player go to?

                                                                      • katsuo anonymous Hayato

                                                                        Messi and Ronaldinho the best control the ball,speed and explosion magnificent incredible

                                                                        • Alex Freedom
                                                                          Alex Freedom  2 weeks back

                                                                          I,ll stop watching football when Messi retired.
                                                                          No Messi no joy , it ,ll be just winners and losers .

                                                                          • Theo Tsovilis
                                                                            Theo Tsovilis  2 weeks back

                                                                            As Klopp says you don't try to stop Messi (waste of time)... You stop the people that giving him the ball. Hopefully we see a good Liverpool Vs Barcelona match soon!

                                                                            • Morise Phillip
                                                                              Morise Phillip  2 weeks back

                                                                              This was published on my birthday!!!!!

                                                                              • SiyaM Ma
                                                                                SiyaM Ma  2 weeks back

                                                                                That's true when Pep says the right for Messi to finish his career is in Barca. I don't think Messi wants to succumb to pressure from people saying he must go to other leagues. Anyway no team from anywhere in the world has been able to stop Messi from damaging them

                                                                                • Naigi
                                                                                  Naigi  2 weeks back

                                                                                  This is what happens when Barcalona plays in the premier league

                                                                                  • Takki Blake
                                                                                    Takki Blake  2 weeks back

                                                                                    For god sake the music when conte is talking please???????????