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  • Clarence Tams
    Clarence Tams  3 hours back

    I like the better in the old days when they both took their helmets off or they weren't even wearing helmets. Like these fights were boring

    • Bill Clarke
      Bill Clarke  5 hours back

      Why O why would any balanced human being want to watch this degrading spectacle?!?

      • kenton call
        kenton call  6 hours back

        Just guys being dudes.

        • We are men, not machines!

          Lovejoy not.

          • Ej joe
            Ej joe  11 hours back

            Dumb refs always get in to soon

            • Rob Black
              Rob Black  15 hours back

              Tom Wilson is a spotter goof

              • Gabriel Dunkin
                Gabriel Dunkin  18 hours back

                LMAOO YOOO @ :56 seconds look at the mom in the background covering her sons eyes LMAOOOOO

                • Bounty Hunter Bootcamp
                  Bounty Hunter Bootcamp  21 hours back

                  Yard sale!!!!!

                  • Christopher McHale
                    Christopher McHale  1 days back

                    I agree that fighting has a place in hockey, but knowing what we know about concussions these guys are insane to continue. Particularly 1st and 2nd line players.

                    • Martin Wilson
                      Martin Wilson  8 hours back

                      They're fighting with helmets and faceguards on...might as well be wearing skirts.

                  • Helmi Jaafar
                    Helmi Jaafar  1 days back

                    this is why hockey is the best sport ever!

                    • Quole1234
                      Quole1234  2 days back

                      boston is such a despicable city. Worst players, worst commentators, worst fans, etc.

                      • Ben McInnes
                        Ben McInnes  2 days back

                        what was Phaneuf doing?! what a dummy

                        • TheStallionforce
                          TheStallionforce  2 days back

                          Hahahaha what a hilarious concept -- 'best of fights' in the era of the Americanized NHL. What a pitiful joke.

                        • Student Loans Are Cool

                          Just an observation, in a fight, the human instinct to kick is strong. In hockey these guys have steel blades on there feet.

                          • We are men, not machines!
                            We are men, not machines!  8 hours back

                            Human instinct is when you have a stick in you hands is to hit with it, that's why the option of fist fighting is in the rules... they are hockey players, not hockey psychos

                        • Franz Oberhauser
                          Franz Oberhauser  3 days back

                          Make hockey violent again!

                          • Xavier Hicks
                            Xavier Hicks  2 weeks back

                            i wish every sport had this

                            • BradenHoltbeast
                              BradenHoltbeast  2 days back

                              Bernard Spann I mean it’s really the only sport where it’s apart of the culture so I don’t think you can pull that card there buddy

                            • Shivam nsb
                              Shivam nsb  2 days back

                              Baseball has fights but rarely

                            • Bernard Spann
                              Bernard Spann  4 days back

                              Xavier Hicks seeing how the other sports are majority Black they wouldn’t be looked at as boys being boys they’d be labeled thugs and loose a lot of sponsorships and face heavy scrutiny...They don’t have the PRIVILEGE that NHL players have...I wonder why??Whats the main difference in the leagues ??Hmm🤔

                          • Terry Smith
                            Terry Smith  2 weeks back

                            Hockey is a beautiful sport.

                            • SleepyHead Beats
                              SleepyHead Beats  2 weeks back

                              As a preds fan I would be disappointed about Watson getting destroyed twice but lets be honest we all know he was drunk AF during these scraps 🍺🍻🍺

                              • Paul Smith
                                Paul Smith  4 days back

                                The only person watching can beat in a fight is his girlfriend👎👎👎👎

                            • Garvin Forrester
                              Garvin Forrester  2 weeks back

                              Great fights, great commentators.....😂😂😂😂😂😂

                              • Tom Brady
                                Tom Brady  2 weeks back

                                This month had some decent fights