Rob Gronkowski: Florio, Simms think Patriots tight end will retire | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  • Austin Baker
    Austin Baker  7 days back

    crazy, he's only 29 . . . many guys stay in way longer . . .

    • Callie Mae Stone
      Callie Mae Stone  1 weeks back

      I want to see gronk this season I think he isn't ready to retire I wish people stop asking him about retiring when he is ready to retire he will so people let gronk be until he gets ready

      • Andrew Snyder
        Andrew Snyder  1 weeks back

        What are these announcers smoking

        • 911WASanINSIDEjob420
          911WASanINSIDEjob420  1 weeks back

          I think gronk is gunna give it one more season

          • XBGC Racing
            XBGC Racing  1 weeks back

            Simms & Florio. Nope!!!! Simms and Lefkoe sounds much better. Hire @adamlefkoe

            • Hella Smoke
              Hella Smoke  1 weeks back

              mind as well Gronk made the biggest play of the whole SB

              • Tom Brady
                Tom Brady  1 weeks back

                I hope stays till he gets 10,000 yards and 100 touchdowns

                • Calvin Adams
                  Calvin Adams  1 weeks back

                  Spy gate deflate gate tuck rule team...

                  • Calvin Adams
                    Calvin Adams  1 days back

                    +Michael Murphy Already Bro

                  • Michael Murphy
                    Michael Murphy  1 days back

                    +Calvin Adams Cool. What a defensive performance by the Patriots. So clutch.

                  • Calvin Adams
                    Calvin Adams  2 days back

                    +Michael Murphy The last one.

                  • Michael Murphy
                    Michael Murphy  2 days back

                    +Calvin Adams Which was your favorite Calvin? XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI or LII?

                  • Calvin Adams
                    Calvin Adams  1 weeks back

                    +scoops mcgee Not over No sports.