Mumbai Street Food Day - Paneer Tikka Dosa, Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri, and Sev Puri

  • Published: 14 September 2016

    Day 5: Mumbai, India - We started off the day by first dropping our bags off at the airport. Then we had an amazing street food dosa from Anand Stall. Then we headed to Juhu Beach, which is a favorite beach to hang out and eat Mumbai street food. I tried pav bhaji and bhel puri, then we headed to have some marvelous sev puri, and finally went to the airport to catch our Air India flight from Mumbai to Muscat.

    1:49 Anand Stall for Dosa - Located not far from Juhu Beach in Mumbai is Anand Stall that serves one of the best street food dosas in Mumbai. They have a list of creative types of dosas you can order, and when I saw the paneer tikka dosa on the menu, I knew that’s what I needed to order. They cooked it up in front of me, with the batter and then adding in all the toppings. The paneer tikka was scooped onto a plate with the rolled up dosa. It was incredibly delicious, one of the best street foods I ate in Mumbai.

    6:04 Juhu Beach and Street Food - From the amazing Anand Dosa, we took an auto rickshaw over to Juhu Beach. Juhu Beach was a bit stormy on the day we visited, and it was incredibly windy. So I decided to just have a quick coconut refreshment while standing on the beach before heading into the food area.

    8:00 Pav Bhaji - One of the most popular Mumbai street foods is pav bhaji, which includes bread and bhaji, which is a combination of potatoes, tomatoes and spices mashed up into an almost gravy like consistency. The bhaji is eaten with the buttered bread and it’s a favorite Mumbai food.

    11:12 Bhel Puri - Another common Mumbai street food is bhel puri, and it’s especially known for being served on the beaches of Mumbai. The recipe for bhel puri includes puffed rice and sev, which is stirred up with a variety of chutney and some spices, and onions and tomatoes and potatoes. It was awesome, and made a fantastic beach snack.

    14:07 Sev Puri (6th Road Sev Puri) - When it comes to Mumbai street food chaats, sev puri is one of my all time favorites, and I was happy to have the opportunity to eat it one more time before leaving Mumbai. Not far from Juhu Beach is a street food stall called 6th Road Sev Puri, that serve a variety of chaat, but sev puri is what they are known for. It’s the best sev puri I’ve ever had. The combination of chutneys and the toppings were sensational.

    16:51 Rickshaw to airport - After our final Mumbai street food snack, we jumped into an auto rickshaw and drove to the Mumbai airport to catch our flight.

    18:53 Air India lounge - Waiting for our flight, we hung out at the Air India lounge, and they actually had some very good food at the lounge, including some more paneer tikka.

    22:02 Arriving to Muscat, Oman - We flew from Mumbai to Muscat on Air India.


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        The pink curry you eat in mumbai is called solkadhi made up of coconut juice and kokam which is a sour fruit it is an apatiser after heavy food is taken which is rich nutrition also tks for coming to India

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