UNKNOWN Vietnamese Delicacies in Ninh Binh, Vietnam!

  • Published: 21 November 2018
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    Special thanks to La and Sang for introducing me to these Ninh Binh delicacies!
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    1. MIẾN LƯƠN BÀ PHẤN: Eel Glass Noodles
    ADDRESS: 999 Trần Hưng Đạo, Thanh bình, Ninh Bình
    OPEN: 4AM - 10:30AM

    Opened in 1973, Miến Lươn Bà Phấn is Ninh Binh’s most famous restaurant serving glass noodle eel soup. The owner, Mrs. Phấn, learned how to make the signature dish from her mother-in-law, who also taught three of her children to cook the dish before her passing. They now have three restaurants in Ninh Binh, selling their famous glass noodle eel soup, a dish adored by locals.

    🍜INGREDIENTS: In a bowl, add glass noodles, eel, vegetables (laksa leaf, betel leaf, scallion, coriander) and fried shallot. Pour in eel broth and enjoy.

    💸PRICE: 1.71 USD/40,000 VND per bowl | 21.45 USD/500,000 VND per kg of eel

    2. MRS. LÁT: Fried Crab + Rice
    ADDRESS: Ninh Hải Primary School

    Mrs. Lát has been a farmer in Ninh Binh for a very long time and is an expert at making this traditional dish. Fried crab with rice is very popular in the countryside of Vietnam. It originated from farmers working in the rice fields without much time to cook. As to not waste resources, they used every ingredient around them to create this simple dish, which has become very special in Vietnam today.

    🦀INGREDIENTS: This special kind of crab can only be found in the months of September and October. Mix crab, lemongrass, fermented rice, pepper, salt, MSG, fish sauce, jungle honey and betel leaves. Serve with cooked rice.

    💸PRICE: 2.57 USD/60,000 VND per kg

    3. MR. TOAN: Eel Salad

    Mr. Toan is a retired chef, having worked in restaurants in Hanoi and Ninh Binh throughout his life. He kindly welcomed us into his home to cook us a classic Ninh Binh delicacy.

    Nhệch is a paddy field eel, used to create this eel salad, a classic dish in the Northern coastal area of Vietnam. The dish requires a lot of skill and time for preparation. People from the region of Kim Son are known for making it best.

    😋PORK: pork fat, shallot, chili, pork, shrimp paste, MSG, sugar, shrimp chili paste and water | SALTWATER EEL: Take the meat off of bone, slice it up, mixing ginger water, ground ginger, minced shallots, seasoning, MSG, fried shallots, lemongrass, lime leaves and frying rice powder | DRESSING: Mix the cooked pork with fermented rice, cashew oil, sugar, MSG and boiled water

    💸PRICE: 34.38 USD/800,000 VND per kg
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      Bisaya TV  3 hours back

      Its inhumane doing that for the crabs, Vegans will hates this🤣😂 Crabs life matters👍🏻

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