[MV] 체리블렛(Cherry Bullet) _ Q&A


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  • ErikaKawaii
    ErikaKawaii  49 minutes back

    I love this song and the references to D.VA :D

    • mmn ryz
      mmn ryz  56 minutes back

      year of the girl groups

      • 황금대지
        황금대지  3 hours back

        기대햇던것 보다 혜윤님 파트가 적네요
        실력으로나 뒤지지 않는데..

        • Nela :p
          Nela :p  5 hours back

          I need their names pls can someone tell 🙏🏻

          • GABY TORNAY
            GABY TORNAY  5 hours back

            So much talent in all the new groups

            • raiy
              raiy  5 hours back

              Their pistols look just like D.va's from overwatch haha

              • Anna 2224
                Anna 2224  6 hours back

                Why do you keep comparing them to ITZY :( It's kinda sad and rude. They're Cherry Bullet and they've a total different concept. I love them so much and I think they'll be a big kpop group! (Don't get me wrong, ITZY are also pretty good)

                • Terdix martinez
                  Terdix martinez  7 hours back

                  cherry bullet :3 ily

                  • Abigail Puchoc
                    Abigail Puchoc  8 hours back

                    Es que pa mi no es tan temazo que digamos xd pero me gusto mas ITZi❤❤

                    • iqbal irwansyah
                      iqbal irwansyah  10 hours back

                      i hv question. may and lilin is member or backup dancer? why they dont get line to singing?

                      • Fuuja Houin
                        Fuuja Houin  9 hours back

                        they stuttered in korean. not fluent and cherry bullet is a vocal group and will sing live.

                    • Satoshi Nakamoto
                      Satoshi Nakamoto  11 hours back

                      buy bitcoin. Sminem has arrived and rides the bull to the moon

                      • Asteria
                        Asteria  12 hours back

                        To all the people saying to not compare groups, saying this song is better than dalla dalla is not comparing groups... its comparing songs

                        • SammYongncf _ar
                          SammYongncf _ar  4 hours back


                        • Asteria
                          Asteria  9 hours back

                          +Yasmish princess I don't see how expressing your opinion on a song is toxic but go off sis

                        • Yasmish princess
                          Yasmish princess  10 hours back

                          It's still toxicity💁

                      • BLACKPINK fan
                        BLACKPINK fan  13 hours back

                        this song rockie news <3 <3

                        • Kim Taejin Sub
                          Kim Taejin Sub  14 hours back

                          Which are the BTS girls? (Sorry but they are the only reason why I know this group exists, I just wanted to check how are they doing... literally the same reason why I checked itzy lmao)

                          • Kim Taejin Sub
                            Kim Taejin Sub  12 hours back

                            +마마무mamamoo thank youuu 💞 I recognized Jin'd girl but I wanted to be sure 💜

                          • 마마무mamamoo
                            마마무mamamoo  13 hours back

                            Yuju The blonde who is driving the car and bora with short hair

                        • sokissablex
                          sokissablex  15 hours back

                          i love the mv! the concept is really cool and cute, the song is so good too! it made me smile :D
                          good luck on your career cherry bullet!

                          • Haris Padillah
                            Haris Padillah  15 hours back

                            I'm gonna stand them. Cherry Bullet 사랑합니다 😆

                            • Bahar Can
                              Bahar Can  16 hours back


                              • jitokkimin
                                jitokkimin  16 hours back

                                yay we got 4.7 mil (on this mv), keep str3aming! The girls deserve it all

                                • jitokkimin
                                  jitokkimin  16 hours back

                                  who’ else is still str3aming? :D

                                • Yasmish princess
                                  Yasmish princess  19 hours back

                                  I am sad because people are hating on itzy for no reason
                                  I love Cherry bullet too but the immuture fans are causing fanwars😒😒

                                  • Khánh Linh Nguyễn
                                    Khánh Linh Nguyễn  15 hours back

                                    +Misimatoka Stanley From what I know, Itzy's Lia is the one who want to be closer with Cherry Bullet, and our Jiwonie want to make friend with Itzy's Yeji 😂

                                  • Misimatoka Stanley
                                    Misimatoka Stanley  15 hours back

                                    I know and yezi is the member that wants tobe closer to cherry bullet

                                  • Khánh Linh Nguyễn
                                    Khánh Linh Nguyễn  16 hours back

                                    Both are doing great. Why people have to compare them?

                                  • jitokkimin
                                    jitokkimin  16 hours back

                                    and some of the immature itzy fandom is hating on cherry bullet. Gosh, why can’t there be peace ✊😔

                                • Kaylee gramajo
                                  Kaylee gramajo  19 hours back

                                  Come on keep streaming why we slow

                                  • jitokkimin
                                    jitokkimin  16 hours back

                                    edit ur comment from str3aming to str3aming *with a 3* SO WE DON’T FREEZE THE VI3WS

                                • Because y’all do the same

                                  Come on str34m

                                • Because y’all do the same

                                  Come 10m views we can do this

                                  • Because y’all do the same

                                    Come guys keep str34ming

                                    • Because y’all do the same
                                      Because y’all do the same  4 hours back

                                      jitokkimin sorry I forgot

                                    • jitokkimin
                                      jitokkimin  16 hours back

                                      edit ur comment from str3aming to str3aming *with a 3* SO WE DON’T FREEZE THE VI3WS, if wanna get the vi3ws going we can’t say the actual word str3am.

                                  • AoeKoohMin
                                    AoeKoohMin  20 hours back

                                    FNC announce the fandom name already. the vi3w count might change after that. its freakingl weirdly slow...

                                  • DreamUntilDark
                                    DreamUntilDark  20 hours back

                                    If there is any justice in the world, Cherry Bullet will win Best New Artist award rather than groups with bigger companies.

                                    • x y
                                      x y  20 hours back

                                      Video is grossly underviewed

                                      • jitokkimin
                                        jitokkimin  16 hours back

                                        change vi3w to vi3w with a 3 pls thank u

                                    • 如意
                                      如意  21 hours back

                                      i love their clothes thooo

                                      • CoxHugh
                                        CoxHugh  22 hours back

                                        노래 시작하고 3초만에 우와..월드 클라스다 하고 지릴뻔했는데 ,간만에 아이돌에서 좋은 곡 나오나 했더니... ... 킴치 훵크 잘들었숨미다! 훵크에 김치를 싸 드셔 보세요! 와우

                                        • Chen Ji
                                          Chen Ji  22 hours back

                                          the best debut song ever

                                          • zhayou nacku
                                            zhayou nacku  22 hours back

                                            very nice video...


                                            • calico **
                                              calico **  23 hours back

                                              this song is such a bopp!!!❣

                                              • zh_ honey120
                                                zh_ honey120  23 hours back

                                                I'm itzy fan but i have to admit this song is good,cherry bullet and itzy is like twice and blackpink it's ok,more dislikes,more success like twice now :3

                                                • Juan García
                                                  Juan García  23 hours back

                                                  5M soon! Fighting Cherry Bullet ❤🍒

                                                  • oa
                                                    oa  1 days back

                                                    i love the retro aesthetic!

                                                    • eza muhammad
                                                      eza muhammad  1 days back

                                                      they deserves better. underrated.

                                                      • Daves
                                                        Daves  1 days back

                                                        ROTY 2019

                                                        • dswonie
                                                          dswonie  1 days back

                                                          linlin injustiçada

                                                          • Bianca Pontes
                                                            Bianca Pontes  1 days back


                                                            • Sara Faiz
                                                              Sara Faiz  1 days back

                                                              The produce 48 me is satisfied 😌😌😌

                                                              • B Camiu
                                                                B Camiu  1 days back

                                                                D.va gun ?????

                                                                • No Life Soccer Fan
                                                                  No Life Soccer Fan  1 days back

                                                                  The moment i have been waiting for

                                                                  • Because y’all do the same

                                                                    Come on keep streaming for our girls

                                                                    • jitokkimin
                                                                      jitokkimin  16 hours back

                                                                      edit ur comment from str3aming to str3aming *with a 3* SO WE DON’T FREEZE THE VI3WS

                                                                  • Raquel VS
                                                                    Raquel VS  1 days back

                                                                    Qué pena con los comentarios, Lo único que están logrando es volver más famosas de lo que ya son las chicas de Itzy, si vieran en el MV Dalla Dalla ni un comentario habla de Cherry Bullet pero aquí xddd hablan más de ellas......

                                                                    • DinoJinki
                                                                      DinoJinki  1 days back

                                                                      sad that i see so many chats about how ITZY is ''bad'' and they are being over shadowed lol if you think so just focus on Cherry Bullet xx lets stop comparing ^^

                                                                      • DinoJinki
                                                                        DinoJinki  5 hours back

                                                                        Raquel VS yeah it’s sad 🤷🏼‍♀️

                                                                      • Raquel VS
                                                                        Raquel VS  1 days back

                                                                        Yes, is pathetic

                                                                    • 이쁜이
                                                                      이쁜이  1 days back

                                                                      솔직히 옆동네 신인그룹보다 노래좋음

                                                                    • Human Noid
                                                                      Human Noid  1 days back

                                                                      Yall saying they will releases the dance practice after 10m views? Girl this mv isnt even reached 5m yet, another 5m would take long ass time

                                                                      • Misimatoka Stanley
                                                                        Misimatoka Stanley  1 days back

                                                                        +Ria Sama she's got a point you frickin anti

                                                                      • Ria Sama
                                                                        Ria Sama  1 days back

                                                                        They're also adding the views from FNC official meaning it's currently 5,2m views :)

                                                                    • Voetico xx
                                                                      Voetico xx  1 days back

                                                                      This is a bop