Gareth Bale awkward goal celebration vs Atletico Madrid

  • Published: 09 February 2019
  • Atletico Madrid 1-3 Real Madrid
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  • Tin Ružić
    Tin Ružić   3 days back

    Do you guys think he should get banned?

    • What is life?
      What is life?  3 days back

      +William G Surely not for 12 matches though come on

    • William G
      William G  3 days back

      Tin Ružić yes, it was socially/professionally irresponsible of him to do that. Great goal though.

    • What is life?
      What is life?  3 days back

      Fuck no! If he does, Di Maria should've been banned for yelling fuck off to the united fans in their celebrations. Or for being an all-round cunt

  • Faiz ikram
    Faiz ikram  3 days back

    I am a Barca fan I am still figuring out what's wrong with this celebration and a 12 match he could get coz of this is just ridiculous!!

    • mad doc
      mad doc  4 days back

      Pretty rude celebration for a chess player, hands down!...oh..wait, he plays soccer...mmh...🤭😉

    • Prem Gurung
      Prem Gurung  4 days back

      Whatever it means, that's a mild one..

      • Euan Scott
        Euan Scott  5 days back

        The Atlético fans had no doubt been paying Gareth heartfelt compliments all game; waxing lyrical about his grace, speed and skill on the ball, and were in the midst of congratulating him on his goal when he had the temerity to confirm he could hear all their compliments and, strangely, decided to gesture to them to go fuck themselves. What a strange world we live in.

      • juan r
        juan r  5 days back


        • Chris Forero
          Chris Forero  5 days back

          lock him up!!

          • glenn hayden
            glenn hayden  5 days back

            For anyone that doesn’t understand imagine Harry Kane running around with his middle finger up after scoring against Man U

            • glenn hayden
              glenn hayden  3 days back

              Andrew Bowyer don’t you feel silly

            • runk
              runk  3 days back

              Andrew Bowyer he got 2 last time they played eachover 👀😭

            • John Deen
              John Deen  5 days back

              Mark Hooker yeah you probably never saw it because normally pro athletes nor amateurs does what he did. What a shame. But 12 games banned is too much

            • Andrew Bowyer
              Andrew Bowyer  5 days back

              Ha harry kane scoring against man united lol

            • Bryan Sung
              Bryan Sung  5 days back

              +Mark Hooker It means fuck you

          • Zach F Evans
            Zach F Evans  5 days back

            looks like he does an offensive 'up yours' to the crowd at the very end of his run. (arm across -> other arm up underneath.

            • 2jrencmorgrente z micul j uldurbure

              th gol wuz ufnsv. im ufndd hw eze he max uvrethng lc

              • Aleksa Wood
                Aleksa Wood  5 days back

                fhfd reifjf eifjse rifnmf epf fepfdle is

            • Electric Light Lynne
              Electric Light Lynne  5 days back

              Stop fucking moaning and just watch the fucking game you PARANOID WANKERS.

              • Fitzwilliam
                Fitzwilliam  5 days back

                And idiots find it offensive

                • Bryan Sung
                  Bryan Sung  5 days back

                  The gesture directly means fuck you, and in some other matches, there are people doing gestures meaning the same thing, some of then got red carded and sent off for it

              • Phillip Tesoro
                Phillip Tesoro  5 days back

                Let's just slow down a second. Flash back to the Bernabeu 2017 and take a look at the video after Messi's winner where he stood in front of the Merengues with his top off showing off his No 10. If that's not goading in front of the opposition, then I don't know what is. Messi was booked too yet Bale wasn't. No suspension for Messi means none for Bale. Turn the page. Atleti fans are just bitter they got schooled on their turf.

                • Prosper Japheth
                  Prosper Japheth  4 days back

                  That means ronaldo is among too because I can remember ronaldo also removed his shirt. Before you talk next time think and stop fooling your self around

                • Rykas’s TMG cafe
                  Rykas’s TMG cafe  4 days back

                  Phillip Tesoro well this dude got serious problem

                • Nitesh Kanchan
                  Nitesh Kanchan  5 days back

                  I am Atletico fan and I loved that celebration or provocation.If players get abused by the crowd they have every right to give it back as well.It was not something like racist or political celebration like a salute , just between opposite crowd and the player , fair enough for me.I have seen way more worse celebration than that , just a small banter like that shouldn't result in a ban , Ronaldo feeds on such abuses and always replies with a goal , banter like that should be part of the game as well.

                • DEMONITY
                  DEMONITY  5 days back

                  Why Mardid fans need to include Messi in every hate comments? #lame

                • Nehemias Martinez
                  Nehemias Martinez  5 days back

                  This dude used Messi's celebration as a argument to justify Gales gesture WTF get out of here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

              • Ben Priest
                Ben Priest  5 days back

                Imagine getting a 12 game ban for that, ridiculous!

                • What is life?
                  What is life?  3 days back

                  +Bryan Sung Di Maria literally yelled 'fuck off' to the United fans, he won't get banned. Football authorities are just extremely biased

                • Bryan Sung
                  Bryan Sung  4 days back

                  +CainPork In Spain, that gesture means "fuck you", that is the reason why that celebration triggered the fans and the authorities

                • Bryan Sung
                  Bryan Sung  4 days back

                  +Nikhil Naik Lol just making a comparison, chill

                • CainPork
                  CainPork  4 days back

                  +Bryan Sung So throwing your hand up and then flinging your arm down across it is the middle finger....yeah kind of seems like Athleti is just butthurt they lost the derby. Even futbol is getting soft with their feelings. I say let them flip the bird you don't like it, don't let them score.

                • Nikhil Naik
                  Nikhil Naik  5 days back

                  +Bryan Sung wait y do u involve ronaldo in such things man he is not even a la liga player now and not for us but Spanish people may find it offensive

              • Patrick Maada Bundu
                Patrick Maada Bundu  5 days back

                What really wrong with his celebration?

              • Just Aria
                Just Aria  5 days back

                What's wrong with that celebration? I don't get it

                • FarrelAfif11
                  FarrelAfif11  3 days back

                  +Rahul Joshua Damanik wkwk

                • Rahul Joshua Damanik
                  Rahul Joshua Damanik  3 days back

                  +Gazha Pradana in country berflower

                • Sead Kolašinac
                  Sead Kolašinac  4 days back

                  +Gazha Pradana in the country he's playing in - he obviously knew what he was doing

                • Tin Ružić
                  Tin Ružić   5 days back

                  +Gazha Pradana in Spain

                • Gazha Pradana
                  Gazha Pradana  5 days back

                  +Bryan Sung in what country it means fuck you? im not seeing Bale raise his middle finger

              • Mobius Grey
                Mobius Grey  5 days back

                When I read online what he'd done and could be banned for 12 games I was expecting to see him jumping in the crowd and literally yelling "fuck off cunt face" to the fans. Wtf did he even do?

                • only football
                  only football  5 days back

                  Di Maria said fuck off to United fans and he was Aint banned bloody UEFA are PSG fans bloody Bastards

                  • tinayemartin
                    tinayemartin  5 days back

                    I fail to see what was wrong with that celebration

                    • chetan patil
                      chetan patil  4 days back

                      +Alejandro Tamayo hhahahha thanks for explaination man

                    • Otaku hunter
                      Otaku hunter  5 days back

                      never heard about some big rivalry between bale and athletico seems bit odd

                    • tinayemartin
                      tinayemartin  5 days back

                      +Alejandro Tamayo Thanks, I got it now

                    • Diego Santizo
                      Diego Santizo  5 days back

                      Alejandro Tamayo EXACTLY!!! Thank you...

                    • Alejandro Tamayo
                      Alejandro Tamayo  5 days back

                      He is practically telling all the Atletico fans to fuck themselves. In Spain, that gesture is incredibly offensive.

                  • Nedim Talovic
                    Nedim Talovic  5 days back

                    Not professional behaviour - not okay. Fear God.

                    • Valsa V
                      Valsa V  5 days back

                      OMG priest using YouTube

                    • Nedim Talovic
                      Nedim Talovic  5 days back

                      +Bilsterr Oh I am not preaching about church building - but salvation through Jesus Christ who died for all mankind sins on a cross who God raised from the dead. The Savior of the world.

                    • Bilsterr
                      Bilsterr  5 days back

                      Nedim Talovic sorry I don’t believe in church oppression

                    • Nedim Talovic
                      Nedim Talovic  5 days back

                      +Bilsterr Yes friend - to fear God means to hate the evil way. Abhor that which is evil, cleave to that which is good.

                    • Bilsterr
                      Bilsterr  5 days back

                      Nedim Talovic ‘FEAR god’ HAHAHAHAHA

                  • Tin Ružić
                    Tin Ružić   5 days back

                    thank you all for 50 000 views you are the best guys!

                    • Aqib Mahar
                      Aqib Mahar  5 days back

                      He don't deserve to get banned. It was okay

                    • Sick television
                      Sick television  1 weeks back

                      According to the all Football app it meant fuck off
                      They made a news ABT it

                      • No Name
                        No Name  1 weeks back


                        • _Nogomet svjetskih liga _

                          BALINOOOOOOOO PASMINOOOOOOOOOO. Tininooooooooo yeah

                          • Patrick
                            Patrick  1 weeks back

                            lmao madman

                            • taiiling
                              taiiling  4 days back

                              Iskandar Shah oHhHhhhhhHhhh well thank you I finally understand it

                            • Iskandar Shah
                              Iskandar Shah  4 days back

                              +taiiling its like fk u without showing the middle finger

                            • Tin Ružić
                              Tin Ružić   1 weeks back

                              +Taffy Ducks 😂

                            • Taffy Ducks
                              Taffy Ducks  1 weeks back

                              +taiiling Pretty sure it's the Latin version of Up yours! 😂

                            • taiiling
                              taiiling  1 weeks back

                              Tin Ružić provocation means???