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The Slim Mechanical Keyboard WE DESERVE! Hexgears X1 Review randomfrankp
6 months back
The Hexgears X-1 Mechanical Keyboard is crazy; it's slim and compact, has RGB lighting, mechanical switches AND it's wireless! •Buy it here: ...
The World's Thinnest Mechanical Keyboard Unbox Therapy
6 days back
They say it's the world's thinnest mechanical keyboard... Keychron - WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS... Nike Adapt BB Unboxing ...
Hexgears X-1 Review - Low Profile Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Rhinofeed
6 months back
Hi everyone! Today we are checking out the Hexgears X-1, a new ultra thin low profile mechanical keyboard that has RGB backlighting and bluetooth wireless ...
Slim and Mechanical | Havit HV-KB395L Review TechFox
4 months back
As our first experience with a low-profile mechanical keyboard, the Havit HV-KB395L left a great impression. See why low-pro mechanical might just be for you.
1 years back
This is the world's thinnest bluetooth mechanical keyboard made by the company Drevo. This is an unboxing and first impressions video of the world's thinnest ...
The Slimmest Mechanical Keyboard Around? HardwareCanucks
2 years back
Thank you to our sponsors: PHANTEKS // COOLER MASTER // MSI Subscribe ▻ Gear list: Panasonic GH4 - Panasonic ...
Cooler Master's New Keyboards Look AMAZING! HardwareCanucks
8 months back
Cooler Master is trying to pump up their peripheral game and their new gaming keyboards, mice and headsets are looking promising. A special thanks to our ...
My FAVORITE Keyboard Under $60! Matt Schaefer
2 years back
Actually one of the best keyboards I've ever used. Highly recommended! Buy on Amazon (US) - Buy on Amazon (International) ...
Hexgears X1 - Ultra Thin Portable RGB Mechanical Keyboard - Full Review EnforcerMan
2 months back
This is the unboxing and full review of the X1 Ultra Thin Mechanical Keyboard. Some early reviews talk about key presses not registering. I personally ...
The World's Thinnest Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard - Drevo Joyeuse Tech Tesseract
1 years back
So recently Drevo contacted me and wanted me to check out their brand new keyboard... It's called the Joyeuse, it's mechanical, it's made of aluminium and it's ...
They Are Coming! - Cooler Master SK630 & SK650 👏 Gear Seekers
2 months back
In this video were gonna take a closer look at 2 brand new keyboards Cooler Master are launching the SK630 tenkeyless and the SK650 full sized low profile ...
Low Profile Silent Gaming With A lot Of RGB - Cougar Vantar Review We Do Tech
12 months back
There aren't a lot of low profile keyboard on the market anymore. But luckily Cougar has you covered with their Vantar. A scissor switched, RGB, silent gaming ...
Checking out the LOW PROFILE Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 Gaming Keyboard! randomfrankp
4 months back
Corsair released a low profile K70 RGB Mk.2 gaming keyboard that is actually FASTER than anything it worth it? Buy it here: ...
KBD67 Custom Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT with Healios! TaeKeyboards
3 weeks back
Gotta love KBDfans. Today we 'build' the KBD67, in particular the hotswap version. And we use the Healios - silent linear keyswitches! Healios Switch Review ...
Drevo Joyeuse Low Profile Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Unboxing & Review TaeKeyboards
10 months back
Drevo Joyeuse : Another interesting keyboard from the Drevo. They've ventured away from the gaming market with this one - the Drevo ...
$60 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard - Havit Low Profile Toasty Bros
2 years back
NOTES - the flickering is from the video, not the actual keyboard lighting low profile keyboards are nothing new, but this one comes in at an attractive price, is it ...
Thinnest Mechanical Keyboard with RGB! -- anidees AI Prismatic Nicolas11x12 English
11 months back
Amazon US Link (Affiliate): Amazon UK Link (Affiliate): This keyboard connects via CABLE or BLUETOOTH.
Trying a Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard! Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB Bitwit
2 years back
SPONSOR 20% Off ALL THE THINGS in the CableMod Configurator: ▷ Tesoro GRAM Spectrum on Amazon: ...
Keytron Mechanical Keyboard Review - An Ultra-Slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Urano_Metria
3 months back
Please read the description! Kickstarter Campaign Link: ...
Cooler Master SK630 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Review Brainbean
2 weeks back
In this video we are taking a look at Cooler Master's new line of low profile mechanical keyboards. Grab one HERE: Cooler Master SK630: ...
Thinnest WIRELESS MECHANICAL Keyboard - Drevo Joyeuse Review JDTechGear
1 years back
This keyboard would definitely be a part of the most minimalistic setup. The Drevo Joyeuse keyboard is one of the slimmest mechanical keyboards out there, and ...
ALMOST HERE - Tesoro GRAM XS The Keyboard of the Future HardwareCanucks
1 years back
After a year of refining the design, Tesoro is almost ready to launch their ultra slim low profile gaming keyboard, the GRAM XS. It's been anticipated but now ...
RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review: Anidees Prismatic Gaming Keyboard T4uReviews
12 months back Secret Lab Gaming chair: Link to Amazon USA: ...
Thinnest Mechanical Keyboard EVER - Drevo Joyeuse Review JSL Review
1 years back
This is a review of the Drevo Joyeuse Mechanical Keyboard. This Keyboard is CRAZY THIN. Drevo Joyeuse: Last Week's Review: ...
THINNEST MECHANICAL keyboard in the WORLD! - Havit HV KB390L KitGuruTech
4 months back
Today Silas takes a look at the Havit HV KB390L keyboard - which the company claim is the thinnest mechanical keyboard in the world! Its 22.5mm thick!
Ultra Slim Full Size RGB Mechanical Keyboard for $80! Matt Schaefer
1 years back
Today Brainbean checks out the Havit Ultra Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard! Buy on Amazon - Brainbean's Video on Slimmest ...
Cooler Master CK600 Series with CHERRY MX Low Profile @ Computex 2018 CHERRY MX
7 months back
The keyboards of Cooler Master's CK600 series will feature our brandnew CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Red switches combined with a clean design and low ...
Low Profile TKL Mechanical Keyboard ~ Rapoo MT500 Review minimalistik
11 months back
Need a mechanical keyboard on a budget? This one might be it! Rapoo MT500 Mechanical Keyboard: Magnetic USB Cable: ...
Best Mechanical Keyboard 2018 - Havit RGB Slim KB395L OWNorDisown
4 months back
The Havit Low Profile RGB Mechanical Keyboard is great value for under $100. It is fully customizable, has 3mm key travel and is available in both blue and red ...
Unboxing The World's Thinnest Keyboard Unbox Therapy
2 years back
Wekey Pocket Keyboard (USA Link) - Wekey Pocket Keyboard (International) - The Wekey pocket keyboard is an ...
Low Profile RGB Mechanical Keyboard - Tesoro Gram XS Toasty Bros
10 months back
Low Profile mechanical keyboards are the hip trend, so how does the Tesoro Gram XS stand out compared to the rest of the pack? Does its RGB settings and ...
How to pick the best mechanical keyboard for you! PCWorld
7 months back
Hayden walks us through everything you need to know before buying a mechanical keyboard. Switches: 0:23 Design: 7:50 Extra features: 9:23 Buy the Corsair ...
Mechanical wireless slim keyboard for Mac? Meet the Keychron k1 Pocket-lint
2 weeks back
If you've been searching for the perfect, compact, wireless keyboard with mechanical switches for your Mac, look no further. Meet the Keychron K1. Check out ...
BEST RGB Lighting on a Keyboard? - Anidees Prismatic Keyboard Toasty Bros
9 months back
No, this is not overhyped! This is one of the best-backlit keyboards I have seen in person, but does it hold up in other categories? ✊ Buy one here!
HAVIT Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard (HV-KB390L) - Unboxing - Review - Typing Test WPM Reviews
1 years back
HAVIT Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard with Kailh Low Profile Blue switches. Compact and portable keyboard with amazing typing sensation.
Gorgeous, WHITE, ULTRA SLIM, Mechanical Keyboard! -- Tesoro Gram XS Nicolas11x12 English
7 months back
Amazon US Link (Affiliate): Amazon UK Link (Affiliate): A truly beautiful WHITE, ULTRA-SLIM, MECHANICAL ...
Gamer's Dream - Logitech G Pro TKL Keyboard Review! randomfrankp
2 years back
Buy it here: Let's review this new TKL compact keyboard from Logitech, the G Pro! This guy is solid for it's small footprint, features Romer ...
The Gaming Keyboard Buyers Guide 2018! 😁 (Best Mechanical, Membrane & Chiclet) PC Centric
11 months back
After the BEST mechanical keyboard for gaming? These are the best mechanical keyboards money can buy for any budget, with the switch advantages ...
Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming! ULTRA THIN DeliciousAdamKim
1 years back
Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming! Havit backlit wired gaming keyboard Amazon $60: ...
RAKK KALI Slim RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review and Unboxing Nerd Cave PH
10 months back
Rakk Kali Slim Mechanical Keyboard Review and Unboxing Rakk gears really did a great job designing and packaging this product, this keyboard is one of ...
How I Lube MX Switches with Thin Lube Nathan Kim
7 months back
Just a video sharing my technique for applying THIN lube to MX style switches. If you're a fan of the Wadsworth Constant, actual tutorial starts at 1:49 Switch ...
The THINNEST low profile MECHANICAL BT keyboard - DREVO Joyeuse MindBlank Tech
1 years back
The DREVO Joyeuse is currently the thinnest mechanical low-profile keyboard, that's also Bluetooth enabled. This affordable $70 keyboard seems interesting, ...
Extra Thin, Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard! Coolmark
6 months back
Check it out here: ...
HAVIT HV-KB395L Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard - Unboxing, First Impressions and Quick Review ill tech
1 years back
This keyboard is available on Amazon: - Tenkeyless non-rgb version I unbox and check out a super thin ...
Cheap $25 Backlit Keyboard Round Up! Linus Tech Tips
2 years back
Can you find a decent backlit keyboard with a budget of only $25? TunnelBear message: TunnelBear is the easy-to-use VPN app for mobile and desktop.
Top 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards 2018 The 10 Best's Doctor
10 months back
Top 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards 2018 10.CODE 104-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard with White LED Backlighting - Cherry MX Green 9.Mechanical ...