2 days back
ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" : M/V BEHIND #Lia Find ITZY "IT'z Different" on iTunes & Apple Music Spotify [ITZY ...
Lia - MITNICHARIU Super Hot Retro hit sa g
11 years back
Gold Reto chalga hits.
Lia Taburcean - Când Eu Iubesc | Official Video Lia Taburcean
10 months back
Booking & Management cell +37361176742 Eugen Music Production: Smally Music Artist: Lia Taburcean Muzica: Vitalie Catana Text: Bogdan Dascal Video ...
British Try Girl Scout Cookies | Texas Series Joel & Lia
16 hours back
You guys wanted it, so here it is! We try Girl Scout Cookies for the first time, 8 different flavours, including thin mints! Thank you so much to the girls who sold us ...
ARRUMAÇÃO PRÁTICA DA CASA | Lia Camargo para Jolitex Lia Camargo - Just Lia
18 hours back
No vlog de hoje: Algumas ideias pra manter uma casa (com criança!) organizada no dia a dia! Saiba mais sobre a almofada/manta Disney Jolitex: ...
6 months back
Barangay Love Stories May 26, 2017 Lia Papa Dudut
1 hours back
Don't forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE and LIKE button OFFICIAL PAPA DUDUT Youtube Account Hosted by: Renzmark Jairuz Ricafrente AKA Papa Dudut ...
10 Facts You Should Know About Lia (Itzy) Miming
2 days back
To Enter The Giveaway 1. Subscribe to this channel 2. Follow me on Instagram @mimingtv 3. DM me who is your fav BLACKPINK member and why The winners ...
Lia Taburcean - Ca-n filme indiene [Official Video] Mareshow
2 years back
Booking & Management GNB AGENCY cell +37379027002 Ioan e-mail: [email protected] Video Production by Vasile Binzari (BM Productie) Muzica si ...
Spend The Night With Lia and Ella! SevenPerfectAngels
2 years back
Hey guys! This weeks theme on SPA is Freestyle, so I thought it would be fun to have you join me on a sister sleepover with Ella. We have a ton of fun stuff to ...
Lia & Alfi - Westfälische Meisterschaften mit Rocky - FMA Lia & Alfi
7 months back
Ich habe euch ein bisschen mitgenommen auf den Westfälischen Meisterschaften. Ich habe mich mit Rocky zum Westfälischen Nachwuchschampionat ...
Lia Becomes a TEENAGER SevenPerfectAngels
2 years back
Lia celebrates her birthday with friends and family! She receives a mysterious gift, and no one knows who the gift is from! Is all of this a dream? See what ...
Lia's up to no good at School SevenPerfectAngels
4 years back
Lia does not want to go to school so she ends up sending her clone! Her clone ends up being a major troublemaker at school, and Lia ends up getting all the ...
OMG!!! Lia is so Jealous SevenPerfectAngels
4 years back
Lia and her good friend Gabby post some pictures on Instagram, and Lia starts getting jealous when Gabby has more likes than she does. But when Chad, the ...
Lia & Alfi - Reiten im Watt - Urlaub in Sahlenburg 2018 Lia & Alfi
6 months back
Dieses Jahr waren wir mal wieder in Sahlenburg im Urlaub. Diesmal mit 2 Ponys. Mama hatte Rocky und ich Alfi. Wir hatten mega viel Spaß und haben euch ...
4 months back
Lia's BIG Surprise! SevenPerfectAngels
2 years back
The radio station that Lia listens to is having a surprise giveaway for the 25th caller! She tries a few times to get through and finally her call is answered.
OH NO! My School Yearbook Photo is an Unlucky FAIL! SevenPerfectAngels
3 years back
Lia gets interviewed for her middle school yearbook about being on YouTube, and has her picture taken! Problem is she has a very unlucky morning and her ...
Lia's Crazy Babysitter SevenPerfectAngels
4 years back
Lia goes on line to find the perfect babysitter. Little does she know the one she chooses is crazy! See what Lia and Ella do to get rid of of this crazy babysitter!
A HISTÓRIA DE LIA E VITOR ( litor ) - Parte 1 Oito Desmaiado
3 months back
Instagram: @anaclaudians Espero que gostem de rever essa história...
Lia's Future Looks BAD! SevenPerfectAngels
4 years back
Lia gets a letter, from her future self, warning her that her life is miserable and that she needs to make some changes. See what is making her life miserable, and ...
Lia's School Picture...Epic FAIL SevenPerfectAngels
4 years back
Lia and her family over sleep and realize that they are missing power at their house. It could not have happened at a worse day because it is picture day at Lia's ...
Lia & Alfi - FMA am Stall - Halsring-Reiten Lia & Alfi
5 months back
Ein Tag am Stall mit den Ponys. Ich reite Rocky mit Halsring und Alfi springt an der Hand :-D. Mein Shop: und ...
1 weeks back
Non-vegan tries VEGAN ICE CREAM! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want me to try more stuff! Subscribe and enable notifications so you don't miss videos!
Santa Brings Lia a Boyfriend for Christmas! SevenPerfectAngels
3 years back
Lia sends Santa a letter of what she wants for Christmas! Somehow there is a mix up at the North Pole, and she ends up with an unwanted boyfriend. What will ...
1 years back
Un max de j'aimes & commentaires la famille !!! ➥Mon Instagram : ➥Lia Instagram : ✓ Ma chaîne ...
British FIRST TIME Trying Texas BBQ Food 🍗 | Texas Series Joel & Lia
4 days back
Hey everyone! Unfortunately Franklins was closed on the day that we tried to eat BBQ food so we ended up trying out Coopers instead! After getting hooked on it ...
The Seven Perfect Angels Forget Lia! SevenPerfectAngels
3 years back
Lia's doll feels neglected because Lia is busy trying to find out what the SPA theme is. Her doll makes Lia feel what its like to be forgotten. Lia thinks it's some ...
Lia's After School Routine! SevenPerfectAngels
1 years back
Join Lia on her after school routine! She shows you how crazy her car ride home can be with her family. She also shows you what she does when she gets home ...
Lia RUINS Valentines Day for Everyone! SevenPerfectAngels
2 years back
Lia is having a really bad Valentines Day! She doesn't get any cards or candy, and even her crush ignores her. Cupid pops up to help her, but Lia is freaked out ...
4 days back
Commande ici : - livraison offerte ( à partir de 50€ d'achat ) ➥ Instagram Treizix : ➥ Mon ...
Lia's Luck Is About To Change! SevenPerfectAngels
1 years back
Lia finds a very rare lucky charm in her cereal! She brings it to school and has super good luck! Later that night she puts it on her night stand, and in the morning ...
3 months back
Nouvelle vidéo sur la chaîne GameMixTreize en compagnie de Momo et Lia Un max de j'aimes & commentaires la famille !!! ➥Mon Instagram : ...
Lia's BFF is a Famous YouTuber or Troublemaker? SevenPerfectAngels
3 years back
There's a new girl in town, and she is determined to be a famous YouTuber and to have Lia as her BFF. See what trouble she causes in order to get on YouTube.
Lia's Perfect Sleepover Expectations vs Reality SevenPerfectAngels
4 years back
Lia is planning the perfect sleepover with Gabby! Check out her expectations and reality! Comment down below what your favorite thing to do at a sleepover is,
A História de Lia | Parte 12 Novelas Play
2 months back
Essa é a décima segunda parte da Historia de Lia, essa querida roqueira e doida personagem. Espero que gostem.
Lia sofre com o desprezo da irmã na nova série da Record TV RECORD TV
8 months back
A série especial Lia estreia na próxima terça-feira (26), a partir das 20h45. E, em breve, a vida de Jesus na nova novela da Record TV.
A História de Lia | Parte 11 Novelas Play
2 months back
Essa é a décima primeira parte da Historia de Lia, essa querida roqueira e doida personagem. Espero que gostem.
Melhores perfumes nacionais - Top 5 | Lia Camargo Lia Camargo - Just Lia
5 days back
Top 5 com meus perfumes favoritos de marcas nacionais como Quem Disse Berenice, Natura, O Boticário e L'Occitane Au Bresil. INSCREVA-SE NO CANAL ...
Lia & Alfi - Lost Place mit Lana und Springen kommentiert Lia & Alfi
7 days back
Moin Leute, wir waren mit Lana bei einem "Lost Place" und ich kommentiere euch das Trainingsspringen mit Alfi und das letzte A**-Stilspringen mit Rocky.
Fiji- Lia (w/Lyrics) stuckIN801
11 years back
Fiji Lia,Lia Chorus: Isa Lei Lia,isa sobo lei Lia Auna soko,wasa yani vei iko isa lei Lia ::1st verse:: Au a qara noqu matani civa mo noqui saki saki e vei siga ...
ITZY lia speak english Toro
4 days back
ITZY's main vocal Lia speak english.
A menina q lia mentes (mini filme) Fernanda Gacha
4 months back
Created by VideoShow:
Lia & Alfi - Mega "Eure Post"-Video Teil 1 Lia & Alfi
2 years back
ACHTUNG! Mega langes Post- Video :-D. Und das ist erst der erste Teil, der zweite Teil folgt. Falls ich es im Video nicht oft genug gesagt habe: VIIIELEN ...
Who's Most Likely To? Ella vs Lia? SevenSuperGirls
9 months back
Ella plays a game of Who's Most Likely To against her sister Lia, who used to be on Seven Perfect Angels. See all the fun questions they are asked and their ...
Lia & Alfi - Fotoshooting mit Kirschblüten - Equinemoments Pferdefotografie Lia & Alfi
2 years back
Wir haben ein wunderschönes Fotoshooting unter Kirschbäumen und Kirschblüten mit Anna von Equinemoments Pferdefotografie gemacht. Schaut unbedingt ...