5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2 | The 10s


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    • ST_Bxllz
      ST_Bxllz  8 hours back

      With the orange one was pointless if ur out you Can't carry a sharp knife

    • Maxie S
      Maxie S  16 hours back


      teens kids and elders react to dcrunch

    • Miriam Webb
      Miriam Webb  19 hours back

      I use to eat cereal with apple juice

  • CreativeDestruction Academy

    I would not do this like if u agree

    • sarah riley
      sarah riley  3 minutes back

      how did none of them know the oreo one?😭

    • D LT
      D LT  4 minutes back

      I have always ate my burgers upside down since I was a kid just bc it's easier to eat that way for me

      • Divyanshu Singh
        Divyanshu Singh  6 minutes back

        This is so dumb and useless.

        • Stephanie
          Stephanie  6 minutes back

          Does anybody fold their pizza hotdog style and eat it like a hotdog?

        • Christian Lopezchacon
          Christian Lopezchacon  7 minutes back

          I’m still going to eat
          serial whit milk

          • Gianfranco Margaritha
            Gianfranco Margaritha  7 minutes back

            Why would you dip an Oreo in milk? Ugghh😫

            • sarah riley
              sarah riley  9 minutes back

              anyone else eating cereal with MILK right now?😭

            • Stephanie
              Stephanie  10 minutes back

              food combo to try: Water & Oreo cookies.

              The water soaks the cookie faster so you dont have to sit and hold it for so long like you would with milk

              • Yesi Orozco
                Yesi Orozco  7 minutes back

                i love oreos in milk or water

            • El Cerranon Humble :v
              El Cerranon Humble :v  12 minutes back

              How do they not know that an Oreo has to be eaten whole

              • N1cky Sn0w
                N1cky Sn0w  12 minutes back


                • Death Bullet GD
                  Death Bullet GD  14 minutes back

                  You should cut the top of a pineapple then take the spike thing pull it then it will be better to eat it

                  • Redz Gaming
                    Redz Gaming  15 minutes back

                    If YOU reading this, eat cereal with water, the u should know that I despise you.

                    • MISCHEIF CREATURE
                      MISCHEIF CREATURE  18 minutes back

                      im not eating my food wrong im eating it the way i like 🤠

                      • Lylanz Hax
                        Lylanz Hax  22 minutes back

                        All 5 of those are stupid

                      • LightningPiez XX
                        LightningPiez XX  24 minutes back

                        That girl in the pink complains way to much, I understand it’s like a review but jesus.

                        • Taylen Lundequam
                          Taylen Lundequam  26 minutes back

                          The guy making the burger video was hot af tho 😘

                          • Galacticord
                            Galacticord  27 minutes back

                            I eat my burger side ways tho

                          • Spidowolf
                            Spidowolf  28 minutes back

                            To me, cereal and water dont mix. To me has a loss of taste

                            • Maria Elena
                              Maria Elena  30 minutes back

                              Am I the only one who eats my burger like that anyway ?!

                              • Elxer
                                Elxer  19 minutes back

                                No u dont

                              • BJR
                                BJR  30 minutes back


                            • CrAzY_GaMr 189
                              CrAzY_GaMr 189  32 minutes back

                              Were they really taking bites of an Oreo

                              What a disgrace

                              • Vipul Waghmare
                                Vipul Waghmare  33 minutes back

                                Who even liking this video.

                              • Hair Care Specialist
                                Hair Care Specialist  34 minutes back

                                Hi if you�re reading this, Just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things

                                • Alex Cosentino
                                  Alex Cosentino  37 minutes back

                                  Lol have you ever put orange juice in cereal. Not bad.

                                  • Stephanie
                                    Stephanie  8 minutes back

                                    Yeeesss omg I thought I was the only one lmao 🤣🤣 it's only right to do it when you have cheerios tho.

                                • Nightbot
                                  Nightbot  37 minutes back

                                  These are Beggers
                                  1 like 1 Stab

                                  • Nightbot
                                    Nightbot  14 minutes back

                                    +Dio Angelis r/Woosh

                                  • Dio Angelis
                                    Dio Angelis  28 minutes back

                                    Nightbot The F you mean??
                                    Your literally *begging* for likes right now.

                                • Chayenne Wilson
                                  Chayenne Wilson  38 minutes back

                                  1: I always did that with tic tac cuzy friends would me like "HEY CHEVY CAN I HAVE A TIC TAC" and when I give it into their hand it always had like half the bottle in there

                                  • Gabby and kim Daily vlogs
                                    Gabby and kim Daily vlogs  43 minutes back

                                    Who else thought this was a mokbong

                                    • i'm nobody
                                      i'm nobody  51 minutes back

                                      I already eat the burger upside down... Idk why

                                    • الاوتاكو الاحي
                                      الاوتاكو الاحي  51 minutes back

                                      The orange trick ..when i was young.my grandma show it to me 😂😂

                                      • Patrick Roy
                                        Patrick Roy  51 minutes back

                                        I've been eating oranges my entire life like that...

                                        • BradNation773 Stephens
                                          BradNation773 Stephens  52 minutes back

                                          I just hated the lady in the blue shirt

                                          • Anisa Rahman
                                            Anisa Rahman  52 minutes back

                                            I'm left handed so I always eat my burgers upside down and my friends give me weird looks saying it gives dem anxiety😂😂😂

                                            • i'm nobody
                                              i'm nobody  50 minutes back

                                              Same. Like exactly same. This situation... It happened exactly like that to me XD

                                          • Vasco Guerrero
                                            Vasco Guerrero  54 minutes back

                                            Eu yo como como me da la gana la concha de tu madre, Nadie me dice como comer gato.

                                            • Megg Blackwell
                                              Megg Blackwell  55 minutes back

                                              Water with cereal is the way to go!

                                              • Qwurx
                                                Qwurx  24 minutes back

                                                Megg Blackwell please leave this earth :)

                                              • Megg Blackwell
                                                Megg Blackwell  38 minutes back

                                                I HATE the after taste of milk in cereal. And almond or soy milk just doesn't cut it. So water it is!

                                              • Jsaiah06
                                                Jsaiah06  40 minutes back

                                                I don’t agree

                                              • RMKBL SEIZE
                                                RMKBL SEIZE  45 minutes back

                                                Megg Blackwell no

                                              • Manuel E Carvalho
                                                Manuel E Carvalho  50 minutes back

                                                Megg Blackwell what

                                            • EquineAbby
                                              EquineAbby  57 minutes back

                                              How to eat pizza!
                                              1. Fold the pizza is half to the crust is at the end of the pizza
                                              2.enjoy your burger pizza! Grease free!
                                              BONUS: you don’t just bite the cheese and only get the cheese off! 🙊🙊

                                              • ArtS y
                                                ArtS y  57 minutes back

                                                I like water and ceral /:/:/:/:

                                                • Aaban A
                                                  Aaban A  60 minutes back

                                                  I was eating a burger while watching the burger bit

                                                • Britt Anne
                                                  Britt Anne  1 hours back

                                                  I like brittany and Ashby 😇😇

                                                  • Mhm Sure
                                                    Mhm Sure  1 hours back

                                                    Brittany is so pretty?

                                                    • Valentina Quintanilla
                                                      Valentina Quintanilla  1 hours back

                                                      I always eat my cereal with water and sometimes with almond milk

                                                    • Lionk2002 !
                                                      Lionk2002 !  1 hours back

                                                      The orange one is more wasteful tho cause it cuts off some of the actual food

                                                      • Ross Martinez
                                                        Ross Martinez  1 hours back

                                                        Tori is such an attractive human being.

                                                        • GamingGirl Emm101335
                                                          GamingGirl Emm101335  1 hours back

                                                          Why do you think the Oreo pack says milks favorite cookie

                                                          • Keegan Yeager
                                                            Keegan Yeager  1 hours back

                                                            For the burger there’s a napkin for a reason duh 🙄

                                                            • kylie cromer
                                                              kylie cromer  1 hours back

                                                              4:06 ASMR

                                                              • 1986nesha
                                                                1986nesha  1 hours back

                                                                These burgers are not convinient for eating up side down. You have to have a small bun, like in mcdonnalds, more toppings also. It has to be a heavy bruger where the top is bigger than the bottom bun. These are just flat.

                                                                • Gherardo La Tour
                                                                  Gherardo La Tour  1 hours back

                                                                  The guy with the gray shirt really hates his life huh?