BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' Official MV

  • Published: 12 April 2019
  • BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' Official MV

    Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Director : Guzza, Jihye Yoon, HyeJeong Park (Lumpens)
    Director of Photography : HyunWoo Nam (GDW)
    Gaffer : HyunSuk Song (Real lighting)
    Art Director : JinSil Park, BoNa Kim (MU:E)
    Assistant Art Team : YeMin Ahn, lee hyun seoung ,GyuHee Kim (MU:E)
    Art PD : il ho heo
    Techno Crane : Haksong Lee (Service Vision)
    Show Light : SungKeun Ma (A&T light)

    Visual Creative : Kim Sung Hyun, Lee Sun Kyoung, Kim Ga Eun, Lee Hye Ri
    Performance Directing: Son Sungdeuk, Lee Byungeun, Lee Doohwan
    Artist Management : Kim Shin Gyu, Kim Se Jin, Kim Dae Young, Kim Su Bin, Bang Min Wook, Lee Jung Min, An Da Sol, Park Jun Tae

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.

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  • شہٰٖيـطہٰٖانـــهـْھُهَہ هَہ•

    عرب ارميي(قلووبب)


    • Tata Kim
      Tata Kim  16 less than a minute back

      go go go armyyyy

      • Note9 Savina
        Note9 Savina  17 less than a minute back

        I Love BTS

        • Tata Kim
          Tata Kim  1 minutes back

          >>>>> 400 M

          • عاشقة الانمي و الكيبوب

            Never stob trying,Never stob "Delieivng,Never give up لا تتوقف ابداً عن المحاوله,لاتتوقف ابداً عن الايمان,لا تستسلم ابداً".love 💙💙👌

            • Angélica Ramírez
              Angélica Ramírez  2 minutes back

              my favorite song c:

              • tuan anh
                tuan anh  2 minutes back


                • Yen Thuan
                  Yen Thuan  2 minutes back


                  • Trúc Gấu
                    Trúc Gấu  3 minutes back

                    Lô mấy bae , trưa zz

                  • JoJo 123
                    JoJo 123  3 minutes back

                    كيم نامجون ❤😁
                    كيم سوكجين💙😀
                    مين يونقي 💚😁
                    جونق هوسوك💛😀
                    بارك جيمين 💜😁
                    كيم تايهيونق❤😀
                    جون جونكوك💙😁

                    ارررررررررررررررمي بصوت جين💙💙😘

                    • Marwa officail
                      Marwa officail  4 minutes back

                      *ARAB ARMY*
                      برافوووووووووو التعليقات كلهن عرب هههه
                      !نحنا جيش قوي كتيررر ارميزززز BTS العشق
                      *وما الحب ماقتل*

                      • Dila Yüzen
                        Dila Yüzen  4 minutes back

                        Chilmyeonjo ankaraya sinbu hasibsio!!!!!

                        • Cynthia Tipani Tio
                          Cynthia Tipani Tio  5 minutes back

                          Oh my my my
                          Oh my my my

                          • Sinh Đào
                            Sinh Đào  6 minutes back


                            • Ngọc hailey
                              Ngọc hailey  6 minutes back

                              Who love bts ❤?

                              • Anh Tung
                                Anh Tung  7 minutes back

                                I love BTS

                                • Kong Chang
                                  Kong Chang  8 minutes back

                                  BTS is so good even my little sister 3 years likes them

                                  • Túp già khó ưa
                                    Túp già khó ưa  8 minutes back

                                    BTS làm gì có cái gọi là giới hạn

                                    • Princess Montano
                                      Princess Montano  8 minutes back

                                      jungkooookk 💓💓💓💓🇵🇭

                                      • BTS, BLACKPINK
                                        BTS, BLACKPINK  8 minutes back

                                        الاسم : ARAB ARMY
                                        الوظيفه: توزيع لايكات للعرب ...فايتنغ (اثبات وجودي)

                                        • Asfttuug Aasffrghhu
                                          Asfttuug Aasffrghhu  54 less than a minute back


                                        • princess of my soul
                                          princess of my soul  4 minutes back

                                          أنا كمان نفس الوظيفة رغم إنو أنا نعسانة بس من شان ملوكنا اصبر
                                          يا الله نتعاون أرميييييي

                                      • Thuỳ Dương
                                        Thuỳ Dương  9 minutes back

                                        Thấy nhiều V-ARMY ghê
                                        Dui lắm lunnnnn ^^

                                        • tham Nghiem
                                          tham Nghiem  59 less than a minute back

                                          Còn nhiều ng nữa nhg họ ko mấy cmt thôi bạn

                                      • BTS My Soul
                                        BTS My Soul  9 minutes back

                                        I love them when i listened "Just One Day"
                                        How about you?

                                        • Bhuvaneswari Bhuvana
                                          Bhuvaneswari Bhuvana  9 minutes back

                                          Is there any Indian Army here?! Or am I the only one?

                                          • 석정 호
                                            석정 호  10 minutes back

                                            *Kookie cute><*

                                            • Chim Chim
                                              Chim Chim  10 minutes back

                                              500k dislikes is nothing compared to our 10M Likes.

                                              • stream DNA n Piri, Thanks!
                                                stream DNA n Piri, Thanks!  11 minutes back

                                                383,491,nine seven one

                                                • Emman Kim
                                                  Emman Kim  11 minutes back

                                                  If only we could comment image here I just want yt to know we ar3 not bots bts outsell many stadium with over thousands of people so why deleting our v1ews its really unacceptable.Its been 2 months they could not provide any proof that they deleted is just bots :/

                                                  • Emman Kim
                                                    Emman Kim  9 minutes back

                                                    We could achieve 400m if yt didn't deleted bwl v13ws :(

                                                  • Emman Kim
                                                    Emman Kim  10 minutes back

                                                    Almost 15+ m wasted :(

                                                • BTS My Soul
                                                  BTS My Soul  11 minutes back

                                                  How many times are you [email protected] everyday?

                                                  • мария георгиева



                                                    • Q5 Shercas
                                                      Q5 Shercas  12 minutes back


                                                      • JIMIANN PARK
                                                        JIMIANN PARK  12 minutes back

                                                        383,491,971 (153k in 1hr.)

                                                        • Anime Kpop Lover
                                                          Anime Kpop Lover  12 minutes back

                                                          When I first told my mom I love Kpop and BTS like around November or something, she just started to offended them a lot. Like when I showed her Boy With Luv she’s like “o my gosh why do they where makeup and pink”. BUT I ALWAYS TELL HER THIS WHENEVER SHE OFFENDS THEM AND I MEAN ALWAYS. “ITS PART OF THERE CULTURE THAT THEY WEAR MAKEUP AND PINK”. But BTS don’t even wear a lot of makeup so wtf mom. And my dad knows I love Kpop and BTS but he doesn’t say anything about them. He just stays quiet. But yesterday he’s like “why do you like these Korean boys, there supposed to dress like a man not wear makeup and dress pink”. And then after that, EVERYTIME MY PARENTS FUCKING OFFEND OUR BEAUTIFUL BTS I CRY😭😭😭😭. (Excuse my language guys😭) but can you guys help me please 😭. I love you all guys💜💜 I purple you army’s 💜💜💜💜

                                                          • stream DNA n Piri, Thanks!
                                                            stream DNA n Piri, Thanks!  8 minutes back

                                                            Anime Kpop Lover : then show them no more dream or mic drop 😎

                                                          • SUGA tongue technology A
                                                            SUGA tongue technology A  8 minutes back

                                                            Maybe if u show them what BTS have done to young ppl around the world they will change they way they see them
                                                            I think many ppl who hate BTS dont really know them that much , just show them how BTS is great as humans not only artist , i think it will work

                                                        • in_armybts
                                                          in_armybts  13 minutes back

                                                          383+ ARMYxBTS faithingggggggg

                                                          • peaches mochii
                                                            peaches mochii  14 minutes back

                                                            keep str3am1ng guyss..
                                                            FIGHTING !!!

                                                            • BTS_ ARMY
                                                              BTS_ ARMY  14 minutes back

                                                              Có ai thấy t k!?? Trưa zz nha các thím iu

                                                              • Túp già khó ưa
                                                                Túp già khó ưa  3 minutes back

                                                                @BTS_ ARMY ừ, mà sao hôm nay vắng quá vậy

                                                              • BTS_ ARMY
                                                                BTS_ ARMY  6 minutes back

                                                                @Túp già khó ưa Vừa ăn xong lên đây luôn(bị nhớ c. M) thím củng nhớ ăn nha

                                                              • Hắc Ly
                                                                Hắc Ly  8 minutes back

                                                                Nhon. Trưa vv

                                                              • Túp già khó ưa
                                                                Túp già khó ưa  11 minutes back

                                                                Buổi trưa vui vẻ, nhớ ăn cơm trưa nha

                                                              • Thuỳ Dương
                                                                Thuỳ Dương  12 minutes back

                                                                BTS_ ARMY
                                                                À nhon ^^

                                                            • m1nm3rcy
                                                              m1nm3rcy  14 minutes back

                                                              aNg GwApO!¡ PHILIPPINE ARMY! 💖🌍

                                                              • BTS, BLACKPINK
                                                                BTS, BLACKPINK  15 minutes back

                                                                ي عرب بطيس لنا لاتوقفون لاتخلون لاجانب فرصهـ فايتنغ

                                                                ARAB ARMY(قلب بنفسجي)

                                                                • KARLA BELÉN DOMÍNGUEZ ORTÍZ

                                                                  Like si hablas español ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😍😘 k hermosos los amo mucho 😍❤️❤️❤️

                                                                  • Maria Teresa Molino Almodal
                                                                    Maria Teresa Molino Almodal  16 minutes back

                                                                    ahm the last I come here its 388m, now why its only 383m?

                                                                    • avakin life Ahmed
                                                                      avakin life Ahmed  16 minutes back

                                                                      كس امش

                                                                      • Aicha Sadeq
                                                                        Aicha Sadeq  16 minutes back

                                                                        Hearing this song at the concert made me smile so much.... best day of my life

                                                                        • Marwa officail
                                                                          Marwa officail  17 minutes back

                                                                          عشقي أحبك و بحب كل *BTS*

                                                                          • Emman Kim
                                                                            Emman Kim  17 minutes back

                                                                            If only people is open minded they will see bts is not just a boy group but a person u can lean on when having a hard time through their music.Im really so glad I know them but I wish people see and know about what's really behind why armys are so dedicated to them.

                                                                          • Hana :3 A.R.M.Y
                                                                            Hana :3 A.R.M.Y  17 minutes back

                                                                            I ❤ U bangtan 😍😍😍

                                                                            • Susu Tú
                                                                              Susu Tú  19 minutes back

                                                                              I love you BTS ❤❤

                                                                              • Marwa officail
                                                                                Marwa officail  19 minutes back

                                                                                *ARAB ARMY*

                                                                                شي اكثر من خرافة رائعة (قلوب)بحبكن كتيررررر وانتو سبب السعادة والفرح
                                                                                *BTS V*

                                                                              • RHZ k-pop
                                                                                RHZ k-pop  20 minutes back

                                                                                Los comentarios en español se extinguieron

                                                                                • N TĐ
                                                                                  N TĐ  20 minutes back

                                                                                  Bts: have almost 7 billion fans on worldwide
                                                                                  Youtube views: am i a joke to you ?