ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WAVE' Official MV


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  • Jess A. Delg
    Jess A. Delg  14 minutes back

    Even though you might see ateez slander, please don’t interact atiny. Focus on ATEEZ and JUST ateez. Our support matters more ❣️

      ALYSSA NY  16 minutes back

      this is so good

      • Yoongi needs Sleep
        Yoongi needs Sleep  19 minutes back

        I'm a very new atiny BUT DAMN THESE BOYS-

        • Yoongi needs Sleep
          Yoongi needs Sleep  11 minutes back

          @Oh My Mingi World UM OOF OKAY THANKS- I'll do what I can!

        • Oh My Mingi World
          Oh My Mingi World  15 minutes back

          YAYYY WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!! PLEASE HELP US GIVE THEM THEIR FIRST WIN!! By str3*m1ng this Wave MV and their live performance in MNET! Al's by voting in mwave!! We're currently winning but we need more people to join the voting to TRULY assure their win!

      • Hiromi De La Fuente
        Hiromi De La Fuente  29 minutes back

        Very Nice !!

        • Hiromi De La Fuente
          Hiromi De La Fuente  30 minutes back

          Nctzen support 💓

          • Hiromi De La Fuente
            Hiromi De La Fuente  13 minutes back

            @Oh My Mingi World

          • Oh My Mingi World
            Oh My Mingi World  14 minutes back

            THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! PLEASE HELP US GIVE THEM THEIR FIRST WIN!! By str3*m1ng this Wave MV and their live performance in MNET! Al's by voting in mwave!! We're currently winning but we need more people to join the voting to TRULY assure their win!

        • The Ihsan Show
          The Ihsan Show  38 minutes back

          terbaik ATEEZ! joahaeyo❤😘🌸🇲🇾

          • scenery han
            scenery han  41 minutes back

            Anyone who watch this MV,pliss vote for ateez in mcountdown. Here the link

            • samira mohamud
              samira mohamud  43 minutes back

              i love ateez since their debut observed

              • Giftz B
                Giftz B  52 minutes back

                LIVE VOTE 6PM KST, so figure out your time zone , for m countdown!
                go onto m wave and vote, lets get a win!

                • Giftz B
                  Giftz B  53 minutes back

                  Keep watching guys! we need to get past 8 mil
                  also watch this as well
                  atiny is trying to get our boys a win

                  • wonu's cat
                    wonu's cat  58 minutes back

                    I’m new. Who’s that guy with deep ass voice??😍

                  • Catarina Silva
                    Catarina Silva  60 minutes back


                    • Olivia Vilaysak
                      Olivia Vilaysak  60 minutes back

                      STR3AM WAVE !!!!

                      • SaberKazama
                        SaberKazama  1 hours back

                        Love ATEEZ. <3

                        • did u asume my species?

                          I love how carefree this video is, just a couple of boys hanging out at the skate park and messing around having fun in a store while later on spending there evening at the beach looking into the sunset like brothers, seeing a successful future knowing the atinys will forever have their backs😭

                          • katherin alzate
                            katherin alzate  1 hours back

                            Solo dire que excelente servicio xd

                            • Giftz B
                              Giftz B  1 hours back

                     VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
                              Guys tomorrow we will have to do as much live voting as we can during the live show of m countdown KST
                              Also continue to view this and the wave mv, but don't forget about illusion either
                              Hopefully we can get a win for our boys, theres other factors they take into account so that's why WJSN keeps winning
                              so if we want a win we need to view this as hard as we can on any platform especially here and spread the word to I atiny and especially K atiny to vote during the live show
                              Let's try our hardest!

                              • Ateez multifan
                                Ateez multifan  28 minutes back

                                @Giftz B thanks I just need kst

                              • Giftz B
                                Giftz B  55 minutes back

                                @Ateez multifan depends on your time zone but it's 6pm KST

                              • Ateez multifan
                                Ateez multifan  1 hours back

                                When is the live tommorrow?

                            • Mhayara Cruvinel
                              Mhayara Cruvinel  1 hours back

                              To apaixonada

                              • Glory Mari
                                Glory Mari  1 hours back

                                You might as well be shirtless, Mingi. Stop being a tease. 🙃😍😍 – And I just realized that "a tease" sounds like ATEEZ. 🤣

                                Also, I love this song. ❤️ It's so good! 🔥👍🏻

                                ✨ Stan Ateez, y'all. 😏👌🏼

                                • streαm kill this love
                                  streαm kill this love  1 hours back

                                  VOTE FOR ATEEZ - WAVE


                                  • Claudia A.
                                    Claudia A.  2 hours back

                                    ATINYs! <3 Please [email protected] their MCountdown Wave Performance, the v!ews for that video count too. PLEASE T~T

                                    • vv softsunshine
                                      vv softsunshine  2 hours back

                                      hongjoongs and mingis height difference. i-

                                      • Zahra Mohammed
                                        Zahra Mohammed  2 hours back

                                        Guys let's get 100 don't give and do not care about other we are getting bigger atinys

                                        • Çûtê ßâçhî
                                          Çûtê ßâçhî  2 hours back

                                          love this song

                                          • alliana guevarra
                                            alliana guevarra  2 hours back

                                            Saipann 🇲🇵

                                            • Casandra Fraire
                                              Casandra Fraire  2 hours back

                                              So as a multistan I can never get my wig to stay in place. It flew off when ATEEZ dropped this, so I ran and grabbed it and placed it back on my head, then it flew off again when SF9 dropped RPM yesterday and I had just finished gluing it back on when I heard Monsta X's Who Do You Love? I swear my wig is just a pile of raggedy threads now. (Laughing crying emojis).

                                              • Ainur R
                                                Ainur R  2 hours back

                                                i don't need stop button. plisss this song make me wanna dance😭💖

                                                • Must be Love
                                                  Must be Love  2 hours back

                                                  8 MAKES 1 TEAM!!! ATINY MAKES 8M!!!!

                                                  • Ayasha Pathan
                                                    Ayasha Pathan  2 hours back

                                                    I think I'm going to become a fan... and I'm scared...

                                                    • Giftz B
                                                      Giftz B  1 hours back

                                                      don't be, it will be the best thing. TRUST.

                                                  • Oh My Mingi World
                                                    Oh My Mingi World  2 hours back

                                                    LET'S KEEP PUSHING TOWARDS THOSE 8M V3*WS

                                                    • Min Yoon Gi
                                                      Min Yoon Gi  2 hours back

                                                      I see ONEUS see this channel...Youtube put under this video!!lol but anywhere Saranghae Ateez new fans here since song Say My Name....Now I can sing song Ateez Say My Name without lyrics and I can karaoke...

                                                      • Ari Mora
                                                        Ari Mora  2 hours back

                                                        I'm new here and i love them and i'm never leaving omg

                                                        • Giftz B
                                                          Giftz B  1 hours back

                                                          Welcome to the fandom!

                                                      • peach less
                                                        peach less  2 hours back

                                                        LES GOOOOO ATINYS WE CAN DO THIS !!!

                                                        • YourHoeBTS
                                                          YourHoeBTS  3 hours back

                                                          Thank you for subtitles ♥️

                                                          • MX
                                                            MX  3 hours back

                                                            in some kind of arabic accents “ateez” means “a butt” and i can’t say their names here lmfao
                                                            whose that song by?
                                                            “a butt”

                                                            • bubbletae
                                                              bubbletae  3 hours back

                                                              For new Atinys
                                                              HongJoong(leader): 1:23
                                                              Seonghwa: 0:41
                                                              Yunho: 0:20
                                                              Yeosang: 0:43
                                                              San: 0:51 (there weren't any really good clips of San's face so I had to use this one)
                                                              Mingi: 0:29 (blue shirt)
                                                              Wooyoung: 2:09
                                                              Jongho: 2:06 (denim jacket, silver hair)
                                                              Hope this helped!

                                                              • Sarah Isyah
                                                                Sarah Isyah  3 hours back

                                                                Not an ATINY but i love them. I keep streaming their song

                                                                • chicken adobo
                                                                  chicken adobo  3 hours back

                                                                  Sarah Isyah THANK YOU! and please censor the word “str3am” bc YouTube will delete your vi3ws

                                                              • Blink Hidden Atiny Universe

                                                                Aí vcs são tão os amores da minha vida.Quero tanto q vcs venham ao Brasil ^_^♡♡♡

                                                                • Anishah XBTS
                                                                  Anishah XBTS  3 hours back

                                                                  And I’m pregnant.

                                                                  • Upward Penguin
                                                                    Upward Penguin  3 hours back

                                                                    18/6 21:48

                                                                    • CiCi Paing
                                                                      CiCi Paing  3 hours back

                                                                      Is this M/V Supposed to be sponsored by VANS? 😂

                                                                      • scenery han
                                                                        scenery han  2 hours back

                                                                        Ikr! I keep watching their shoes

                                                                    • Ariana Parada
                                                                      Ariana Parada  3 hours back

                                                                      Omggggg i love the way they produce there music it’s so different pls someone tell me all the members names so far I recognize Mingi

                                                                      • Must be Love
                                                                        Must be Love  2 hours back

                                                                        Who is who in this mv.
                                                                        0:20 Jeong Yunho
                                                                        0:23 Park Seonghwa
                                                                        0:27 Choi San
                                                                        0:30 Song Mingi
                                                                        0:43 Kang Yeosang
                                                                        0:48 Choi Jongho
                                                                        1:24 Kim Hongjong (the leader)
                                                                        2:09 Jung Wooyoung

                                                                    • qentank 112
                                                                      qentank 112  3 hours back

                                                                      Gantengnya masyaallah heuu😍

                                                                      • luiza alflen
                                                                        luiza alflen  3 hours back

                                                                        hey guys could you watch my new video pls? is the lyric video for wave + crescent

                                                                        • Akansha
                                                                          Akansha  4 hours back

                                                                          waaaahhh...this is good. Who is the guy at 0:41?

                                                                        • Hiba P
                                                                          Hiba P  4 hours back

                                                                          1.25am in London, here I am str*aming wave 💙

                                                                          • Josh Crispin
                                                                            Josh Crispin  4 hours back

                                                                            Army and Once dropping in here to say that this song is a straight up BANGER. They have this ... aura around them .. those dance moves .. the melodies ... the voices... I have a feeling these guys are going to be HUGE. Ya'll gained a fan today. GEEZ.

                                                                          • drkzhadow
                                                                            drkzhadow  4 hours back

                                                                            8M today? LET'S DO IT ATINY!!!!!!!