The War of the Bucket - OverSimplified

  • Published: 21 September 2019
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    Outfoxing The Fox
    Covert Affair
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    Constance The Descent
    Enter The Maze
    Sneaky Snitch

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    Golden Anchor - Hymn to the Rising Sun
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    The Waiting World - Slide on over
    The Waiting World - Give Me That Wink
    Arthur Benson - Simple Pleasantries
    Arthur Benson - Lend a clumsy hand
    Arthur Benson - Sneaking into the kitchen
    Arthur Benson - How to tango
    Arthur Benson - Through Dark Gardens
    Cercles Nouvelles - Ancient Rome
    Arthur Benson - Minor Indescretions
    Grant Newman - Last March Of Heroes
    Vanity Street - Do You Want More

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                        *Oversimplified Doesn't Upload for 2 months*

                        *"Which Enraged His father, Who punished him severely"*

                        Ogs from WWI and above will remember that

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                          3:50 “I’ve seen the the towers”

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