Galaxy Fold fail

The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained! Marques Brownlee
6 months back
PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. And now the phone is delayed. Here's what's happening. Dieter's article: ...
Goodbye Samsung Galaxy Fold... Unbox Therapy
6 months back
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is going back. I'll be patiently awaiting the return of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In the meantime here's a temporary Samsung Galaxy ...
6 months back
Samsung Galaxy Fold is Samsung's foldable smartphone and multiple review units of the Galaxy Fold are seeing their screen fail. Some reviewers took their ...
Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Failure Apple Explained
5 months back
Keep your data safe today at Don't forget to claim your free 15 day trial! Samsung's Galaxy Fold was one of the first ...
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Watch every check-in during our marathon 14-hour Samsung Galaxy Fold live test. CNET producer Chris Parker walks us thrugh the setup and process of Fold ...
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The Galaxy Fold is here for its official durability test! See what your phone looks like with the new Robot Skin HERE: The Galaxy Fold ...
Foldgate: Why are Samsung Galaxy Fold displays already failing? Android Central
6 months back
More @ Is ...
🤦‍♂️ I Can't Believe I Bought the Samsung Galaxy Fold - First Look: A Ton Of Regret? This is Tech Today
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I bought the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but do I regret it? Here is my experience buying the Galaxy Fold, an unboxing, and my first impressions of the Samsung ...
Our Samsung Galaxy Fold Broke After Two Days CNBC
6 months back
CNBC's Todd Haselton offers a look at the new $2000 Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is the talk of this year's Mobil World Congress. Samsung's $1980 Galaxy ...
Galaxy Fold is BREAKING after barely 2 days of use... Tailosive Tech
6 months back
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Samsung Galaxy Fold - A FAIL?! iJustine
6 months back
I hope this gets fixed and released because I'm super excited to try it out! What do you guys think? ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing Unbox Therapy
6 months back
Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold Teardown! - How does it even work? JerryRigEverything
1 weeks back
The new Samsung Galaxy fold is pretty much the coolest phone on the market right now. Yeah, folding smartphones are new, and the folding technology is new, ...
Folding The Samsung Galaxy Fold One Thousand Times Unbox Therapy
6 months back
Samsung has rated the Galaxy Fold for 200000 folds. That's 100 folds per day for 5 years. The average smartphone user unlocks their phone 80-120 times per ...
Exclusive - New Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing - FAIL? Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar)
3 weeks back
In this Video, #AmitBhawani shows the all-new #Samsung #GalaxyFold smartphone. To Win Giveaway, LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT Below!
Samsung Galaxy Fold Re-do: Everything New! Marques Brownlee
1 months back
Galaxy Fold is back. Think of it as a 1.1 refresh. Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Galaxy Fold Review: ...
CNBC's Samsung Galaxy Fold test phone breaks after two days CNBC Television
6 months back
CNBC's Todd Haselton joins the "Closing Bell" team with an update on his testing of the new foldable Samsung phone. » Subscribe to CNBC: ...
GALAXY FOLD Unboxing and First Look! Droid Life
3 weeks back
The Galaxy Fold is here! Let's unbox it, take a tour and first look, and sit back fascinated at the fact that a phone in oiur hands can fold in half. How cool.
Samsung Admits to Massive Failure: "It was embarrassing" sakitech
4 months back
In recent statement to the press, Samsung CEO DJ Koh admitted that Samsung failed due to impatience in trying to release products before they were ready ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold review ¿es un FAIL de smartphone plegable? clipset
6 months back
De verdad se ROMPE el Samsung GALAXY FOLD? ⚠️ Lo hemos probado a conciencia y te contamos los pros y los contras del móvil plegable de Samsung.
The Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold Lew Later
2 months back
Samsung has yet to deliver the Galaxy Fold smartphone but that hasn't stopped them from continuing their march towards a foldable future. Subscribe for more ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold screens are already breaking CNET
6 months back
Samsung Galaxy Fold review unit users are seeing some major issues with the foldable screen breaking. We peel back the layers of problems being reported by ...
Kid Gets Scammed on eBay for Samsung Galaxy Fold (fail) Locappity
5 months back
KID GETS SCAMMED ON EBAY FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD!! I bought the Samsung Galaxy Fold on eBay for $3000 and got TOTALLY SCAMMED!
Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Serious Problems! Honestly..Did not expect this... Trakin Tech
6 months back
Do Vote For TrakinTech : Doston, Galaxy fold jo sahi mein ek joke ban gayaa hai. Kuch reviewers ke paas pahuch gayaa hai ...
FALLAS en el GALAXY FOLD Samsung en problemas jose Tecnofanatico
6 months back
Samsung en problemas con el Galaxy FOLD, el cual ha comenzado a presentar una variedad de problemas en su pantalla, posiblemente seas en pocas ...
Galaxy Fold in Not: Samsung steuert auf Katastrophe zu COMPUTER BILD
6 months back
Ist das Galaxy Fold zu empfindlich für seine Nutzer? Binnen weniger Tage melden sich die ersten Tester mit haarsträubenden Bildern!
Samsung Galaxy Fold review: after the break The Verge
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Samsung is still launching the Galaxy Fold on April 26th, despite reports about problems with the screen. Despite those issues, our review answers the most ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold Phones Are Breaking Lew Later
6 months back
Some Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones are having issues. The Galaxy Fold is likely more delicate than a typical smartphone. Dave Lee (Dave2d) ...
6 months back
Samsung officially responds to Galaxy Fold breaking. display dead, not working, bulge issues. Still official launch on 26th April. Samsung ain't backing down!
Galaxy Fold - Why it Failed... ZONEofTECH
6 months back
Samsung Galaxy Fold - The Full Story! Subscribe (It's FREE) - JOIN THE ZONE - 🤳 Instagram ...
The Biggest Problem with Galaxy Fold! Utsav Techie
6 months back
What's happening with the Samsung Galaxy Fold screen? Why is it breaking? Is it really Samsung's fault? We are seeing bulging, "broken," "unusable," ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Magnets! Marques Brownlee
6 months back
What's in the Galaxy Fold's $1980 box, plus demoing its super strong magnets! Galaxy Fold First Impressions: MKBHD Merch: ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Changes GOOD and BAD?! Pocketnow
2 days back
On Pocketnow Daily, we have some BOGO deals for the Google Pixel 4 at Verizon. We have some leaked specs and renders of the upcoming Motorola G8.
EL FALLO de NUESTRO GALAXY FOLD!!!!!!! Preocupacion máxima.... Tecnonauta
6 months back
Unboxing interruptus Galaxy Fold → ¡¡Suscríbete a nuestro canal!! → Apoya a Tecnonauta ...
The Samsung Galaxy Fold Has A Huge Problem... Here’s Why 365Tech
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The Samsung Galaxy Fold Has A Huge Problem... Don't Do This To Your Fold! in this video we take a deep dive into why the new Galaxy Fold Has been ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Huawei Mate X SuperSaf
8 months back
Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold Full Foldable Comparison including Hands-on, Size, Display, Design, Camera, Battery & Price. ▻▻▻SUBSCRIBE for ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold Redesign Hands-on: Second time's the charm Engadget
1 months back
Samsung is back with a revised version of its controversial and short-lived Galaxy Fold. The Fold first released this spring, but a number of reviewers found their ...
New Samsung Fold: Unboxing and First Look! NothingButTech
3 weeks back
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is back... but is it worth it? In this video I open up the multilayered box and give my first thoughts:) Samsung Galaxy Fold: ...
Cancelling The Samsung Galaxy Fold... Lew Later
5 months back
Will Samsung deliver the Galaxy Fold after all? Subscribe for more internet + tech news. Email questions to will [at] lewlater dot com FOLLOW ME IN THESE ...
Huawei Mate X vs Galaxy Fold - Which Is Best? Unbox Therapy
7 months back
The Huawai Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold are competing for folding phone dominance. Huawei has taken a different approach from Samsung opting for a ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing - FAILED TechHoz
6 months back
Samsung galaxy fold unboxing failed by reviewers? Today wi will discuss Samsun Galaxy Fold Broken screen and the problem with it. Also, discuss why ...
Samsung's $2,000 Galaxy Fold is already failing--here's why editorji
6 months back
According to multiple reports, Samsung's newly launched Galaxy Fold smartphone is experiencing problems with its headlining feature--the folding display.
I Bought the Last Samsung Galaxy Fold..? TechSmartt
2 weeks back
I found the last new Samsung Galaxy Fold at Best Buy…even the 5G version is impossible to find! Subscribe ➽ ...
The Samsung Galaxy Fold And Huawei Mate X Are Going To FAIL....Because Of Google Mitchell Millennial
1 months back
galaxyfold #matex #foldingphone The samsung galaxy fold has been delayed and the huawei mate x has had a delayed launch. Unfortunately both of these ...
Has the Samsung Galaxy Fold Failed? Rene Ritchie
6 months back
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2019 iPhone DARK Cameras, iPhone XE & Galaxy Fold Fail! EverythingApplePro
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The 2019 iPhones have BIG changes! Hidden dark cameras, 12mp selfie camera, 3D mold leak, iPhone XE detailed (SE 2) & Galaxy Fold broken.. Latest leaks!
Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch DELAYED Lew Later
6 months back
The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been officially delayed by Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Fold no longer has a release date. Subscribe for more internet + tech ...