NBA's Best Assists | Week 16 | State Farm


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  • Sports Reel
    Sports Reel  18 hours back

    ben simmons 0:36 theo pinson nice pass 1:28 russell westbrook and nerlens noel nice sequence 2:21 nikola jokic 2:28 and outlet 4:36 rajon rondo sick pass 2:36 and thread the needle 4:22 bogdan bogdanovic 3:30 demar derozan 3:57 kyrie irving pass 4:52

    • Fábio Fati
      Fábio Fati  2 months back

      Only 1 angle for rondo bounce pass to ingram??

      • visharad rawat
        visharad rawat  2 months back

        Point God Rondo 💪🏀

        • Аскар Есенов

          Rondo makes esthetic beautiful passes, classic PG, living legend !

          • Rebvie Flores
            Rebvie Flores  2 months back


            • Markenson Pierre
              Markenson Pierre  2 months back

              🔥♨🔥♨🔥♨🔥Russ is a damn SAVAGE!!!!

              • rex murder
                rex murder  2 months back

                Pray the lord for what yet has not happen. For the upmost of my kindness to retreat in silence or there will rather rain than snow from the upon ....DO NOT INCLUDE MY FAMILY IN YOUR HALLUCINATIONS ...

                • bentep0511
                  bentep0511  2 months back

                  10 years ago if someone told me that Rondo, Celtics prized PG, will be a Laker. I would've laughed at his face.

                  • Brandon Dennis
                    Brandon Dennis  2 months back

                    Does State Farm know Rondo punched and spit in their guy cp3's face? A good neighbor would 😂

                    • huby
                      huby  2 months back

                      0:39 Draymond should be the last person complaining about kicking

                    • Graveee Extreme
                      Graveee Extreme  2 months back


                      • Ryan Damon
                        Ryan Damon  2 months back


                        • MPR RED RARRI SLATT
                          MPR RED RARRI SLATT  2 months back

                          Rondo is a living legend

                          • Eva Fut
                            Eva Fut  2 months back

                            More of your videos i await. Higher Higher, check out @ football highlights

                            • James Heymans
                              James Heymans  2 months back

                              EARLY SQUAD BOIZ

                              • Joel Briggs-Nelson
                                Joel Briggs-Nelson  2 months back

                                Lebron james is the goat

                                • rex murder
                                  rex murder  2 months back

                                  Joel Briggs-Nelson

                                • NBA DUCK
                                  NBA DUCK  2 months back

                                  +wildlion423 lebron the goat

                                • wildlion423
                                  wildlion423  2 months back

                                  Lmao stop disrespecting mj.

                                  Mj is 6-0 while LeBrON is 3-6
                                  And mj did it in a era were DEFENSE was played and you were aloud to put the hands on the person with the ball. Leflops floppy and baby ass would get exposed. They play no D today.

                                  Also did Jordan ever score eight points in the finals and get outplayed by a 33 year old bench player ? No has Jordan ever get sweeeeeped ? No. It's a fact the mj is the goat and no one will surpass him. LeBrON has yet surpass Kobe

                              • gompka IlIlllIIlk
                                gompka IlIlllIIlk  2 months back

                                Who also thinks RUSSELL WESTBROOK is the GOAT?

                              • SlenderMan Prod.
                                SlenderMan Prod.  2 months back

                                Get fancy with it⚡️

                                • Aiden Davidse
                                  Aiden Davidse  2 months back

                                  Who else saw and clicked fast

                                  • iamasianmango
                                    iamasianmango  2 months back

                                    Water polo😂

                                    • Duy Charming
                                      Duy Charming  2 months back


                                      • CHXEU
                                        CHXEU  2 months back

                                        *Who also clicked fast?*

                                        listen to my songs, go and love

                                        • Ab-a 'Irving' Fanchun
                                          Ab-a 'Irving' Fanchun  2 months back


                                          • Euddy Valerio
                                            Euddy Valerio  2 months back


                                            • Ab-a 'Irving' Fanchun
                                              Ab-a 'Irving' Fanchun  2 months back


                                              • Basketball Analysis
                                                Basketball Analysis  2 months back

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                                                • SLEACE KING
                                                  SLEACE KING  2 months back


                                                  • Kellen Dimacchia
                                                    Kellen Dimacchia  2 months back