01/10/19 Condensed Game: Capitals @ Bruins

  • Published: 11 January 2019
  • Extended highlights of the Washington Capitals at the Boston Bruins

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Comments • 135

  • robert goodman
    robert goodman  7 months back

    caps look old and slow.

    • Tony Chen
      Tony Chen  7 months back

      Well, what do you know, this is kind of like an boxing match between two of the top teams in the NHL

      • Chocolate Flat-Nosed Freakshow

        Teams should never pull their goalie ever y'all

        • utkarobot
          utkarobot  7 months back

          абсолютно незаслуженная победа

          • Dukes07
            Dukes07  7 months back

            14 game winning streak against the Bruins. That's domination right there.

            • Chris Scorpio
              Chris Scorpio  7 months back

              When will Boston learn? Just stop playing the Caps already. Its been 5 years. Its not going to happen.

              • St:// Jobs
                St:// Jobs  7 months back

                Халак 3ю пустил.
                угораю с комментатора в бостоне. у него насморк чтоли хронический. полный рот соплей вечно

                • Bear401
                  Bear401  7 months back

                  Love Halák’s expression at 7:07

                  • Scorch Neely
                    Scorch Neely  7 months back

                    5:32 kempys stick lol

                    • Buddy's Gaming Channel
                      Buddy's Gaming Channel  7 months back

                      Wtf are people talking about. Im a Caps fan and the bruins announcer isn't biased

                      • CLAY MCINTOSH
                        CLAY MCINTOSH  7 months back

                        Buddy's Gaming Channel if a ton of people say that Boston announcers are biased then there’s probably a reason. Maybe they weren’t as biased tonight but try and search a compilation of Boston announcers being biased. I’m sure there has to be one😂

                    • Сергей Тарасов

                      Когда уже Кузя забросит? Прям жду!

                      • tennisblood
                        tennisblood  7 months back

                        жду Кузя Прям

                      • Виктор Чижиков
                        Виктор Чижиков  7 months back

                        Кузя как то подсел в последних матчах. Тоже жду, если не гол, то хотя бы шедевральный пас, как он умеет.

                      • tennisblood
                        tennisblood  7 months back

                        жду otveta kak solovey leta!!!

                    • Василий Овчинников

                      Где у Вашиков защита? Но как хорош Холтби!

                      • Геннадий Ждамиров

                        Только ленивый,наверное не хаял Холтби,в прошлом сезоне!)))

                        • Galaxy A5
                          Galaxy A5  7 months back

                          А ведь хаяли почём зря. В этом сезоне выстрелил. И, на минуточку, кубок взял)

                      • Kim Grondin
                        Kim Grondin  7 months back

                        anytime boston gets beat is a great day!

                        • Vadim Golik
                          Vadim Golik  7 months back

                          Холтби красавец)

                          • кот добрый
                            кот добрый  7 months back

                            Востон рулит

                            • Luke Makris
                              Luke Makris  7 months back

                              oshie ovie and vrada line yo

                              • Игорь Коптев
                                Игорь Коптев  7 months back

                                Ну , что можно сказать чисто повезло Вашингтону . Защита ни какая , столько ошибок играли спустя рукава , на месте тренера я их просто пиздилбы , ну а Бостон в своем стиле и так видится , что эти парни могут замахнутся на кубок .

                                • ms. Milka
                                  ms. Milka  7 months back

                                  Eller should have thrown punches to the rat even tho he didn't drop his gloves. The rat did the same to him so why wouldnt he.

                                  • Daiki Tsumagari
                                    Daiki Tsumagari  7 months back

                                    Brad "i'll only drop the gloves if their back is turned to me and i can run from them the next game" Marchand

                                    • Scorch Neely
                                      Scorch Neely  7 months back

                                      @Daiki Tsumagari He doesn't fight but hes dirty, not saying marchand isn't but, eller is a dirty player.

                                    • Daiki Tsumagari
                                      Daiki Tsumagari  7 months back

                                      @Scorch Neely Eller got jumped, and has never been in a fight or is a fighter in general. He wouldn't have tried to fight anyone else, and had Marchand actually asked to fight instead of sucker punching him, I doubt he would have gone for retaliation. He literally had zero career fights until Marchand sucker punched him and took his glove off for him.

                                    • Scorch Neely
                                      Scorch Neely  7 months back

                                      Eller literally did the exact same thing marchand did to him on opening night, or at least tried to.

                                  • Олег Мануилов

                                    Good game!!! Хорошая игра...

                                    • Данила Сорокин

                                      Холтби отличный матч провел!

                                      • cj davidson
                                        cj davidson  7 months back


                                        • Alexia Is On Fire
                                          Alexia Is On Fire  7 months back

                                          always satisfying for us to beat Halak

                                          • Jonathan schadenfreude
                                            Jonathan schadenfreude  7 months back

                                            The last goal halak gave up to backstrom.....omfg it broke me!

                                            • Josh Friedman
                                              Josh Friedman  7 months back

                                              Caps own the Bruins. So does Holtby. Halak doesn't own us anymore.

                                              • Julian Grenon-Grekin
                                                Julian Grenon-Grekin  7 months back

                                                @Josh Friedman the thing is its hard to deny Pittsburgh is a dynasty team , regardless of feelings but uhhhh yeh I won't lie, I always have a big smirk when I see Pittsburgh on a cold streak, but you know it wont last. And forget halak, one win against Pittsburgh in the playoffs doesn't erase prior years. But twice??? certainly could make a case then.

                                              • Josh Friedman
                                                Josh Friedman  7 months back

                                                @Julian Grenon-Grekin I certainly wouldn't mind that either. I just pray to god that Pittsburgh's hot streak isn't the sign of another cup run. That's the last thing the rest of the league needs, an arrogant Yinzer dynasty.

                                              • Julian Grenon-Grekin
                                                Julian Grenon-Grekin  7 months back

                                                Either way. If the caps win again this year. I wouldn't be complaining.. I've been a fan since the days of kolzig

                                              • Julian Grenon-Grekin
                                                Julian Grenon-Grekin  7 months back

                                                @Josh Friedman you cant erase the failure lol. If I look back today I will still see them chocking time and time again. Coming in top seed so many years, they finally reached their potential. Congrats to them, I still don't see the point. I think halak brought the crappy islanders as far as he could. That being said Washington is favored year after year.

                                              • Josh Friedman
                                                Josh Friedman  7 months back

                                                @Julian Grenon-Grekin They beat Halak in the 2015 playoffs and won the cup last year. If that doesn't erase the failure of 2010, I don't know what does. Halak has not won a cup in his career.

                                            • its Cartii
                                              its Cartii  7 months back

                                              B’s had 41 shots compared to the caps 22... holtby played unbelievably

                                              • Scorch Neely
                                                Scorch Neely  7 months back

                                                Not really, if you look at all of the shots the Bruins took they weren't that good, they practically shot it right into him..

                                            • AllthingsBruno
                                              AllthingsBruno  7 months back

                                              Every time they are announcing a bruins goal, the caps score! Lol

                                            • Tom Billard
                                              Tom Billard  7 months back

                                              Wake up bruins put these chumps down

                                              • liesnyak
                                                liesnyak  7 months back

                                                They can't. 14 times...

                                            • ms. Milka
                                              ms. Milka  7 months back

                                              Did Wilson stick up for my man Eller against the rat?

                                              • A Mo
                                                A Mo  7 months back

                                                He tried but he turtled from Wilson and Eller.

                                              • ms. Milka
                                                ms. Milka  7 months back

                                                Typical lol

                                              • Daiki Tsumagari
                                                Daiki Tsumagari  7 months back

                                                the rat was too scared to drop mitts against eller himself

                                            • Кальцифер Пылающий

                                              Холтби дырочка...

                                              • Serg Neon
                                                Serg Neon  7 months back

                                                ты не смотрел обзор, да ?

                                            • Samixx
                                              Samixx  7 months back

                                              Ovechkin! Chára is better than you.

                                            • Grandpa Minion
                                              Grandpa Minion  7 months back

                                              Hope the caps won
                                              Yah they won

                                              • Vladimir Gorbachev
                                                Vladimir Gorbachev  7 months back

                                                22 shots against 41!?!?

                                                • ЧЁРНАЯ УТКА
                                                  ЧЁРНАЯ УТКА  7 months back

                                                  Вилсон пас в стиле Кузи

                                                  • Андрей Иванов

                                                    3:19 я извиниюсь а где вратарь?

                                                  • Alex Solove
                                                    Alex Solove  7 months back

                                                    у ови такой быстрый бросок, что шайба щелкает об ворота раньше самого броска?!?!?

                                                    • ТОЛЬКО СССР
                                                      ТОЛЬКО СССР  7 months back

                                                      @PowerOf Wisdom твоей мамаши

                                                    • PowerOf Wisdom
                                                      PowerOf Wisdom  7 months back

                                                      Нет, это его разъебаное очко так трещит...

                                                    • Dmitry Chouliak
                                                      Dmitry Chouliak  7 months back

                                                      Ови можев выглянуть в окно 3го этажа и быстро сбежать по лестнице вниз и увидеть себя убегающего в окне.

                                                    • Андрей Иванов
                                                      Андрей Иванов  7 months back


                                                  • Luk Yoda
                                                    Luk Yoda  7 months back

                                                    holtby +

                                                    • 225/647/239
                                                      225/647/239  7 months back

                                                      HAH 14 game streak suck it Boston Bitches!!!!

                                                      • ToyStory4Fan 1997
                                                        ToyStory4Fan 1997  7 months back

                                                        Damn It !

                                                        • Яўхім Вайнштейн

                                                          Холтби просто монстр!

                                                          • Ден Кушнарев
                                                            Ден Кушнарев  7 months back

                                                            Холтби вытащил.

                                                            • W -
                                                              W -  7 months back

                                                              Came to drop an L for the Bruins
                                                              See you scumbags in the playoffs

                                                              • Greer Fried
                                                                Greer Fried  7 months back

                                                                Says the fan of a team that sucks against Boston in its own right and got eliminated by them the last 2 times they played in the playoffs? OK then.

                                                              • Scorch Neely
                                                                Scorch Neely  7 months back

                                                                @W - Unless your were talking about Frederick Anderson then you may be right

                                                              • Scorch Neely
                                                                Scorch Neely  7 months back

                                                                @W - Lol no we didn't, jaro isn't an ahl goalie , hes one of the best goalies in the nhl.
                                                                Get your facts right.

                                                              • W -
                                                                W -  7 months back

                                                                Scorch Neely you realize you played a ahl goalie last time right?

                                                              • Bear401
                                                                Bear401  7 months back

                                                                W - Bruins are the best.

                                                            • Shimmer Day
                                                              Shimmer Day  7 months back

                                                              14 wins in a row against the bruins of all teams, wow!!!!!!

                                                              • Александр Петин

                                                                Холтби прям в ударе.

                                                                • Wilford Brimley
                                                                  Wilford Brimley  7 months back

                                                                  Bruins are worse than diabeetus

                                                                  • Buddy's Gaming Channel
                                                                    Buddy's Gaming Channel  7 months back

                                                                    @Hockey123 TF you mean "Ovechkin sucks" your on drugs

                                                                  • PASTAnak
                                                                    PASTAnak  7 months back

                                                                    Austin Hollaway i mean there’s no real excuse to the 14 game loss streak but our defense has been very shaky when we play the Caps because we can’t pick up floating players, and we defend on more of a tight slot to prevent action in the middle of our zone. I noticed last night that the Caps breakouts were much more polished than ours, and they had a lot more time and space. I do have to disagree with you when you say “your team is a joke.” Why? Because the Bruins have had a strong legacy of 95 years in the league, 6 Cups under their belt, and many many playoff appearances, also holding the record for most consecutive playoff appearances in a row at 29. We were also the first American NHL team in the original six era, therefore sparking growth of the sport across the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the Capitals, they’ve shown after years of frustration in the postseason that they are willing to compete. And this has been evident for more than the years. Other than the 7-0 loss at the beginning of the season, we’ve played very well offensively against the Capitals. Last night we pummeled Holtby with 41 shots. Most of these games are very close. I can recall countless times where we lost to the Caps like 2-1, 4-3 OT, 4-3 Reg, 1-0 Reg. Yea there may have been a bit more blowouts in the span of those games but, to be honest, we have great chances at beating the Capitals, but they just play to their specific system against us which breaks us down. sheeeesh I just wrote a novel.

                                                                  • Wilford Brimley
                                                                    Wilford Brimley  7 months back

                                                                    W - I wouldn’t go that far... Not a Caps fan in the slightest, just despise the Bruins! I would rather have hemorrhoids than be a Bruins fan, though!

                                                                  • Hockey123
                                                                    Hockey123  7 months back

                                                                    Austin Hollaway yes because if ONE team is consistently better then you’re bad. The caps are just better than them. But at least the bruins have a good captain. Ovechkin sucks in that position.

                                                                • MostWantedKhardku
                                                                  MostWantedKhardku  7 months back

                                                                  I love how Holtby thanks his post & crossbar after the win 8:34

                                                                  • Ильгизар Галеев

                                                                    Мишки перебросали почти в два раза, вот это да, Холтби тащил😀