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  • Catch The Game at the Bar

    Did anyone ever say what Edelman took. Initially it was reported it was an unknown substance. I still don't understand how you can suspend a player without knowing it was actually an illegal substance. Obviously he took meds to rehab his knee. NFL doesn't believe in innocent till proven guilty unless it's domestic abuse.

    • Michael Anderson
      Michael Anderson  3 months back

      Chris sounds like an utter fool

      • Eile
        Eile  3 months back

        NE pats won mvp, now they complaining about nfl rule. If it's another team, they wouldn't care. We have player suspended for ped and win def player of the year.

        • Liam Spratt
          Liam Spratt  3 months back

          The punter should have been the mvp 🏈

          • Tony
            Tony  3 months back


            • towipo
              towipo  3 months back

              My favorite time of the year! No more ridiculous football for 8 or 9 months!

            • Disappointed Steve
              Disappointed Steve  3 months back

              Thumbs down on these 2 🤡's!

              • Steve Dhi
                Steve Dhi  2 months back

                Disappointed Steve liberals

            • Owen Mohler
              Owen Mohler  3 months back

              Chris there was an improvement because one of the best linebackers in the game was not there in the Super Bowl last year.

              • xTrmVelocity
                xTrmVelocity  3 months back

                You can take some over the counter stuff and not be aware that there is some trace amount of something that will get you suspended..

                • Sean-Luc Shanahan
                  Sean-Luc Shanahan  3 months back

                  +James Curtis The veins bursting out of Edelman's over-jacked arms would like to have a word with your theory.

                • James Curtis
                  James Curtis  3 months back

                  They call it cross contamination, which happens all the time. That is why they are recalling people's blood pressure medicine.

                • Sean-Luc Shanahan
                  Sean-Luc Shanahan  3 months back

                  A professional athlete that has all the money and the resources in the world should have the best nutritionist and manager in the world keeping track of stuff like that. You really think Edelman didn't know what he was doing if he was trying to be clean?