Virginia Tech vs. Clemson Condensed Game | 2018-19 ACC Basketball


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  • Hokie4Life
    Hokie4Life  2 months back

    Big win for the Tigers. Thomas and Simms are absolute units in the paint. Best big men in college hoops when it comes to layup denials (even better than Zion). Mitchell was a bucket and I hope he keeps that up in the rest of his games at Clemson. Happy for them, a big step in going to the big dance come March. 

    As for Tech, what had been a promising season has fallen flat. A season of what could've been. But guess that's just how it works. We put ourselves in a corner by recruiting small and shallow. Even with Landers Nolley, Chris Clarke, PJ Horne, and Justin Robinson, our depth is still shallow and our height is still small-ball style. But it would've helped having a couple guys to give our starters some rest. I'll support this team to the bitter end, and hope we can steal a couple more, but this season was supposed to be something more.

    • Rashan Sankofa
      Rashan Sankofa  2 months back

      Duke bust both they asses. ZION fucked em both up.

      • CJ Flaherty
        CJ Flaherty  2 months back

        Now are basketball team needs to play like are football team

        • Travis Cooper
          Travis Cooper  2 months back

          Nice win tigers