Street Food Tour of Bali - INSANELY DELICIOUS Indonesian Food in Bali, Indonesia!

  • Published: 25 October 2017
  • Bali is an Indonesian street food lovers paradise!
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    Special thank you to Made for driving us around!

    Bali is an amazing place to eat - there are so many incredible dishes, and the unique Balinese culture paired with the food is what makes it so special. In this Indonesian street food tour of Bali, I’m taking you to 6 street food stalls / restaurants in a row, for serious food lovers!

    Warung Nasi Bali Men Weti - Some consider this legendary stall, right along the ocean to be the best Balinese local street food spot in Denpasar, Bali, and after eating it, there’s absolutely no room for argument. The plate of food you’ll be served is nothing short of spectacular, full of Balinese flavor.
    Price - 25,000 IDR ($1.83) per plate

    Warung Mak Beng - Known for their fried fish set, Warung Mak Beng is another legendary Balinese restaurant. Their fish was amazing, both the fish head soup and the fried fish, and not forgetting their amazing sambal. Another must eat when you’re in Bali.
    Price - 45,000 IDR ($3.29) per set

    Sate Plecing Arjuna - This is a place you come to eat sate plecing, a type of Indonesian street food sate that’s covered in a shrimp paste chili sambal. They were incredibly delicious as well, especially the samel.
    Total price - 68,000 IDR ($4.98)

    Sate Babi Bawah Pohon - In Bali, pork is very common, and this is probably one of the most well known Indonesian street food stalls in all of Bali. For me the pork sate was a little on the sweet side, however it was still pretty tasty.
    Price - 25,000 IDR ($1.83)

    Babi Guling Pak Dobiel - When it comes to Balinese food, there’s nothing more famous to try than babi guling, Balinese style roast pig served with all the side dishes. It’s spectacular combination and you’ll find dozens of restaurants serving babi guling. In this Balinese food tour I went to Babi Guling Pak Dobiel, and it’s the best plate of babi guling I had in Bali.
    Total price - 100,000 IDR ($7.32) for 2

    Warung Kintamani - Ubud - Finally, to finish off this Balinese food tour, we headed back to Ubud and Made, took me to eat mujair nyatnyat, tilapia in a curry sauce. It was awesome delicious, a perfect way to end this Indonesian street food tour of Bali.
    Total price - 105,000 IDR ($7.68) for 3

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        I swear this guy could eat a crusty old sock and act like it was the best thing he ever ate.

        • chanida suksathit
          chanida suksathit  2 days back

          Hi what made contact, my families and I are visiting bali in a week time and we prefer to have a safe and good driver for the trip.

          thank you in advance

          • Tuan Tani
            Tuan Tani  11 hours back

            I suggest for you to rent a scooter instead. Bali is so small, you can get lost and find your way back In no time. And also, oh might also want to research bits of it's small landscape.

        • Echy Vivo
          Echy Vivo  2 days back

          hahaha gue rasa lucu ngeliat ekspresi dia makan😂

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            somsak sompong  2 days back

            don't use bare hand to pick food up to plate, it's not hygiene

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              Everytime you tilt your head I want to cry because of jealousy

              • Tuan Tani
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                I have a shoulder for you to lean on ;)

            • Michelle Stalimeros
              Michelle Stalimeros  4 days back

              Hi Mark,
              We are going to Bali in June - I've been there many times before but normally go to the more high end mainstream restaurants, so this time I really want to try this more local style of eating! I'm thinking of going to some of these places.... but wondering - did you do all this in one day? or spread over multiple days? Did you have a guide who recommended these places to you? or did you just get a driver and share the list with him?
              Love love love your videos by the way!

              • andra
                andra  1 days back

                Maybe you can DM his instagram

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              Kesel liat wajahnya

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                  Damn man, your forced smile is hurting me

                  • Ray Schavèl
                    Ray Schavèl  7 days back

                    Been to Bali couple times, but never try these kinda food. Thanks mark now you make me wanna go to bali hahaha... I noticed sambal and rice in most of food you eat. How was it like without sambal?

                    • N8Burn
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                      that's a broth of wonders 💦🤤😩😍 i'm hungry af 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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                              Just had Babi Guling at the same place with the Sambal Goreng. It was amazing!! Thanks for the great advice.

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                                Awesome Mark always be true to your self I appreciate it. ;)

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                                    Greetings Mark! From Indonesia!

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                                        Hey Guys..! Turkish food here..!
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                                          love food insonesia

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                                              This will be good food for us if there will be no beef in it

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                                                food is my life , and your video is killing me . hahaaa thanks tho

                                                • miss mademoiselle
                                                  miss mademoiselle  2 weeks back

                                                  They just scooped the dish bare handed!. Is it considered normal and hygienic in Indonesia?

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                                                    Omg 😍

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                                                      Gung bojog  3 weeks back

                                                      Babi guling is the best! My favorite part would always be it's crispy skin!

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                                                              • Jim Clark
                                                                Jim Clark  4 weeks back

                                                                I was inspired by the mujair nyat nyat to find a recipe online but there are none in English. This is going to take a little more effort to track one

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                                                                        • jimtd1
                                                                          jimtd1  1 months back

                                                                          Is it safe to eat meat on the street in Bali? Heard they’ve been lying to tourists and saying it’s pork/beef but it’s actually dog!

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