Thai Street Food in Bangkok - MOST POPULAR LUNCH Noodles in Downtown Silom, Thailand!

  • Published: 30 September 2018
  • Thai street food lunch tour in Silom, Bangkok!

    I met up with my friend Drew Binsky (check out his RUclip.Mobi channel: to go on /video.htmla lunch-rush street food tour of Silom.

    Silom is one of the main financial business districts of Bangkok, it’s a downtown of Bangkok. Everyday at lunch floods of people from their offices come down for lunch and enjoy delicious street food. What I love so much about Silom is because it has such a vibrant and busy lunchtime rush, and that’s part of the fun.

    We arrived a little early, to get a couple lunches in before the main lunch. The highlight of this Thai street food tour for me was Kuay Teow Khae (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวแคะ (โคตร โคตร) คอนแวนต์), one of the most popular lunch noodles shops in Bangkok!

    Ok, here’s all the food we ate in this tour:

    Khao Man Gai Ban Deed Kim (ข้าวมันไก่บัญฑิตคิม) - If you’ve ever gotten off the BTS at Sala Daeng station and walked down Soi Convent, you’ve probably walked right by this stall. And I’ve walked past it hundreds of times, but this was actually my first time to stop and eat there. They are well known in Bangkok for their khao man gai (ข้าวมันไก่), Thai style Hainanese chicken and rice. We each ordered a plate to get things started. Overall, very good, light fluffy rice with just the right amount if chicken oil, bouncy chicken, and fermented soybean sauce.
    Price - 50 THB ($1.52)

    Yee Jay (ยีเจ ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อตุ๋น-หมูตุ๋น) - Next we took a little walk through Silom, Downtown Bangkok, to another popular beef noodle shop. Again, it was my first time to eat here. We arrived before the main lunch rush, but at 11 am they were already preparing for the crowds with big amounts of meat waiting to be served. We had bowls of everything (เกาเหลาทุกอย่าง), including organs and braised beef. Their soup was fragrant with Chinese spices and the aroma of beef. It’s not the best bowl of braised beef soup in Bangkok, but it’s decent.
    Price - 70 THB ($2.14)

    Kuay Teow Khae (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวแคะ (โคตร โคตร) คอนแวนต์) - Finally for the main lunch, we went to one of the most popular Thai street food noodle stalls in Silom. For lunch everyday they are packed, every single seat, and if you arrive at a time like when we did, you have to wait to get a seat - sometimes 30 minutes or more. They have a few different options, but we all ordered their signature special bowl (เส้นโซบะยำแห้ง), including egg noodles topped with everything. This is one of the better single bowls of noodles in Bangkok in my opinion.
    Price - 60 THB ($1.83)

    Khanom Tokyo (ขนมโตเกียว (ลุงโตเกียว) - Lastly, to end this Thai street food tour in Bangkok, we were just walking past with Uncle Tokyo called us over to try his snacks. He makes both savory (with a hot dog) and sweet versions, filled with a variety of different custards. Drew and I had to try the hot dog, mostly just for fun… I’ll be honest, not a big fan of Thai hot dogs, but the sweet ones were great. And Uncle Tokyo is such a nice friendly man. If you are on Soi Convent in Silom around lunchtime, go say hi to him!
    Price - 4 for 10 THB ($0.30)

    And that completes this Thai street food tour in Silom, hope you enjoyed it!

    Check out Drew:
    RUclip.Mobi channel:


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                                                                    Thanks for promoting Thailand.💕I'm Thai and I'm very happy that you like our food. Your Thai is very good too.For people who wants to come travel at Thailand, I recommend you to eat street foods so you can get the real feel of Thailand. Some of the street food store give us 80% of rice but 20% of meat.😭
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