Jose Pedraza vs. Gervonta Davis | Full Fight | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING


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  • Donald Witter
    Donald Witter  3 hours back

    He's good yeah....but does he know who that loma doesn't stay still ?...he doesn't have a chance against loma and am not hating !!!

    • Donald Witter
      Donald Witter  3 hours back

      That lil career going be over when lomachenko get to him !!!

      • tolulope Akintan
        tolulope Akintan  9 hours back

        after watching this fight im 100% sure davis is NOT ready for loma one bit. 1st round jose made too easy for him by coming forward, that won't happen with loma at all, loma would make davis miss ALOT A WHOLE and plus loma's body shots and you already know loma has endurance over davis, you can tell davis loves to get excited a lot, that won't work against loma, i see loma winning with a body shot because davis WILL get tired of just throwing and missing most of his power shots

        • starchild
          starchild  16 hours back

          6:46 AH AH AH

          • Lucas D.
            Lucas D.  22 hours back

            tank is a beast, pedraza have good skills but his gameplan was terrible in this fight

            • Ramon Haro
              Ramon Haro  1 days back

              boooooring fight

              • antonio rivera
                antonio rivera  2 days back

                This kid is the future superstar in boxing!

                • Damian Rivas
                  Damian Rivas  2 days back

                  This kid is trash 🤦🏻‍♂️

                  • Luis R. Villanueva
                    Luis R. Villanueva  2 days back

                    Listen i loved the fact that Floyd in the background show some tears. I bet it brought back memories and hard work that always pays off. Good job champ!

                    • ORLANDO RICK
                      ORLANDO RICK  2 days back

                      Lomachenko is going to KILL the MUCH slower Davis...he has 0 chance

                      • Peter Washington
                        Peter Washington  3 days back

                        Isn't this the guy the Lomachenko just went 12 rounds with?? 😂😂🤣🤣

                        • Immanuel Kant
                          Immanuel Kant  3 days back

                          Mayweather should tell the ref to keep his hans off his fighter at the end of the fight. No need to push him like that

                          • Epidemic - illen spree

                            The ref should’ve only been at 4 when he started counting to pedraza, but what a great fight that was.

                            • onexcox6
                              onexcox6  3 days back


                              • A Flick
                                A Flick  4 days back

                                I wonder how long Davis ducks Loma. Lol

                                • TheMrRomamadrid
                                  TheMrRomamadrid  4 days back

                                  Loma! Loma! Loma!

                                  • ВОХLIFE
                                    ВОХLIFE  5 days back

                                    Davis vs Teofimo Lopez

                                    • lister adrick
                                      lister adrick  5 days back

                                      i still kicc his ass bring him to hawaii all knocc his ass out could
                                      and may wether to

                                      • Dee Holton
                                        Dee Holton  5 days back

                                        All ima say about the fight and the winner told it all who won points don’t lie 🤔🤭🤫🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                        • mark tiesto
                                          mark tiesto  6 days back

                                          LOMA is the king

                                          • As
                                            As  6 days back

                                            Loma 1 oni očen medleno rabotajut

                                            • Profesorius Lithuania
                                              Profesorius Lithuania  6 days back

                                              Gervonta Davis have no chance against full heal Loma :D

                                              • seinundzeiten
                                                seinundzeiten  6 days back

                                                Davis would be no match against Lomachenko...better to stay away from the Bear.

                                                • J Lawless
                                                  J Lawless  2 days back

                                                  Loma would get his white ass exposed like all white boys do.

                                                • SmackDatAce xD
                                                  SmackDatAce xD  3 days back

                                                  seinundzeiten maybe in 2-3 years he would but lomachenko growin too

                                              • Julian Fragger
                                                Julian Fragger  6 days back

                                                I jus think he would do better than people think against loma

                                                • Armando De Los Santos
                                                  Armando De Los Santos  6 days back

                                                  If this is tanks best fight, then Loma will decapitate him in 4 rounds worse than he did to Crolla this weekend

                                                  • Uluqbek Kamchybek
                                                    Uluqbek Kamchybek  2 days back

                                                    Totally agree.. Lomachenko's boxing level is different, much higher than Davis as it obviously seen.

                                                • Armando De Los Santos
                                                  Armando De Los Santos  6 days back

                                                  If Pedraza had just countered those weak tank punches, he would've killed him

                                                  • vibe
                                                    vibe  6 days back

                                                    Good to see another man from Baltimore livin successful

                                                    • GHOSTHAWK
                                                      GHOSTHAWK  7 days back

                                                      Based on this Loma would destroy Davis!!

                                                      • hp2179
                                                        hp2179  7 days back

                                                        The referee was bias against the young fighter

                                                        • Yvonne Brassell
                                                          Yvonne Brassell  7 days back

                                                          The referee did'nt have to push tank like that

                                                      • Hakim Razkallah
                                                        Hakim Razkallah  7 days back

                                                        Ariva Garsia asistamarte Garsia n 1 👊👊👊

                                                        • Kayden .Sabbe
                                                          Kayden .Sabbe  1 weeks back

                                                          Would love to see Tank vs Lomachenko!!!

                                                          • Georgiy Petrov
                                                            Georgiy Petrov  1 weeks back

                                                            DAWIS -BLA BLA BLA PUSSES WITH FLOID!!! LOMA MUCH BETTER,MUCH BEAUTY!!!!-HIS A LEGEND!!!!DAWIS AND FLOID-JUST SIMPLY BOXERS!!!🤮🤮👍🏻

                                                            • Cesar Cury
                                                              Cesar Cury  1 weeks back

                                                              Peleo con un costal ...👎👎👎👎

                                                              • Michael Lawrence
                                                                Michael Lawrence  1 weeks back

                                                                That Young Man is gonna give Lomachenko problems. Speed & Strength & Youth but he gotta watch out for Loma's Intelligence.

                                                                • Michael Lawrence
                                                                  Michael Lawrence  4 days back

                                                                  I'm telling you. Watch out for that Boys power. It took Linares alot of punches to fall. Loma gotta stay attacking all night long. Only thing I see is Loma throwing him off.

                                                                • Mike Roagression
                                                                  Mike Roagression  4 days back

                                                                  Michael Lawrence yeah he’ll give loma problems for about first 2 rounds then right on cue, loma will walk him down with that trade mark come forward, cut the ring off and apply pressure while being defensive type of mentality and beat Tank around like a bush. It’s almost routine for loma to do this with any type of caliber of fighters. He makes you fight his fight period

                                                              • sensi
                                                                sensi  1 weeks back

                                                                The only time I want to hear Tanks name is when he steps up to fight Lomachenko.

                                                              • alfonso farias
                                                                alfonso farias  1 weeks back

                                                                this kid wants some of Lomo? i hope he does so he can get destryed .

                                                                • La’ Garv
                                                                  La’ Garv  7 days back

                                                                  alfonso farias this is the same guy who fought Loma and gave him a tough fight

                                                              • Caleb Foster
                                                                Caleb Foster  1 weeks back

                                                                Lomo don’t want to see this.

                                                                • The machine
                                                                  The machine  1 weeks back

                                                                  Is that Vaseline

                                                                  • Svyatoslav Yakimovich
                                                                    Svyatoslav Yakimovich  1 weeks back

                                                                    MINI tank scary Loma

                                                                    • Terry James
                                                                      Terry James  1 weeks back

                                                                      that was the type of hook that put fighters to sleep, damn TANK Pedraza had a shit game plan right off the top he did not use his size and length and he paid the price. Tank has to stay away from fighters that fight like Amir Khan because they will come out fast get ahead on the score cards and run and frustrate a young fighter, Tank needs to use that jab a little more so he is always scoring because the fight game can be full of shit in Vegas and we all know that to be true, great fight Tank very entertaining I wish you continued success.

                                                                      • Gormez Pacino
                                                                        Gormez Pacino  1 weeks back

                                                                        Easy work easy win send someone with bigger balls next time mfs good work Davis

                                                                        • Rich Muttsmusic
                                                                          Rich Muttsmusic  1 weeks back

                                                                          Would lomo fighting davis be considered that lomo is cherry picking a young green fighter. I mean that’s what they said about Floyd and canelo.

                                                                          • Bike Porn
                                                                            Bike Porn  1 weeks back

                                                                            Loma: he never had a main event

                                                                            • SB100
                                                                              SB100  1 weeks back

                                                                              Good ass fight

                                                                              • Dr. Zahalka
                                                                                Dr. Zahalka  1 weeks back

                                                                                That Paulie talking?

                                                                                • Ginn N. Juice
                                                                                  Ginn N. Juice  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Good stoppage.

                                                                                  • Juan Navarro
                                                                                    Juan Navarro  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Fr tho why does his neck move like that

                                                                                    • King Weeez
                                                                                      King Weeez  1 weeks back

                                                                                      This sht was staged, lets be honest