Shocking Japanese Food!!! LIVE Sashimi & Monk Fish! (Sorry Peta)

  • Published: 27 January 2019
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    1. DOMANNAKA: Mackerel Sashimi + Uni (Sea Urchin) + Dancing Tiger Shrimp
    ADDRESS: 101-0025 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kanda Sakumacho 3-37-4
    OPEN: 4PM - 12AM

    🦐 Domannaka is based in Hokkaido, Tokyo, with 6 locations across the city. They are known for their unique dishes, primarily seafood served while it is still alive. They offer delicacies such as squid, mackerel and trevally. We tried their living mackerel sashimi, uni (sea urchin) and dancing tiger shrimp.

    💸PRICE: Mackerel (saba) 8.59 USD/6,980 JPY for whole fish | Uni (sea urchin) USD/2,500 JPY per plate (13-20 sea urchins) | Tiger Shrimp (odorigui) USD/890 JPY per shrimp
    2. TAKAMARU FRESH FISH STORE: Oyster + Ankimo (Monkfish Liver) + Anko Nabe (Monkfish Hotpot) + Deep Fried Monkfish
    ADDRESS: 950-1 Oshimata | Seven Park Ario KAshiwa 1F, Kashiwa 277-0922, Chiba Prefecture
    OPEN: 11AM - 9PM

    🐟Takamaru Fresh Fish Store serves some of Tokyo’s finest fish delicacies. Among their delicacies is monkfish, a very rare fish that is hard to find in Tokyo, even in big fish markets. Monkfish liver (ankimo) is typically considered the tastiest part of the fish and was even listed on CNN’s 2011 list of the World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods. We were fortunate enough to get a taste of this dish, which is not a typical menu item at Takamaru Fresh Fish Store. Monkfish hotpot is a bit more common than monkfish liver, frequently eaten during the winter months in Japan.
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    • goatitisful
      goatitisful  1 days back

      Did anything you've eaten for this show make you sick? Like the shit soup for example?

    • Park Chimchim
      Park Chimchim  3 days back

      +kyla macasaquit I think so too hahaha

    • Hannibal D3
      Hannibal D3  5 days back

      Isnt Japon just another abnormal shihole 3rd World asian country ?

    • Stacey Vanterpool
      Stacey Vanterpool  2 weeks back

      😨😖Aaaaaaaaaaa Ah

  • 5H4D0W H4ND
    5H4D0W H4ND  6 minutes back

    Sometimes I wish I could be you
    Other times I wonder how you deal with 'bad' food after

    • Kadir Akay Videoları
      Kadir Akay Videoları  1 hours back

      pişirin şu balıkları çiğ çiğ nasıl yediniz mk

      • Chatty Katie
        Chatty Katie  2 hours back

        That is so Haram

        • Dorothy Reyes
          Dorothy Reyes  2 hours back


          • Tejas Mohite
            Tejas Mohite  4 hours back

            Wtf how can they eat it raw? atleast boil it

            • 神村しむえる
              神村しむえる  4 hours back

     that elphelt

              • copzar
                copzar  4 hours back

                The top of the ugliness

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                  Android Robot  7 hours back

                  8:48 someone is getting cranky

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                    bzibubab bzibubab  7 hours back

                    0:46 lol all of the comment 😂

                    • horseygurl143
                      horseygurl143  7 hours back

                      These morons probably serve plates of their own kids, hearts still beating on their plates!

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                        Kate Phillips  8 hours back

                        Who would do that stupid people

                        • Nicole Verhoek
                          Nicole Verhoek  9 hours back

                          1:37 five seconds later... yeah ok XD

                          • Witch's Brew Sims
                            Witch's Brew Sims  10 hours back

                            That parkour bit was to cute

                            • WuzNab
                              WuzNab  11 hours back

                              People think they are saviors of the world just for saving a fish... pretty disgusting in my opinion.

                              • CheyCheyPlayz
                                CheyCheyPlayz  12 hours back

                                What did I watch for this to be in my recommended

                                • TAIKA TUKUAFU
                                  TAIKA TUKUAFU  13 hours back

                                  WOW 😮

                                  • Hunter Moonfur
                                    Hunter Moonfur  13 hours back

                                    Was anyone else sad when they killed the fish and shrimp i think

                                  • Thicc Chungus
                                    Thicc Chungus  13 hours back

                                    *PETA has left the chat*

                                    • Mino's Wife Sprousehart Shipper

                                      6:18 japanese guy is cute alert

                                    • Rosa Jose Diego
                                      Rosa Jose Diego  14 hours back

                                      I love tokyo

                                      • Paula World
                                        Paula World  15 hours back

                                        How can u talk to the people who only speak japanies

                                        • The Zumuas
                                          The Zumuas  16 hours back

                                          I mean to each there own but I don’t think I could eat those..

                                          • hotxhotguy
                                            hotxhotguy  16 hours back

                                            Take a English speaking guide with you next time.

                                          • hotxhotguy
                                            hotxhotguy  16 hours back

                                            Take a English speaking guide with you next time.

                                            • vaevae 350
                                              vaevae 350  16 hours back

                                              All H*llll NOOOOOOOOOO! EWW

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                                                Marvin Hudson  16 hours back

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                                                  Marvin Hudson  16 hours back


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                                                    Olivia's gaming  20 hours back

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                                                      Henry Trotier  20 hours back

                                                      4:50 "and I promise it's already dead"
                                                      Aight bro I'm bouta head out

                                                      • MonDaySpirit_
                                                        MonDaySpirit_  22 hours back

                                                        2:36 I started screaming as soon I saw him soaking the fish with shoyu like noooooooooo you lose the fish's flavor if you use that much shoyu

                                                        • Ethan Cai
                                                          Ethan Cai  22 hours back

                                                          Fellas! Although English is still lengua franca but dont assume everyone speaks it!

                                                          • cottonceena
                                                            cottonceena  22 hours back

                                                            Excellent video !

                                                            • Kepala Sekretariat
                                                              Kepala Sekretariat  22 hours back

                                                              BYE BYE

                                                              • Jon Bon
                                                                Jon Bon  23 hours back

                                                                I think we need to take a lesson from these guys. If it is killed it is all used. Nothing is wasted.

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                                                                    Well, isn’t that beautiful ;x;

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                                                                      The Milestone LP  1 days back

                                                                      Germany squad!

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                                                                        Star Bunny  1 days back

                                                                        You look like a older version of Logan paul

                                                                        • Star Bunny
                                                                          Star Bunny  10 hours back

                                                                          +Witch's Brew Sims Logan learned his lesson about being respectful in foreign countries and know he loves Japan lol

                                                                        • Witch's Brew Sims
                                                                          Witch's Brew Sims  10 hours back

                                                                          RIGHT! another comment said Like a Gordon Ramsey meets Logan Paul, but more likeable than logan

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                                                                        iRTehSecks  1 days back

                                                                        "And before you send me hate mail, wait theres more!" LOOL

                                                                        • Romen Kay
                                                                          Romen Kay  1 days back

                                                                          Poor animals

                                                                          • Hannah Oppa
                                                                            Hannah Oppa  2 days back

                                                                            I love the parkour man!

                                                                            • Filler_Text
                                                                              Filler_Text  2 days back

                                                                              No need to apologize to PETA. They don’t deserve it.

                                                                            • Trentyn Justice
                                                                              Trentyn Justice  2 days back

                                                                              Peta can suck an Fertalized Egg XD

                                                                              • Lugar Lou
                                                                                Lugar Lou  2 days back

                                                                                Loved this so good

                                                                                • flashover924
                                                                                  flashover924  2 days back

                                                                                  How do you live

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                                                                                    Barry Hoskins  2 days back

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