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  • The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

    No Mike, not everyone could do what Jules does.

    • Zachary Barker
      Zachary Barker  3 months back

      More ped suspension then pro bowls

      • alpo 702
        alpo 702  3 months back

        F the Patriots but Edelman does belong in the hall of fame

        • Thalonius P. Funk
          Thalonius P. Funk  3 months back

          What about Von Miller??? He's been suspended for PEDS.

          • Thought Police
            Thought Police  3 months back

            How many more targets do these “elite” guys get. They have numbers because they demand the ball, sometimes to the detriment to their team. I’m not sure how you tell the story of the NFL without Julian Edelman.

            • Secret Agent Randy Beans
              Secret Agent Randy Beans  3 months back

              Nope next question. 30 career receiving TDs and 5000 career yards with just 2 1000 yard seasons in an era where any average receiver can put up 1000 yard seasons. Brandon lafell has more career yards than him just so you know.

              • Dwaylynn
                Dwaylynn  3 months back

                T.O. should of been a 1st ballot...Julian is nice but he is no hall of famer

                • arkangel06
                  arkangel06  3 months back

                  if edelman didn't have injuries he would be a HoF

                  • John Doe
                    John Doe  3 months back

                    1:50-2:05 Did he even watch the game? Julian was being covered by Aqib Talib (their best corner) in man coverage almost all game until they had to start doubling him.

                    Sometimes numbers aren't everything. It's about the impact. Edelman is an absolute warrior who uplifts the entire team, including Brady, & has made some of the most clutch plays in NFL history on the biggest stage. He 100% deserves Hall of Fame consideration.

                    • Lovelyzfan
                      Lovelyzfan  3 months back

                      @John Doe just admit your or you're wrong.

                    • Joe Schmo
                      Joe Schmo  3 months back

                      John Doe did you even watch the game? Talib lined up primarily on the left side of the defense. 2 times when the pats had had all the receivers to the right of the defense, he went over. One of those times, they were playing zone anyway and he wasn’t covering Edelman. No one followed or game planned for Edelman. If anything, they tried to stop the run first and didn’t double Edelman. So what are you talking about?

                    • Tyler Aiken
                      Tyler Aiken  3 months back

                      John Doe so, is Joe Flacco HOF QB? You’re high if you think he’s better than Santana.

                    • John Doe
                      John Doe  3 months back

                      You’re trippin, what did any of them do in the postseason besides Rod Smith? Keyshawn was not a great teammate, Edelman is better than Derrick Mason, Joey Galloway was a great deep threat but if I need a 3rd & 9 I’m taking Edelman 10/10 times over Galloway, Joe Horn was nice, Edelman is better than Muhsin, Santana Moss was nice, Rod Smith will probably make the HOF eventually

                    • Tyler Aiken
                      Tyler Aiken  3 months back

                      John Doe I do. I was typing I accidentally chose the wrong word Sir! He’s not a HOF player. Keyshawn, Derrick Mason, Joey Galloway, Terry Joe Horn, Mussin Muhammad, Santana Moss and Rod Smith are all better than him. None of them are getting in.

                  • Merkab
                    Merkab  3 months back

                    Why do people keep saying PEDs when they mention Edelman? It was an "Unknown Substance" no one ever confirmed it was an actual PED... And if anything, it was something he was using to try and heal his body after a horific injury.

                  • Moses SuckYaToses
                    Moses SuckYaToses  3 months back

                    I know he’s second in reception and yds but how many games has he played in the postseason compared to all the other guys because if u played more games ur obviously gonna have more yds

                    • Henry White
                      Henry White  3 months back

                      Wes walker and Deion branch were both Tom brady slot receivers and had better/equivalent careers and they aren’t/likely won’t be in the hall of fame.

                      • Jacob Sullivan
                        Jacob Sullivan  3 months back

                        where was Welker against the giants? oh thats right he was nonexistent

                    • K H
                      K H  3 months back


                      • Gabe Blomgren
                        Gabe Blomgren  3 months back

                        Where does NBC find these clowns?

                        • Brad Ruszala
                          Brad Ruszala  3 months back

                          PEDs? The Hall of Fame has two murderers (OJ Simpson and Ray Leeis).

                          • Peter George
                            Peter George  3 months back

                            Every time I watch a Patriots game, Edelman is unstoppable. Last night, he was amazing.

                            • David Fortin
                              David Fortin  3 months back

                              Is Eli Manning a Hall of Famer? Eli is a Average at best QB during the regular season but most people argue that he should get into the Hall of Fame for his Super Bowl runs. Can someone explain to me how this is different?

                              • John Smith
                                John Smith  3 months back

                                Eli is not a Hall of Famer. He just happened to have a couple of good seasons with a team that had everything, great defense, great coach, great special team, great running game. Just look at him since his last SB. Take away any of those thing and he just suck. He falls into the group of Joe Flacco that just happened to win a SB because of one hot season. Peyton on the other hand is a 1st ballot HOF.

                              • Moses SuckYaToses
                                Moses SuckYaToses  3 months back

                                7th all time in passing yards and 8th all time in passing tds is AVERAGE apparently

                              • K H
                                K H  3 months back

                                You have a very low IQ and it shows

                              • Marc Reid
                                Marc Reid  3 months back

                                Architect of the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. He beat Brady, twice. It's not Eli's fault that Jerry Reese failed to draft or acquire adequate talent to support prime Eli.

                            • Jr 1974 A.D
                              Jr 1974 A.D  3 months back

                              IRONMAN = LEGEND ( HOF) once again CHAMPION....you looser

                              • KARAN TAKTE
                                KARAN TAKTE  3 months back

                                Guys , issac Bruce who has 15 k yards , he’s not in , GTOFH

                                • Secret Agent Randy Beans
                                  Secret Agent Randy Beans  3 months back

                                  KARAN TAKTE it’s a joke that Isaac Bruce wasn’t a first ballot HOFer and these people are here talking about a guy with 30 career TDs an 5000 yards.

                                • Thalonius P. Funk
                                  Thalonius P. Funk  3 months back

                                  Dude I don't know why Issac hasn't got in yet. Like their puttin owners and freaking reporters in and no room for Bruce.

                              • Kane Ogier
                                Kane Ogier  3 months back

                                Just came to say no and dip