St. Louis Blues vs. Nashville Predators | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/10/19 | NHL on NBC


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  • wnracing
    wnracing  2 months back

    I like how you managed to just omit the final faceoff. lol GG Blues - You're still gonna miss the playoffs.

    • Richard East
      Richard East  2 months back

      +wnracing Trouble with that is he had plenty of time to do so, so too bad for his ineptitude.

    • wnracing
      wnracing  2 months back

      +Richard East Bottom line: If the player's stick isn't on the ice, the puck shouldn't be dropped. If they felt like Joey took too long to get ready, they should have penalized him for delay of game.

    • Richard East
      Richard East  2 months back

      You mean the one where Nashville didn't know how to get ready and then cried about it later, that one.

  • Dungeon Boys
    Dungeon Boys  2 months back


    • undefined anh
      undefined anh  2 months back


      • Anthony Holmes
        Anthony Holmes  2 months back

        Man this might be speaking too soon. But this blues team looks legit. This looks like the team everyone was talking about before the season started. And I only speak too soon because it’s not about what they’re doing. It’s more about who they’re doing it to. They look like they’re on a mission.

        • ckendall67
          ckendall67  2 months back

          - 6 straight wins for the Blues, they are on fire, and in the rather weak Western Conference that's good news for the Blues.

          • Mossad Hunter
            Mossad Hunter  2 months back

            Tarasenko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you

            • Thomas Asix
              Thomas Asix  2 months back

              Blues are fighting, this was a great two game series.

              • Jason Campbell
                Jason Campbell  2 months back

                St. Louis on a roll!!!!