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  • Donald Mousseau
    Donald Mousseau  2 weeks back

    As a Pats fan it was so rewarding to see how their Defense played. Of their six SB this was the best Defensive effort!

    • Donald Mousseau
      Donald Mousseau  2 weeks back

      Turns out Gurley wasn't hurt... At least not physically...

      • Karen Evanoff
        Karen Evanoff  3 weeks back

        Sims usually has nothing good to say about Tom. Just sayin!

        • Willie 3
          Willie 3  2 months back

          Pats Defense amazing but the Defense did not score the 13 Points,just saying!!!!!!

          • michael Castle
            michael Castle  2 months back

            At the end of the day all that matters is that the Patriots are now 6x Superbowl champions!

            • Slack BomSlack
              Slack BomSlack  3 months back

              Lol, this guy opens up by saying that it’s “a crock” that people doubted the Pats, but then says that maybe only listening to the doubters is a good recipe to motivate yourself to “do something nobody could have imagined”. Lol! He says nobody thought they could do it in the end of his sentence. Contradicts himself in the same sentence. People doubted him and this team every step of the way and they should have. I did too. We were all wrong.

              • THE WORLD is fucked
                THE WORLD is fucked  3 months back

                They should trade gurly to the pats.. he is no good , but we'll take him and get him right. Good coaching and do your job when u are called upon.. 😁🤓

                • Donald Mousseau
                  Donald Mousseau  2 weeks back

                  Gurly wouldn't fit in NE. They're not big on big names really.

              • Joe Vignolo
                Joe Vignolo  3 months back

                Talking about wrinkles, its going around that in the 4th quarter the Patriots realized that their offensive game plan wasn't working against Wade Phillips so they decided to throw it out. A totally new formation and scheme was drawn up on the sideline and put in even though it had never even been practiced. The last two scoring drives that yielded the 10 point winning margin was the result.

                • Guy Cooksey
                  Guy Cooksey  3 months back

                  plays and the game is determined. 2 plays go well and the Rams win and all of this language is moot.

                • Gordon Grant
                  Gordon Grant  3 months back

                  I LOVED that game - tense, epic defensive struggle. Game of inches. Loved it!

                  • j2times2006
                    j2times2006  2 months back

                    Mr Grant is a true football aficionado. He appreciates solid defense.

                • J Kellen
                  J Kellen  3 months back

                  Most boring SB in recent history was the Seahawks 43-8 win over the Broncos 5 years ago. Game was over at halftime.

                  • J M
                    J M  3 months back

                    This SB was great strategic and hard hitting game.
                    Pats ran the power I game to smash up the Rams pass rush. Run right at Donald and Suh- smash them with the offensive line, fullback and power back.
                    Smash mouth also allowed the Pats to dominate the time of possession and stymied the Ram’s offense.
                    This game was won by the Pats in the trenches.
                    The Pats stayed committed to the power run and the Rams abandoned it.
                    That’s why the Pats won.

                • 808bboarder
                  808bboarder  3 months back

                  Is that Joel Klatts brother?

                • Alex Alch
                  Alex Alch  3 months back

                  This was the best game plan ever old school amazing football rams got out Coached by far and out played

                  • Liam S
                    Liam S  3 months back

                    A win is a win is a win. Brady could give two sh!ts about stats other than that final W.

                  • mike prince
                    mike prince  3 months back

                    Did this guy said the patriots secondary is one of the best in football give me a break no one has said that until now after the fact. foh

                    • Jonathan vvv
                      Jonathan vvv  2 months back

                      Since the Chargers game, PFF had already had the pats corners rated pretty highly. Between Gilmore, McCourty, Jackson

                    • hubcitybicycle
                      hubcitybicycle  3 months back

                      Actually heard Simmons and other saying this before this game. Especially after chiefs game.