"Bitcoin Is Not A Scam...It Is The Future' - RTD Live Talk ft. Merri Silverstein

  • Published: 12 February 2019
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    "#Bitcoin Is Not A Scam...It Is The Future' - RTD Live Talk ft. Merri Silverstein ) - #GetYourWeightUp #Detroit

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Comments • 79

  • Adrian Segura
    Adrian Segura  1 months back

    Bitcoin is the biggest scam in the world. You can fork bitcoin all you want you . Also the gov will not let bitcoin trade freely in society with out regulating the shit out of it . They will not let us do transactions on the dark web with out them knowing . That's why I stay away from cryptos before the dollar collapse .

    • homer1075
      homer1075  2 months back

      Don't hold, don't own it.

      • Jessy James
        Jessy James  2 months back

        Roubini...LMAO! I quit listening to him a decade ago. What gives bitcoin value, you ask? The mentality that the dollar has very very little value. There are still lost Americans (Noriel) that happily get paid in the dollar and gleefully stuff them under their mattress. Many sheeple think gold comes out of the ground like rocks. In all honesty, the last 3 generations still believe in the dollar--It's just "tradition." ; }

        • Rodney Fury
          Rodney Fury  2 months back

          She is a liar. Don't let her talk people into buying that fake bitcoin cash. Buy the original btc

          • merri2011
            merri2011  2 months back

            I did not say that... I did not sy to buy any particular coin. I'm just giving the facts. Bitcoin has the name brand and hopefully will be able to do more scaling and sharding. Great tech going on these days.

        • Incurable Romanticist
          Incurable Romanticist  2 months back

          I love this show. You are the only money guru who doesn't try to be more outrageous personality than puveyor of solid information.

          You think about people in the circumstances, instead of just theories without application.

          Crypto was a way to MAKE money when Bitcoin started. People owned machines that constantly cranked out small increases on your coins. I didn't find anyone who understood how it worked, even though they were making money with it. I still don't find anyone who can truly explain it.

          I do get that digital currency lends itself (pardon the expression) to Blockchain technology and distributed ledger exchanges. I have still not been able to figure out what will happen to the digital currencies when the reset comes.

          I think it's very confusing to try to understand a system where monetary value and technology itself are so intertwined.

          I don't see how digital currency can remain tied to the Dollar, especially when so many countries want the Dollar to be replaced as the world's reserve currency. Won't cryptos have to be tied to a gold standard if the world institutions and people like me are going to trust it?

          I also don't understand what difference it makes whether the Dollar remains, with an accounting system that doesn't need buying and selling currency in order to handle exchanges, which is what Blockchain and distributed ledger systems accomplish.

          • C F
            C F  2 months back

            here is a big tip...

            crypto has already proved the currency model.. now they are working to scale it
            now comes
            crypto assets

            there is no point in having a currency that you cant also use/store for assets..

            we are seeing a whole new market emerging.. its being built in front of our eyes.. the dollar with be gone and crypto will become... not if but when...

          • Henry Womack
            Henry Womack  2 months back

            Great video! Bitcoin is going to change lives for the better.

            • David Burton
              David Burton  2 months back

              Excuse me but bitcoin IS a scam! Cryptocurrencies are just more of THEIR money not ours. We need our own money : ecriegel.blogspot.com Best

              • Greg Maxwell
                Greg Maxwell  2 months back

                I imagine "block-chain" has a future in the general financial system. BitCoin specifically may end up like Myspace . . . there but not significant. Once the banking cartel introduces it's own block-chain to the general public, the independent block-chain companies will drop to novelties. I would love to put some money into something like Bitcoin or Goldmoney to keep my government's mitts off it. But Bitcoin as a medium of independent exchange has been ruined as that by all get-rich people who use it as an investment instrument. It can't be both. Goldmoney type systems would be nice but the fucking government demands they make your account available to them anywhere in the world and if you have an account worth more than 10K they demand you report it. They can tax it, confiscate it, or confiscate your property if you don't turn it into them on demand. I firmly believe the powers that be do not want and will destroy any independent medium of exchange when it suits them. Bitcoin is like the stock market - if you can get in and get profits, take them. And, ask the people of Puerto Rico how useful Bitcoin was in their disaster.

                • Incurable Romanticist
                  Incurable Romanticist  2 months back

                  Greg--The government might be able to see the money made on your crypto investment, because it has transparency, but depending on where you you keep it, they couldn't get the data accounting for it. What an individual has in the distributed ledger system is local and not hackable, because the system's only accounting is internal to the system itself, figured directly in its own exchanges, without reference to currency being traded.

                • Incurable Romanticist
                  Incurable Romanticist  2 months back

                  +merri2011 Great answer to some questions I had.

                • merri2011
                  merri2011  2 months back

                  The independent companies can merge or be bought out... some will remain for different industries to be able to work through smart contracts. You seem to get it and you can buy gold backed crypto and take it in your phone anywhere..You can have several wallets, and keep most home off line or even use a company for custody. I know it all sounds tough to digest, but so is knowing our govt, and fed are the biggest scam going.

                • Incurable Romanticist
                  Incurable Romanticist  2 months back

                  I think what will happen is that the institutional lenders will loan phantom money to each other to buy out all the cryptos.

              • Rob Perry
                Rob Perry  2 months back

                Once the grid becomes chaotic, bitcoin's allure will seem idiotic.

                • ZIP-FIX GUITARS
                  ZIP-FIX GUITARS  2 months back

                  Still more fools putting money in the that black hole. $190.000.000/00cwas just lost. I'll stay with REAL GOLD AND SILVER. GO WAST YOUR MONEY MORONS.

                  • merri2011
                    merri2011  2 months back

                    The 190k should not of been on the exchange. You are supposed to take responsibility for your own keys, coins, wallets... I had never hard of that site, and that guy is a thief. No one believes he is dead.

                • Trend ZONE
                  Trend ZONE  2 months back

                  What will happen if the internet goes down. What will happen to cripto?

                  • merri2011
                    merri2011  2 months back

                    Real crypto isn't built on the internet or HTTPS.. it is decentralized and can be used globally unlike the internet we have now, controlled by our governments!

                  • Incurable Romanticist
                    Incurable Romanticist  2 months back

                    Zone--That really is the big question. I suspect that will be the thing that starts the reset.

                  • C F
                    C F  2 months back

                    there is a satellite running the bitcoin blockchain

                  • Crypto Coin Trader
                    Crypto Coin Trader  2 months back

                    Trend ZONE what will happen to the banks?

                • Shekel Clipper
                  Shekel Clipper  2 months back

                  "SilverSTEIN" huh

                  • merri2011
                    merri2011  2 months back

                    Yes, your point? The origin of that name is German. I'm a 5th generation American and care that our gov't and fed are ripping us off!! Do you??

                • Shekel Clipper
                  Shekel Clipper  2 months back

                  No, it's no scam.. It's totally legit.. The 1996 NSA whitepaper on bitcoin should tell you how legit it is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                  • JUAN ANTONIO GOMEZ SAUCEDA

                    Yep Bitcoin and the multiple forks, and the hundreds of ecoins...sure

                    • PrinceHallMason1000
                      PrinceHallMason1000  2 months back

                      We was at the bank in a meeting talking about how everybody is tired of walking around with paper notes and coins, digital is the future!!!!!!!!!

                      • devin edwards
                        devin edwards  2 months back

                        It is a scam to me. I would invest into crypto but, I wouldn't use it.

                    • TheDrouyn
                      TheDrouyn  2 months back

                      Its a scam.

                      • merri2011
                        merri2011  2 months back

                        What is a scam? Bitcoin is 10 years old and started at .0000001. It is now $3600. There are others, pick your choice of freedom... or you think the fed and banks are less of a scam??? DYOR

                      • LT
                        LT  2 months back

                        ​+nano. joe. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/crypto-exchange-customers-cant-access-190-million-after-ceo-dies-with-sole-password-2019-02-04 "
                        Crypto exchange customers can’t access $190 million after CEO dies with sole password

                      • TheDrouyn
                        TheDrouyn  2 months back

                        +nano. joe. If you trust the miners, the whales, the liquidity and security of the exchanges, proof against 51% attacks, hackers, energy requirements, short sellers and the guns of governments then by all means lever up and go all in.

                      • nano. joe.
                        nano. joe.  2 months back

                        explain how it's a scam?

                    • Death by Debt
                      Death by Debt  2 months back


                    • Wendy Bevan
                      Wendy Bevan  2 months back

                      Why I would trust the backer of a crypto - gold hybrid MORE than US treasury is a hurdle I can't get over...At this time.
                      Goldmoney and their types sound great....in principle.......

                      As I said, it's a bridge too far, which is why I like PHYSICAL METAL I can hold in my palm.
                      Bless you Mike.
                      Love your work.

                      • merri2011
                        merri2011  2 months back

                        That metal can get heavy or be stolen. If digital it is accessible through your phone and can go anywhere in the world you do.. don't you want control? Making coins and bills cost many billions per year, just for the U. S. alone andno accountability as to how many are made.

                    • Brian Bierman
                      Brian Bierman  2 months back

                      Bitcoin is a scam. Soon it will be a crime to trade in all cryptocurrency . Get out while you still can. Mike please don't ruin your reputation with this. That woman lied when she said she couldn't hear you. Notice her reaction after the word scam.

                      • merri2011
                        merri2011  2 months back

                        It's global and decentralized. Why do you care if others want to have freedom and don't trust he fed and gov't like you do? Look up decentralized... i did not lie, I never heard him.. I have ZERO REASONS TO LIE AND WILL HAPPILY ANSWER ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS..

                      • Shekel Clipper
                        Shekel Clipper  2 months back

                        Yep... full blown scam

                      • PrinceHallMason1000
                        PrinceHallMason1000  2 months back

                        If you're a dumbass only knew 😂you're such an ignorant piece of work bud

                    • robbycast
                      robbycast  2 months back

                      Great informative interview. Thank you!

                      • 10 Comm Media
                        10 Comm Media  2 months back

                        The ststem already utilizes digital bartering...just not blockchain based digital bartering.

                        • merri2011
                          merri2011  2 months back

                          We need accountability and transparency.. this the blockchain is needed. WE need an algorythmic limited amount.

                      • Equitable Apple
                        Equitable Apple  2 months back

                        If something is the Future you wouldn’t have to tell us that it’s not a Scam 😆

                        • Crypto Coin Trader
                          Crypto Coin Trader  1 months back

                          Equitable Apple keep trying. Have you even looked at what bitcoin is?

                        • Crypto Coin Trader
                          Crypto Coin Trader  1 months back

                          Equitable Apple that’s what they said when the government wanted you to trade your gold for paper dollars a few hundred years ago... 🤦‍♂️ please expand on your statement.

                        • Andrew Best
                          Andrew Best  2 months back

                          Apparently we do because numb skulls still can’t wrap their tiny minds around it.

                        • merri2011
                          merri2011  2 months back

                          We are going digital no matter what. If we all stand together and demand transparency, from taxes all the way down in gov't spending, we'd all be able to have more say. The gov't and the fed are the biggest scam there is. If you trust them blindly, you are just in denial. Your loyalty however I do respect.

                        • DION JOHNSON
                          DION JOHNSON  2 months back

                          Understandable, but they just explained that it shouldn't be traded like a stock and that it will be most useful when it stabilizes people that are putting their riches into it as a investment are crazy in my opinion

                      • lowbloodprsure
                        lowbloodprsure  2 months back

                        I missed it Bitcoin is a scam. Who sets the price no one knows? It's fiat less stable than a dollar.

                        • EqualLandFreePeople
                          EqualLandFreePeople  2 months back

                          The price of anything is what someone is willing to pay for it.

                        • merri2011
                          merri2011  2 months back

                          It is not a scam. It was not invented to be traded, but to be used around the world, for those who don't wantor can't use the banks. quicker, cheaper, easier and transparent. Honestly matters to me and there are only 21 million bitcoins.

                        • lights473
                          lights473  2 months back

                          +nano. joe. evidence?

                        • nano. joe.
                          nano. joe.  2 months back

                          the market determines the price.

                      • Brandy Monica
                        Brandy Monica  2 months back

                        Dang!... I missed the broadcast... Sorry about that...

                        • merri2011
                          merri2011  2 months back

                          It's still here to see :) Feel free to ask me any questions you want