Ultimate TOKYO RAMEN Tour! RAMEN EXPERT Reveals the Best Noodle Spots in Town!

  • Published: 06 January 2019
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    Special thanks to Frank Striegl (@5amramen) for slurping ramen with me all day.
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    HOW TO ORDER RAMEN: Step 1. Select your ramen of choice and get ticket from the vending machine | Step 2: Give ticket to the chef and wait for your ramen to arrive


    1. AOBA GAKUGEI DAIGAKU: Classic Tsukemen (dry ramen)
    ADDRESS: 2-21-14 Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
    OPEN: 11AM - 11PM

    🍜BROTH: The broth includes shoyu, kelp, pork for richness, and most importantly, niboshi (dried boiled fish - sardines or anchovies).
    NOODLES: The broth is typically prepared first due to the amount of time it takes to prepare. The fresh noodles are boiled for a short period and placed in a bowl separately from the broth. The toppings go in last, on top of and into the broth.

    💸PRICE: 8.59 USD/950 JPY
    2. RAMEN NAGI BUTAO: Red Ramen + Black Ramen
    ADDRESS: 1 Chome-3-1 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0011
    OPEN: 11AM - 12AM | Sundays and Holidays: 11AM - 10PM

    🍜Ramen Nagi Butao has a few signature types of ramen: original (white); red ramen with minced pork, spicy miso and a little yakiniku sauce; black ramen with charred minced pork, squid, yogurt and garlic chips; and green ramen with cheese, bacon and basil.

    💸PRICE: 7.96 USD/880 JPY
    ADDRESS: 2 Chome-44-5 Kamimeguro, Meguro, Tokyo 153-0051
    OPEN: Weekdays: 11:30AM - 03:30PM + 05:30PM - 11:30PM | Weekends and Holidays: 11:30AM - 11:30PM

    🍜ZENTORO MABOMEN (SPICY TOFU RAMEN): You need douban (fermented broad beans and chili paste) and douchi (fermented black beans) to make this dish. It’s meant to be spicy and almost sticky. There should also be minced pork. Add thick ramen noodles to the mabo-dofu dish.

    🍜SANRATANMEN (HOT AND SOUR RAMEN): Black pepper, red peppers (tougarashi) and a sourness from vinegar come together in the broth. Toppings include wood ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots and tofu. Thinner noodles are used here.

    🍜CHICKEN RICH RAMEN: They use high-grade chicken with a lot of collagen. The broth is comprised of several vegetables, which are blended into the thick and creamy chicken broth. Add some lemon for acidity.

    4. MENYA FUJISHIRO: Chicken Broth Ramen
    ADDRESS: 2 Chome-3-1 Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo
    OPEN: 11AM-11PM | Sunday: 11AM - 6:30PM
    🍜CHICKEN BROTH RAMEN: First, add soy sauce kelp and additional seasoning to broth. The main ingredient in the soup is chicken from Daisen, Japan (“Daisen-jidori”). Daisen is a mountainous area in Tottori, famous for its high-grade chicken. The soup includes roasted beef ribs and sardines. In addition to the standard egg, green onion, kamoboko (fish cake), and seaweed toppings, they sprinkle on fried garlic. The noodles are thin and straight.

    💸PRICE: 8.86 USD/980 JPY
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          Japanese food is extremely good, love from India!

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            I never had real ramen noodles but what i have to eat is the cheap ones here in the US and i make mine dry and then i put salad dressing on it. My fave is Hidden Valleys sweet chili dressing and it turns ramen into candy and im 100% sure anyone would not go back to normal ramen after that. I cant find that salad dressing here anyone so i use honey mustard dressing which is good not not as good. Having a table with alll kinds of dressing with dry ramen is fun.

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