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  • TruthBeTold Thailand
    TruthBeTold Thailand  1 months back

    I remember Elway in a couple of Super Bowls he stunk then later on he was incredible
    As far as Goff goes the play calling was terrible- called for long drop backs
    There was no time to throw
    Patriots were on him- I credit Pats for a great plan while I fault McVay for not recognizing and adjusting
    Rams will be a force again next year and Goff will be all that much better

    • P Pumpkin
      P Pumpkin  2 months back

      Goff was dependent on McKay for the play call. The Patriots didn't show their defense until the wireless was turned off. Goff was suddenly confronted with doing something he didn't do all season - make his own decisions.

      • ItchyPup
        ItchyPup  2 months back

        Goff is simply a system quarterback.

        • tom carey
          tom carey  2 months back

          You are a fool if you don't think Goff is a top 10 QB. The Rams will 100% pay him.

          • Big Dope Productions
            Big Dope Productions  2 months back

            tom carey You know your stuff. Glad to know that their are real fans like you out there.

        • Jon Tourville
          Jon Tourville  2 months back

          Patriots fan here saying that this is not a fair assessment, Goff cut defenses apart all season. The big game may have been a bit intimidating to him but he is good and will improve.

          • Sam Salgado
            Sam Salgado  2 months back

            Goff will never be ready. He is trash

            • djbasquiat
              djbasquiat  2 months back

              Jared Goff isn't 'big time'

              • Erik Ward
                Erik Ward  2 months back

                Chris Simms shouldn’t critique ANY QB out there. He couldn’t sniff his Dad’s jock.

                • Sojourn RnR
                  Sojourn RnR  2 months back

                  Of course its todd gurley's fault.. *NOT!!* The Rams organization & coaches know the truth.. Goff stinks!!! Goff's flaws has everything to do with Jared Goff. You're not fooling anyone by blaming Todd Gurley, bcuz Gurley was one of those open targets that Goff missed lol.. Plus Higbee & Everett lol.. Woods, Reynolds

                  • 911RoyMan
                    911RoyMan  2 days back

                    +John He is bad

                  • John
                    John  2 months back

                    Sojourn R&R you’re dumb if you think Goff is a bad QB

                • Muskegon
                  Muskegon  2 months back

                  Florio is such a drama queen. Goff wasn't the reason the Rams lost that game. The real question should surround Todd Gurley and why he dissapered in the playoffs. How can you expect Goff to figuire out the Patriots game plan when McVay couldn't?

                  • Sojourn RnR
                    Sojourn RnR  2 months back

                    Gurley was *wide open* on a few screens & check downs, but unfortunately he cant throw himself the ball. Todd cant be the coach, the QB, the landscaper, & the cheerleader simultaneously..etc.. These other dudes gotta do their jobs..

                    Blaming it on the black guy & passing the buck doesnt fix the truth.. Jared's games are on film for everyone to see.

                  • Jared_Goff
                    Jared_Goff  2 months back

                    ledsohio Yeah. Goff wasn‘t the only problem.

                • Pammy Rutledge
                  Pammy Rutledge  2 months back

                  Goff doesn't even know how to read a defense. Maybe the Rams should get Nick Foles or Tyrod Taylor next season.

                  • Garret Buckmaster
                    Garret Buckmaster  2 months back

                    How does he have 4600 Yards 32 TDs and a 64 percent completion percentage. If u wanna say he choked fine but he can't Read a Defense. He's proven himself throwing for 60 TDs in the last Two years

                  • djbasquiat
                    djbasquiat  2 months back

                    Coach Sean McVay isn't going to pursue another QB, 'cause Jared Goff is 'his guy'

                    A competent coach would've benched Goff

                • PHLYLIGHTS 27
                  PHLYLIGHTS 27  3 months back

                  Carson Wentz> Goff. Wentz was WAYYYY better in 2016. Wentz was the best QB in the league in 2017. This year Wentz was coming off a torn acl and played with a broken back. Of course Goff was gunna have a better season this year.

                  • John
                    John  2 months back

                    Nick Foles is Better than Wentz and Goff is better than both soooo

                  • Josh DiCenzo
                    Josh DiCenzo  2 months back

                    +PHLYLIGHTS 27 the thing is most qbs esp the good plus ones wont put themselfs between 2 backs coming in at diff angels

                  • Josh DiCenzo
                    Josh DiCenzo  2 months back

                    No teams know how wentz and there rejuvenated offence works now after the 17 season wentz is an OK qb nothing more and ill bet. Goff trash

                  • Sojourn RnR
                    Sojourn RnR  2 months back

                    +PHLYLIGHTS 27 Wentz was projected to have 4300 yds, but was he projected to get injured *again?* Was the projection accurate? Of course not as usual lol.

                    Reality check? Wentz hasnt played a full season since coming to the nfl, & he never played a playoff game. Truth hurts? Lol

                  • PHLYLIGHTS 27
                    PHLYLIGHTS 27  2 months back

                    Sojourn R&R I don’t. How do you know he will get injured again? You don’t. Tearing an ACL is not “injury prone” put any QB or any athlete in the hit he was in and they would prob tear their acl as well. This year he overcompensated for his knee since he couldn’t step into it by using his upper body a lot more to create torque. He used his back a lot more and he fracured it. That tends to happen after you injury a main body part. He was till able to put up 22 tds. 7 ints. Better passer rating then Goff and better completion % then Goff. Wentz was projected to have around 4,300 yards and 33 tds. That’s basically the same amount as Goff.

                • Sam The Man
                  Sam The Man  3 months back

                  Brady the GOAT

                  • Danny Bo
                    Danny Bo  3 months back

                    That goes to show why refs blows obvious calls because they know who they want to win at the end Jared Goff COMPLETELY lost this game for the Rams I don't give two fucks what nobody says but he looked like the QB I've always knew he'd be when he was drafted a semi bust we have to remember it wasn't him that got them there he played just good enough for them to get there and the running game got them to New Orleans and blown calls got them to the SB and NE took away the running game and then we have him looking like him..... a semi bust

                    • jayteso
                      jayteso  3 months back

                      Rams should get rid of him, he is terrible. He was a product of the talent on offense. He's a typical play action pass type QB.

                      • Sojourn RnR
                        Sojourn RnR  2 months back

                        +John Wick yeah jack goff has proclivities that are alarming.

                      • John Wick
                        John Wick  3 months back

                        +Brandon Allen he was horrendous though do some hard research and you'll find some really disconcerting patterns. I witnessed in the bears game he can't play in the cold.

                      • Brandon Allen
                        Brandon Allen  3 months back

                        Glad youre not a gm

                    • Jermel Frazier
                      Jermel Frazier  3 months back

                      Goff was horrible he's not ready for the big stage....

                      • True Gooner
                        True Gooner  3 months back

                        The Rams will pay him... it's how the NFL works... no team is gonna risk going back into the draft after a QB put up a 32 TD season. Goff is ok within the McVay system... but the SB and the playoffs overall, proved he isn't elite. The only problem is if they pay him... what do the Rams have to sacrifice with the CAP. And that's how the NFL mitigates Super Teams.

                        • James Smith
                          James Smith  1 months back

                          Take away gurley and he's trash

                        • Garret Buckmaster
                          Garret Buckmaster  2 months back

                          +True Gooner that's your Argument? Some of the Best QBs in history had bad rookie seasons

                        • True Gooner
                          True Gooner  2 months back

                          +Garret Buckmaster If it wasn't for McVay, Goofy goes back to Fisher days. So do me a favour and sit back.

                        • Garret Buckmaster
                          Garret Buckmaster  2 months back

                          +Gold Blooded 808 lol u can say that about Multiple QBs. Rams took away the pats main weapons And Brees And Brady Both looked like average QBs

                        • Gold Blooded 808
                          Gold Blooded 808  2 months back

                          +Garret Buckmaster Take away the run and his play-action plays and he's nothing more than average as evident by the Super Bowl.

                      • Vivid g00sE
                        Vivid g00sE  3 months back