Tyson Pedro unsure of timeline for return after torn ACL vs. Shogun Rua | ESPN MMA


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  • Krazy Horse
    Krazy Horse  2 months back

    This guy is a complete moron up there with Andre Soccermom for worst fight IQ

    • Krazy Horse
      Krazy Horse  2 months back

      Luke Ferra 😂 stfu fangirl you know I’m right. His last two losses should have been two wins but he’s a moron he takes people down after he hurts them and lets them recover and then he loses he sucks and you can’t fix stupid so he will never be great

    • Luke Ferra
      Luke Ferra  2 months back

      That is total BS. You know absolutely fucking nothing.

  • Oscar the golden toy dela Hoya

    Tysons been hanging out in Brunswick with them hipster fairys too much lol

    • Edward Alvarez
      Edward Alvarez  2 months back

      I'm just happy one of the old pride guys won.

      • dlanjobo
        dlanjobo  2 months back

        welp that explains some things. unfortunate. Some bettors would curse him to no end though

        • clubber lang
          clubber lang  2 months back

          Damn it Tyson I kno ur better than ur last use your Jitz

          • David Bybee
            David Bybee  2 months back

            I really love this guy as a fighter, but Training Solo Dude, you’ve been getting you’re ass handed to you. You’re in the UFC, you need to train with the best and you’re wrestling needs work. Not having Mark in camp is a blessing. Guy has lost his heart. Cheers and hope you recover quickly.

            • xcercist
              xcercist  2 months back

              2 words for ya young homie.......CITY KICKBOXING!!!!!

              • Joe Johnson
                Joe Johnson  2 months back

                Thumbnail tricked me thought it was Paul Rodriguez telling jokes

                • John Doe
                  John Doe  2 months back

                  He's a good cunt. I hope he recovers. He's pretty hot too (no homo?)

                  • Roy Batty N6MAA10816
                    Roy Batty N6MAA10816  2 months back

                    Very homo

                  • VeRo
                    VeRo  2 months back


                • SickKent
                  SickKent  2 months back

                  No one cares.

                  • SickKent
                    SickKent  2 months back

                    To say no one cares.

                  • T3chm1cal
                    T3chm1cal  2 months back

                    Why are you here then

                • A M
                  A M  2 months back

                  Tyson Pedro looks like a heavyweight version of Cowboy Cerrone and Masvidal