Virginia Tech vs. Clemson Highlights (2018-19)


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  • Josh Ward
    Josh Ward  2 months back

    We are Clemson not Clemzen

    • Zach Kostoff
      Zach Kostoff  2 months back

      Well virginia tech is overrated I've been saying this when they play ranked opponents they lose by 30+

      • Book of shadows contributor Brian

        Bad loss vatech

        • Austin Dickerson
          Austin Dickerson  2 months back

          The tribe of extreme has risen again!!!

          • Lou
            Lou  2 months back

            Got damnit VT your making our win look less impressive

            • Zach Kostoff
              Zach Kostoff  2 months back

              Lou because vt is overrated they lose everytime they play a ranked opponent

          • Andrew Seibel
            Andrew Seibel  2 months back

            We really pulled an NC State lol. In all serious good win Clemson, I hope you make the tournament (be glad we didn’t have Justin Robinson). Sorry the officiating was so pitiful both ways

            • Joseph Maw
              Joseph Maw  2 months back

              Finally we got a big win and didn’t blow it towards the end!

              • Cooper Griggs
                Cooper Griggs  2 months back