Man City v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE MATCH PREVIEW | 2/10/19 | NBC Sports


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  • Jaivanth Arul
    Jaivanth Arul  2 months back

    Edge it, it seems!😂😂😂
    We trashed Chelsea 6-0

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye  2 months back

      My Prediction ? 4 Early City

      • Young Benny
        Young Benny  2 months back

        An Hit Em Up !!

        • Young Benny
          Young Benny  2 months back

          Chelsea Can You Clock Block Manchesters City Back !! ;)

          • Anthonia Ogbeama
            Anthonia Ogbeama  2 months back

            2 2 or cheese3 2

          • Kevin Wang
            Kevin Wang  2 months back

            will be a Tie game

          • Swerve410
            Swerve410  2 months back

            2-1 chelsea

            • DIKIRAJ GAMER
              DIKIRAJ GAMER  2 months back

              Come on chelsea

              • Victor Samson
                Victor Samson  2 months back

                This mf want city to win the league....Liverpool all the way

                • semir malouda
                  semir malouda  2 months back

                  3:2 for Chelsea

                  • Servant Of Jesus Christ
                    Servant Of Jesus Christ  2 months back

                    Sad to say I want Man city to win this one

                    • Isleofskye
                      Isleofskye  2 months back

                      They are in with a chance.

                      They are winning 4/0 in 24 minutes...LOL

                  • Willy Wonka
                    Willy Wonka  2 months back

                    Abramovich oil xi vs sheikh mansoor oil xi

                    • cat castillo
                      cat castillo  3 months back

                      Chelsea going 2-0 over on City this year with the score of this game being 3-2 Chelsea.

                      • cat castillo
                        cat castillo  2 months back

                        IsleofSkye nobody could’ve seen this 😅 maybe Chelsea trying to show how good of a comeback they could make 😂

                      • Isleofskye
                        Isleofskye  2 months back

                        How did you know? Great Call...

                      • Kondwani Dette
                        Kondwani Dette  2 months back

                        Liverpool will win tomorrow .....2-1 Chelsea

                    • Manny Moreno
                      Manny Moreno  3 months back

                      Lose to city and risk top 4 or win and give the title to Liverpool?? This a tough one 😥

                      • MR10.
                        MR10.  2 months back

                        Risk top 4 ? More like concede 4 goals in 25 mins

                      • Mikey
                        Mikey  2 months back

                        I’m new to watching the sport so what would happen if Chelsea gets too 4? Why are people prioritizing getting in the top 4?

                      • Regis Tumbe
                        Regis Tumbe  3 months back

                        Its gonna be a draw trust n mm me

                      • COYB
                        COYB  3 months back

                        Manny Moreno top 4 is more important for next season because if hazard leaves we need to attract big players with Champions League football

                      • Ismail Kadir
                        Ismail Kadir  3 months back

                        Would rather get top four and we should worry about ourselves. Who cares if Liverpool win the league it doesn't affect us in any way. We should worry about ourselves and to try and improve.

                    • Hemani Raizada
                      Hemani Raizada  3 months back


                      • Ethann Kyle
                        Ethann Kyle  3 months back

                        I believe in you Chelsea. Hazard must leave Chelsea with a win before he leaves for dirty Madrid

                        • Nor Priest
                          Nor Priest  3 months back

                          +King mx
                          But he doesn't have to worry about transfer anymore cuz he already decided it, which means he will be able to concentrate in the game now and he will destroy everyone in sight.

                        • King mx
                          King mx  3 months back

                          He still going to play for the rest of the season

                      • Diegolazo19
                        Diegolazo19  3 months back

                        Chelsea must lose this game. We cant let Liverpool win the title.

                        • Diegolazo19
                          Diegolazo19  2 months back

                          +PVC It's for the greater good mate.

                        • PVC
                          PVC  2 months back

                          you were praising Chelsea and sari and now you want them to lose? lol

                        • A40500
                          A40500  2 months back

                          +Ryan Tsang their fans are the most toxic delusional bunch of wankers, so dont blame everybody for hating loserpool

                        • Ryan Tsang
                          Ryan Tsang  3 months back

                          I don't understand why bunch of haters like you dun want liverpool to win smh

                        • Regis Tumbe
                          Regis Tumbe  3 months back

                          It can't

                      • DANFUSIONHD
                        DANFUSIONHD  3 months back

                        Good luck to both teams👍🏻