Tai Tuivasa ‘learned heaps’ from loss to Junior dos Santos, calls out Justin Willis | ESPN MMA


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  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan  2 months back

    hope he never wins again, that shoe thing is disgusting

    • Penny Hardaway
      Penny Hardaway  2 months back

      Phase 2 baby

      • Bad Enough
        Bad Enough  2 months back

        ESPN why you censor curse words? It's a freaking youtube video jeez.

        • The Wolf
          The Wolf  2 months back

          I love this guy he's refreshing

          • junior stephens
            junior stephens  2 months back

            Your full of shit Tai.no way you were gonna beat Junior Dos Santos.NO WAY!!!

            • clubber lang
              clubber lang  2 months back

              TAI true drark horse of HW DIVISION

            • Bradley Thomsen
              Bradley Thomsen  2 months back

              Poor guy. Stupid questions.

              • PereL work 2 live 2 love 2 golf

                🤦🏽‍♂️some people are just so lucky ... one arm bandit #righthammer ... no ground game no defence no movement ... just avoid the right and whip it ... also he obviously doesn’t workout daily (doesn’t know what he’s doing tomorrow) 🙄

                • aliREGGAEE
                  aliREGGAEE  2 months back

                  PereL work 2 live 2 love 2 golf he's a purist and needs to be appreciated

              • James Mitchell
                James Mitchell  2 months back

                Who is the guy who he wants to get his hands on

                • joecugo
                  joecugo  2 months back


                • Josh Nelson
                  Josh Nelson  2 months back

                  His name is literally in the title of the video 🤦🏽‍♂️

              • John Rooney
                John Rooney  2 months back

                So who is it he would fight for free?

                • Mikey B
                  Mikey B  2 months back

                  Justin Willis

              • Aden john
                Aden john  2 months back

                The best middleweight ever

              • Digital Dino
                Digital Dino  2 months back

                Tai Shoeyvasa !

                • Mikey B
                  Mikey B  2 months back

                  haha nice one. I wish I thought of that. LMAO

              • Miles C
                Miles C  2 months back

                Future HW Champ

              • Shane Gold
                Shane Gold  2 months back

                Love this guy