Sofa King Plays Resident Evil 7 | Part 5 | PSVR Livestream

  • Published: 13 February 2019
  • Part five in a weekly series where Jeremy King (aka The Sofa King) attempts to finally play and conquer the PlayStation VR version of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. We wish him well. :D

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Comments • 7

  • Frequencies_Illuminating
    Frequencies_Illuminating  2 months back

    Need more PSVR games that have this style of graphics

    • Texotron The LittlCat
      Texotron The LittlCat  2 months back

      Jeremy King is a living legend! Best "Lets Play" commentator of all time!

      • nick-MEW-lo the GameCat
        nick-MEW-lo the GameCat  2 months back

        @Jeremy King Oh man I hope you saved after you quit your stream. Also there's a backpack right next to that save point. Pick it up dangit!

        • funzo
          funzo  2 months back

          Sometimes I just can't handle this game in VR. Nice playthrough well done!

          • David Regan
            David Regan  2 months back

            Am playing this, it's very and scary!!

            • selfdeztruction
              selfdeztruction  2 months back

              Only 39 minutes? Get back in there! Quit being a weak willed crackhead! Put on your big girl britches, nut the hell up and finish the fight!