The Ultimate JERUSALEM FOOD TOUR + Attractions - Palestinian Food and Israeli Food in Old Jerusalem!

  • Published: 30 August 2017
  • Join us on the ultimate Jerusalem food tour!
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    There are few cities in the world that can compare to Jerusalem in terms of ancient history and religious significance. It’s one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and it’s a city that I’ve wanted to visit my entire life. Finally, along with my friend David ( and Rafram, we explored Jerusalem to discover the food treasures the city has to offer - and let me tell you, you’ll find some incredibly delicious food in Jerusalem!

    We started off the Jerusalem food tour by first walking around East Jerusalem and starting with the best plate of hummus I’ve ever had. We then toured around Old Jerusalem, and enjoyed some incredible Palestinian food kebabs cooked by an incredible man who cooked with serious love and passion. Another highlight in Jerusalem was the mutabak, a thin pastry stuffed with cheese and baked.

    After eating our way through Old Jerusalem, we then headed into West Jerusalem and went to lunch at an Israeli Jewish restaurant serving a mix of amazing dishes. The food was home-cooked in style, and absolutely sensation. A few more snacks and sightseeing throughout the afternoon, and that brought us all the way to dinner where David had made reservations to eat at one of the hottest restaurants in Jerusalem, Machneyuda Restaurant. It was quite an experience, and an amazing meal and lively atmosphere to wrap up this ultimate Jerusalem food tour.

    Here’s all the food and places included in this Palestinian food and Israeli food tour of Jerusalem:

    Hummus Acramawi
    Price - 20 ILS ($5.57) per plate

    Almond juice - 3.90 ILS ($1.09)

    Al-shuala Grill Restaurant
    Shawarma - 26 ILS ($7.26)

    Al Baghdadi Kabab
    Palestinian kebabs
    Total price - 100 ILS ($27.89)

    Zalatimo Sweets
    Price - 30 ILS ($8.37) each

    Peaches - 10 for 1 kg
    Plums - 10 for 1 kg
    Fruit - 10 ILS ($2.76) per kg.

    Mahane Yehuda Market
    Azura Restaurant
    Total price - 400 ILS ($111.55)

    Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
    Western Wall Tunnel
    Price - 35 ILS ($9.76) per person

    Dome of the Rock

    Mount of Olives

    Machneyuda Restaurant
    Total price - 700 ILS ($195.21)

    It was a lot of food in a single day, but it was one of the greatest food and learning days that I’ve ever had in my life. The generosity of the people we connected with, paired with the food, was truly a memorable experience in Jerusalem.

    Thank you again to David ( and Rafram for showing me some of the best food in Jerusalem!


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  • Mark Wiens
    Mark Wiens   2 years back

    I was invited to speak at a Thailand embassy event in Tel Aviv, and then my wife and I stayed on for an extra week. We visited Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Bethlehem, and Hebron. I met incredibly generous people and ate some unbelievably delicious food. I hope you appreciate the food, but I encourage you to respectfully refrain from argument and conflict. This video is about food and the loving people who prepared it. Thank you so much for watching and for your kind respect!

    • Deborah Buhrman
      Deborah Buhrman  2 days back

      The greatest part of watching you,is you are always smiling, we do not see that enough anymore, people are so busy, they don't t stop and smell the roses ! I can't imagine getting to eat that much , where do you put it all, you should weigh 300 pounds ! Keep smiling you make people happy 😂😀😃😆

    • El Akbar
      El Akbar  2 weeks back

      Next time film the gaza kids
      Dying of fame

    • gulabo khan
      gulabo khan  4 weeks back

      What about visiting the Gaza and Ramallah the Muslim side of Palestine

    • school shows
      school shows  1 months back

      Mark ur videos are amazing..... i love ur understanding of different cultures... u respects every culture n every person....salute to you..... bro keep doing videos..... is it part of your profession or passion.....anyway love u bro

  • Deb-Bee
    Deb-Bee  33 minutes back

    I am praying I could visit Israel someday~~ because of this vlog, Mark i am more eager to visit. 남편과이스라엘에서너무가고싶어요~~!!^^

    • Adam Muhamed
      Adam Muhamed  55 minutes back

      Muslims+Jews+christians= unity

      • Javed Khan
        Javed Khan  6 hours back

        The world best food healthy and safe.

        • waka1022
          waka1022  11 hours back

          Love Palestine❤️

          • JRR31984
            JRR31984  14 hours back

            You should've tipped him for giving you some thing from the store. 6:30. GO JERUSALEM

            • Donald Wallace
              Donald Wallace  14 hours back

              30 minutes into the video the oxtail dish the meat on oxtail just melts into sauce.

              • What Ever
                What Ever  21 hours back

                Come to KUWAIT please 😍♥️🇰🇼

                • Large Coke
                  Large Coke  19 hours back

                  Why? Kuwait is like the Palestine of dubai

              • EE RR
                EE RR  24 hours back

                I like tel aviv ~its a gay capital i suppose

                • JOO JOO EYEBALL
                  JOO JOO EYEBALL  1 days back

                  10:31 statue

                  • Dalal Bakri
                    Dalal Bakri  1 days back

                    شي بيشهي

                    • عبدالله العنزي

                      The Most language
                      you hear in the video is “arabic”

                      • Alina Ontarion
                        Alina Ontarion  1 days back

                        I don't see any Israeli food 🤣

                        • Alina Ontarion
                          Alina Ontarion  15 hours back

                          +Victoria Lee What question? 🤣

                        • Victoria Lee
                          Victoria Lee  15 hours back

                          +Alina Ontarion i used Google to answer the question...

                        • Alina Ontarion
                          Alina Ontarion  15 hours back

                          +Victoria Lee The western wall.. And?

                        • Victoria Lee
                          Victoria Lee  17 hours back

                          Was the wall built by King Herod?

                      • Meriam Valdez
                        Meriam Valdez  2 days back

                        I'm hungry now omg bete abon

                        • Flavia Silva
                          Flavia Silva  2 days back

                          We call it TREMOÇO - the yellow soy been kinda thing. Used to eat with my papa when I was kid. Very cool..

                          • THATONE KIDISBACK
                            THATONE KIDISBACK  2 days back

                            No bacon

                            • passionsome passion
                              passionsome passion  2 days back

                              You should try tunisian food

                              • SHELLY 2003
                                SHELLY 2003  2 days back

                                מי מישראלל?

                                • Kadeja Awnallah
                                  Kadeja Awnallah  2 days back

                                  do a Sana’a Yemen street food tour

                                  • Vijay Kumar
                                    Vijay Kumar  3 days back

                                    I am watching at1:30 am now u can understand my situation 🤤

                                    • Catherine Power
                                      Catherine Power  3 days back

                                      I'm watching at 12:34 am greetings from Ireland

                                  • Burtukan
                                    Burtukan  3 days back

                                    You have an amazing smile that adds a lot of vigor to the video!!!

                                    • Arsal Qurashii
                                      Arsal Qurashii  3 days back

                                      🌹ALLAH PAK🌹 bless our Palastine.🌹ALLAH HUMA AMEEN🌹

                                    • Yiwei Hu
                                      Yiwei Hu  4 days back

                                      micah is so jealous... <3

                                      • Malsi Malsi
                                        Malsi Malsi  4 days back

                                        ااخ يا بلدي كل العالم بتقدر تصلك الا ولادك لنا يوم معك سوف يشهده العالم اجمع يوم الفتح باذن الله

                                        • Arash Isfehani
                                          Arash Isfehani  4 days back

                                          How is it possible for us muslims and jews to not live together in this holy city?! We both show so much respect to eachothers religion! We are the only religions who are monetistic.

                                          • 91rummy
                                            91rummy  4 days back

                                            whats the herb he put in the olive oil?

                                            • saeed junaid
                                              saeed junaid  5 days back

                                              Shawarma very expensive 7.26 dollar expensive than dubai..

                                              • Natalia Foltyn
                                                Natalia Foltyn  5 days back

                                                The Tour is really nice, but loud chewing is driving me crazy ! :P

                                                • Monsieur Baldy
                                                  Monsieur Baldy  5 days back

                                                  it's funny how excited you're the whole time. it's like you've lived your whole life in NY downtown and now finally seeing the outside world

                                                  • Yogi adityanath
                                                    Yogi adityanath  5 days back

                                                    Muslims prepared food unbeatable

                                                    • jr132
                                                      jr132  6 days back

                                                      I would travel around the world just for that old man to make me food.

                                                      • Deborah Buhrman
                                                        Deborah Buhrman  6 days back

                                                        Now I need some Hummus real bad! Thanks alot , I already had supper ! Tomorrow for sure, my number one thing to get !

                                                        • funny John
                                                          funny John  6 days back

                                                          Main thing is that all food are halal

                                                          • TheNinjaMarmot
                                                            TheNinjaMarmot  6 days back

                                                            Wow. Food is more expensive than I thought. Def. EU sort of prices.

                                                            • funny John
                                                              funny John  6 days back

                                                              Zatar bread. I tested

                                                              • funny John
                                                                funny John  6 days back

                                                                I m Pakistani. I really miss hummus. I tried in dubai

                                                                • Arsalan Abbasi
                                                                  Arsalan Abbasi  6 days back

                                                                  Mousq al aqsa muslim first qabla mashallha palastanian brother

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                                                                      • gina ibana
                                                                        gina ibana  6 days back

                                                                        i like watching the video of Jerusalem ..i like it so much very nice place..thank u!

                                                                        • Vlad F
                                                                          Vlad F  7 days back

                                                                          soooooooo, no one was worried about cross contamination? video is phenomenal tho!!!

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                                                                            lacrospi lacrospi  6 days back

                                                                            I was thinking the same...cross contamination. But cool vid......jew territory or other?

                                                                        • George Fuss toot
                                                                          George Fuss toot  7 days back

                                                                          He used the machete for raw meat and right into chopping a salad. He would be fined by the health dept. come on buddy stop making people sick

                                                                          • Muhammad Arif Noor
                                                                            Muhammad Arif Noor  7 days back

                                                                            Love from Pakistan for our Palestinian brothers n Sisters

                                                                            • Shsmith 67
                                                                              Shsmith 67  7 days back

                                                                              Hummus is actually pronnounced like HOOMOOSE

                                                                            • Lx seahorse
                                                                              Lx seahorse  7 days back

                                                                              I love this video, it inspires me to visit Israel

                                                                              • SabHaq
                                                                                SabHaq  7 days back

                                                                                OOOO YOURE IN PALESTINE❤️

                                                                                • Aisha 123
                                                                                  Aisha 123  1 weeks back

                                                                                  This is not a conflict that need you not take side. Its a war criminal (Israel) and a victim nation (palestinian). You visiting Israel and ask the criminal and the victim to live both peacefuly together is taking side with the criminal. UK gave the jewish ppl palestinin’s land, displaced milons of palestinine ppl and replaced them with jewish ppl who came from all over the world to steal the land and homes of palestinines. Israel killed and turtured hundreds of thousands of palestinine ppl to be able to take over their land. Palestinine ppl are living in a huge prison in Gaza where Israelis dont allow them to get food, medicine and reach hospitals. Millions of civilians including kids, women and elderly are in blockade on Gaza for 15 years now. You are advertising for theost disgusting ilesgal state on earth.

                                                                                  • Jan Bangash
                                                                                    Jan Bangash  1 weeks back

                                                                                    wish to visit free jerusalem from pakistan