Duke's Zion Williamson Starts Game With Powerful 2-Handed Dunk


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  • haile 89
    haile 89  2 months back

    It's funny how Zion is the only person Duke player on the other side of the court. Everyone else is like what the hell happened.

    • Mike Copacetic
      Mike Copacetic  2 months back

      The fact he isn’t even 19 yet omg 🤦🏾‍♂️

      • Anthony Blue
        Anthony Blue  2 months back

        DUKE owns the ACC....be scared tarholes....your beatdown is coming too!!

        • NoLimitDaniel23
          NoLimitDaniel23  2 months back

          Jones with the cookies

          • Kewl Narko
            Kewl Narko  2 months back

            Zion is going to be a new form of Giannis.
            RJ is going to be a Harden we actually like
            Ja is going to be Dame that can pass better

            • Adrien Ngassa
              Adrien Ngassa  2 months back

              Damn..this boy

              • brady chick
                brady chick  2 months back

                On to the next one!

                • brady chick
                  brady chick  2 months back

                  Way to go Duke.And we won by 10.Could have been by more but those turnovers! Love me some Duke Nation.

                  • brady chick
                    brady chick  2 months back

                    Where my Dukies at! We swept Virginia.So happy right now.Wahoos were saying rematch well they got their rematch all right.Passing out brooms.

                    • Anthony Blue
                      Anthony Blue  2 months back

                      Uva is over rated but at least they arent low life cheaters like crapolina

                    • Anthony Ali
                      Anthony Ali  2 months back

                      Team Tamper wants Zion in purple & gold.

                    • king lord
                      king lord  2 months back

                      We could have dominated Virginia the last time too if Tre Jones didn't get hurt We proved tonight UVA is overrated Go Duke

                  • Justin Peters
                    Justin Peters  2 months back

                    He’s the best player !!!!